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Disabled Historian, Political Scientist, Economist, and Political Philosopher. #Progressive #Resist RPG writer, player, & DM/GM #Critter #CriticalRole

Bernie 2020

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@gloreindl Gloreindl Goldleaf Player & DM @gloreindl

one person unfollowed me and 4 people followed me // automatically checked with https://t.co/cuKJMJDelm

@brianklaas Brian Klaas @brianklaas

Trump’s tweet from today is quoting Wayne Dupree’s November 2014 tweet. So, Trump dug up a 3.5 year old tweet from… https://t.co/Pvewt4RfX2

@TheRickyDavila Ricky Davila @TheRickyDavila

It’s been 157 days and hundreds of thousands of American citizens in Puerto Rico are still without power. They and… https://t.co/il4iw0AVMg

@chelseahandler Chelsea Handler @chelseahandler

#BoycottFedEx https://t.co/1XU5XM4Xht

@Mr_DrinksOnMe Mr. Drinks On Me @Mr_DrinksOnMe

Too funny not to share. https://t.co/ixMnlbww9q

Too funny not to share. https://t.co/ixM...

@Whyte_Raven Kris W @Whyte_Raven

Learn Dungeons and Dragons! 101 classes are Free! (DM me 4 info) #Sacramento https://t.co/8Ymw9hY41Q… https://t.co/01Dipnxl8M

@WolfForPA Tom Wolf @WolfForPA

.@realDonaldTrump wants to bring back Pennsylvania's Republican gerrymandered map after I rejected their latest att… https://t.co/Z8Ks4MnxCc

@ZcohenCNN Zachary Cohen @ZcohenCNN

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that Ivanka Trump briefed South Korean President Moon about the new NK… https://t.co/PLjrGjbjRU

@brianklaas Brian Klaas @brianklaas

The president’s chief adviser, a general, has allowed the president’s unqualified daughter (who lacks permanent sec… https://t.co/5WH6H6U9Tu

@gloreindl Gloreindl Goldleaf Player & DM @gloreindl

18 people followed me and 11 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/xVtC1NifV8

@BeauWillimon Beau Willimon @BeauWillimon

As of today, @Emma4Change now has more followers than the @NRA. It happened in less than two weeks. This is a mov… https://t.co/ulxrycX9eQ

@RichardTrumka Richard L. Trumka @RichardTrumka

Honored to join working people all around this country, standing together to support the freedom of ALL workers to… https://t.co/yKw6pyb4Wo

@Living4Earth EarthWins @Living4Earth

#BoycottNRA #NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives https://t.co/8dJrLNkbty

@Emma4Change Emma González @Emma4Change

Excuse me while I Sob https://t.co/ZDJCivwiEq

@krassenstein Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein

10 Things Teachers need more than GUNS 1 - Increased expense limits 2 - Updated school books 3 - Updated Technolog… https://t.co/6H5JjR59B7

@gloreindl Gloreindl Goldleaf Player & DM @gloreindl

FCC Chair Accepts NRA's "Charleston Heston Courage Award" for Trying to Kill Net Neutrality… https://t.co/gafxESX4cs

@gloreindl Gloreindl Goldleaf Player & DM @gloreindl

@cavazus @davidhogg111 @eBay @amazon @USPS @NRATV Also, $1Million liability insurance for each gun owned. Proof of… https://t.co/iCvcoPuEV3

@cavazus Abraham Cavazos @cavazus

@davidhogg111 @eBay @amazon @USPS @NRATV Realistic Gun Reform: Minimum age of purchase at 21 Universal background… https://t.co/ye3U0SsaMq

@MEPFuller Matt Fuller @MEPFuller

CPAC communications director says the only reason Michael Steele was elected RNC Chairman was because he was a blac… https://t.co/PLVhdcnaYV

@GeorgeTakei George Takei @GeorgeTakei

In just 48 hours, these companies cut ties with the NRA: Delta United Hertz Avis Budget Allied Van Lines MetLife S… https://t.co/0mc2bvSYP8

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein 💎 @EdKrassen

Now that Adam Schiff released the Democratic Memo, it's time that we all DEMAND that the lying, cheating, fraudulen… https://t.co/6tU7hcF6Cj

@Living4Earth EarthWins @Living4Earth

Yes, Russia likely did swing votes for Donald Trump https://t.co/P7zlhIQQo9 via @HuffPostPol #WorstPresidentEver

@cbsa82 Terminally Nerdy @cbsa82

Ok Patrons, the Drunken Master Monk post is done and on Patreon. The rest of you will get to see it on Wednesday the 28th :) #dnd

@dumpstatcha DumpStat Charisma @dumpstatcha

5th #ff is amazing cartographers! @TheKindGM @DysonLogos @HalflingGypsy @MiskaFredman @TheRedEpic @anarisis… https://t.co/KQ7cvYVUgJ

@Celeste_pewter Celeste P. @Celeste_pewter

I think the news moves so quickly these days, it's worth (re)tweeting this story about Paul Ryan replacing Matthew… https://t.co/LdFi6QIHx0

@KamalaHarris Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris

The cycle of gun violence in America has to end. But as @GabbyGiffords has said: "It will only happen when politici… https://t.co/52IIBnNGBq

@ValarieCarey Valarie Carey @ValarieCarey

So this is the face of woman who intentionally crashed a gate near the White House WITH a gun on her. My sister Mi… https://t.co/JxSDieFI7r

@TomthunkitsMind Tomthunkit™ @TomthunkitsMind

'Beautiful soul after soul is lost, this cannot be our country's cost.' — This Parkland shooting survivor wrote a p… https://t.co/TFeIx5Neaz

@gloreindl Gloreindl Goldleaf Player & DM @gloreindl

A Parkland shooting survivor just issued an ultimatum to Florida Republicans that they can’t afford to ignore - https://t.co/wDk5HS6NUA

@Living4Earth EarthWins @Living4Earth

Trump just launched an unconstitutional attack on the Supreme Court in unhinged tweet https://t.co/yOaJKC5SMp via… https://t.co/dyBxzupYuq

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