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@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

#GoldenGirls https://t.co/ALqMdtrOmU

@MrMTuamoheloa MT @MrMTuamoheloa

“I took you” 😳 - Sophia Petrillo #GoldenGirls #Savage 🤬 #NextLevel 🤯

@nashmyheart0 naj @nashmyheart0

Sophia and these four gold teeth 😂😂 #GoldenGirls

@Tapanga620 Tapanga Lee @Tapanga620

#GoldenGirls marathon!!!

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@1MirandaAllen How come they're not lesbians? We don't believe in labels. #GoldenGirls

@1MirandaAllen Miranda Allen @1MirandaAllen

Watching #GoldenGirls. The two "Image Consultants" are wearing more cloth than all of the windows in a 5 storey hot… https://t.co/FA8uCDDeTf

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@rgay @TheGGForever Dorothy: Howard Johnson's has done less business than this house has over the years. #GoldenGirls

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

#GoldenGirls https://t.co/orbeS5VAOT

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

Thank you for following me @MagicTorch82.

@tcm TCM @tcm

Think you know Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO ('58)? Share your knowledge of the film in the comments, and make sure to… https://t.co/au1BtJP8rj

@6Lockwood Jeff Lockwood @6Lockwood

Never pass up a chance to see Hitchcock on the big screen. #FathomEvents #TCM #Vertigo #AlfredHitchcock https://t.co/z23TW48aGR

Never pass up a chance to see Hitchcock...

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@6Lockwood Going to the 2 p.m. showing today. My first time seeing it on the big screen. Very excited!

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@TweetsFromMaude Dallas

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@TweetsFromMaude Marblehead Manor Dynasty Blanche also refers to Falcon's Crest, but she botches the name and call… https://t.co/QpQwVHxlc3

@TweetsFromMaude Maude @TweetsFromMaude

Shows/movies the #GoldenGirls named dropped during their run (the ones i can remember anyway) Designing Women Petti… https://t.co/isMKKiveiC

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

Going to see #Vertigo at the theater today. My favorite #AlfredHitchcock movie. Thank you @fathomevents and @tcm fo… https://t.co/58yYtiyCyJ

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@MittereMary Done! Thanks for the suggestion.

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@TweetsFromMaude Reminds me of this. https://t.co/b3t556XVIo

@TweetsFromMaude Reminds me of this. htt...

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@MittereMary @goldengirlsnews Ew! That's...pervy.

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@TweetsFromMaude I KNEW there was a Buddy Ebsen line. 😀

@JasonGJohnson20 JasonGJohnson @JasonGJohnson20

To this day and til the end of time the #GoldenGirls will always be relevant, on many subject. RT/Like if you enjoy… https://t.co/MnUXpUnMsT

@TweetsFromMaude Maude @TweetsFromMaude

Rummaged around on #IMDb and found this little jem. #GoldenGirls https://t.co/XSUDiN7OEB

Rummaged around on #IMDb and found this...

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@NoHarmonArthur A funny show (and I'm a fan up until the final season), but it didn't age well like #GoldenGirls. T… https://t.co/E68ApisK89

@NoHarmonArthur Arthur Drummond @NoHarmonArthur

Sophia: What is this? Designing Women? #GoldenGirls

@melanshan Mel @melanshan

Sunday morning laughs...#goldengirls never fails

@MagicTorch82 Jamie @MagicTorch82

Blanche “What will the neighbours think if they see two men in my bedroom” Sophia “They’ll think it’s Tuesday”… https://t.co/zZYDO33ulo

@JoshDeMaria Josh DeMaria @JoshDeMaria

So TV Land is preempting #GoldenGirls for #Roseanne next Sunday morning? Was Roseanne really that popular of a show… https://t.co/PB91d74vRJ

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@JoshDeMaria Booooooooo. I'll just stick with Hulu next Sunday, then.

@BrownEyedMan33 Ryan Sayre @BrownEyedMan33

Rose: "It's always a man with you, isn't it, Blanche? Men and sex! Sex and men!" Hooker: "Hey, there's nothing wron… https://t.co/um3zL7tkJb

@goldengirls85 Golden Girls Quotes @goldengirls85

@JoshDeMaria These are my all time favorite episodes of the series.

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