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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. IG: girlish_lava

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Everyday I keep ignoring signs that I can no longer see clearly and this is because... Well, I can't see them clearly.

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As I’m just starting my business; I cant wait for the national audience I'll get from #ShoppersMall... I'm so signi… https://t.co/Qn2SzEL7EO

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Meet the MC. Come Lynkup With Jameson this Sunday by 3pm @ Truffles 45A Sobo Arobiodu Street, Ikeja GRA! It's a vib… https://t.co/7Im4PPS0as

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

I dare you not to start from "where do I start from"

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Let the good people around know know that you appreciate their kind acts. NOMINATE them here… https://t.co/tOjj2W0FBg

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Let us keep the kindness moving in our communities by sharing acts of kindness and care of people we know. Nominate… https://t.co/yd4ILCUQzN

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Meet the new @GuinnessNGR #BeAFrontRowFan millionaires. https://t.co/M9NrGgkgzn

Meet the new @GuinnessNGR  #BeAFrontRowF...

@datGuyKOFO Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO

Fam! You can still win 200k together with your Taxify Driver. Take a selfie with your driver, upload on Instagram w… https://t.co/h4wHQ509Al

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It's no longer humour when it's your reality.

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Been thinking about this for quite some time now. Who has more power, the gateman or cook? https://t.co/JzBkBZa00B

Been thinking about this for quite some...

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Let your life impact others today. Even if you can't go great acts of kindness, nominate the ones around you who do… https://t.co/AQPFv2AR4g

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Let us fight apathy to the plight of fellow humans by praising the humanitarians around us in Lagos. Nominate them… https://t.co/7QJ02s5pYg

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Kindness shouldn't be performed for reward or recognition. However we need to praise the unsung heroes in Lagos for… https://t.co/M0s1Uq1240

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

It's so simple to win in this promo from @Taxify_ng. Just take a selfie with your driver during a Taxify ride, uplo… https://t.co/TEyYMTrRgB

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Guys don't forget, as you upload your #RidesWorthSharing moments, don't forget to use the hashtag. 100k isn't small… https://t.co/hUnFud8v7T

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Follow these steps now for a chance to win 100k in the #RidesWorthSharing promo from @Taxify_ng 1. Take a selfie w… https://t.co/SVgydV8exD


Who else is heading to the cinemas to see #PotatoPotahtoFilm? IT IS NOW SHOWING IN CINEMAS GUYS!!!! https://t.co/JStqOOnHdt

Who else is heading to the cinemas to se...


Guests have started arriving for the Lagos edition of our 1-day training workshop themed "Advising your clients on… https://t.co/B8zAH8shmD


Not looking like anything I've been through. https://t.co/TZc5ZT1OB1

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Is it ja-me-son or jame-son https://t.co/wfSgDyi3nc

@girlishlava Man like Tasha @girlishlava

Meet the Bachelor of The Day! #LynkupWithJameson Want to be a Blind Date contestant? (Females only) 🔞 (1) Follow… https://t.co/9WCyiczsS5

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😂😂😂😂😂 my neighbor used to dress like that 😂 https://t.co/8F9TJJBXA8

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Gift of Life https://t.co/uLNfQoIXaW

@GirlishLava Man like Tasha @GirlishLava

Don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid.

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Wow. Unbelievable price!! @Hubmart #hubblackfriday https://t.co/tReSv1ABVb

Wow. Unbelievable price!! @Hubmart #hubb...

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Life!!! https://t.co/6cudMWXvQH

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Lol don't we? Every first Sunday of the month lol https://t.co/vPLykMEvC6

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Danfo. The fastest means of transportation in Lagos. https://t.co/HTjPpqyHPH

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