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@ABC7News ABC 7 News - WJLA @ABC7News

WALKING OUT ALONE: Havana Chapman-Edwards is a first-grader in Alexandria. She was the only student from Fort Hunt… https://t.co/JAFBvWbU1d

@Patriots New England Patriots @Patriots

Statement from Patriots Hall of Fame WR/K Gino Cappelletti on the passing of long-time broadcast partner Gil Santos: https://t.co/khpF8I2VJW

Statement from Patriots Hall of Fame WR/...

@Jen_Royle Jen Royle @Jen_Royle

Now that I’ve signed in blood, here is @TableBoston https://t.co/0AUYu74s1T. I’ll start taking reservations in July! #ChefLife

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

@Jen_Royle @TableBoston Congrats girl!

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

He was a legend. R.IP. https://t.co/R0bXZjywHj

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Joe Morgan is so handsome #ScandalFinale

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

👊 https://t.co/Mq1ZYwgLcM

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👀 https://t.co/sl9V6QMN1r

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

Like Uncle Joe said "This is big F*cking deal." @SenDuckworth continues to break down barriers. https://t.co/skMVKoEze0

@SenDuckworth Tammy Duckworth @SenDuckworth

I may have to vote today, so Maile’s outfit is prepped. I made sure she has a jacket so she doesn’t violate the Sen… https://t.co/hgpXx8Flu9

@RulingSports Alicia Jessop @RulingSports

This my favorite LeBron story. During the Finals in 2014, the locker room was filled to the brim with everyone hudd… https://t.co/LVlH37V986

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

These two... https://t.co/Knjs21RRRx

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

Stylin and saving companies from ruin🙌 https://t.co/QdGe16sjPu

@CBSNews CBS News @CBSNews

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, a time to remember the 168 lives lost in an act of d… https://t.co/1Yeo44P7eK

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

LeBron handled this as well as possible, but I don't think this was an appropriate time to share about Erin Popovic… https://t.co/VEtonpbNXu

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

It must be so heartbreaking losing your partner. R.I.P. https://t.co/CvGckwvaDP

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

@PolitikMasFina https://t.co/uc9LdG6QIf

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

Drama at One Patriots Place. https://t.co/MMuRp4c8Bt

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

Does not help my anxiety at all. https://t.co/kmVDcbFN7I

@BarackObama Barack Obama @BarackObama

Our statement on the passing of Former First Lady Barbara Bush: https://t.co/MhTVYCL9Nj

Our statement on the passing of Former F...

@KGNSnews KGNS News @KGNSnews

Residents in the downtown area have been without a grocery store for some time now, but a local place of worship is… https://t.co/CqYrFwVGuj

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

I LOVE him😍 https://t.co/jZEfUjkExt

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

Anonymous is incorrect in his assessment🏀 https://t.co/attIY2eAbz

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

👊💥 https://t.co/XYCpcwzxn4

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

Sean Hannity: You think I’m bad for America? Ted Koppel: Yep. You have attracted people who are determined that id… https://t.co/i0F8JGyyql

@TaylorLorenz Taylor Lorenz @TaylorLorenz

Good evening I am here with a defense of The Shorty Awards https://t.co/2iHP9OpybS

@girl_ninja girl_ninja🙅🏾 @girl_ninja

@emilynussbaum Awful. How rude and nasty. Just dont go.

@nancyleong Nancy Leong @nancyleong

Hey @Uber I really need you to understand how terrifying this was. I was about 10 seconds from putting my foot thro… https://t.co/TeJt78DegY

@HeatherWCarroll Heather Carroll @HeatherWCarroll

@jbendery https://t.co/Q9FBjO86Lt

@jbendery Jennifer Bendery @jbendery

What the-- the woman who tweeted a thread about a terrifying Uber incident just deleted her account. Screenshot of… https://t.co/lLOYc3pgJu

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