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@HornyFacts Horny Facts™ @HornyFacts

being married someday gonna be lit like you get to come home to yo bestfriend every single day & just do life together until yall grow old.

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@megangilbertson @heatheranng8 Cat tail tacos 🌮

@PrayInFaith Pray In Faith @PrayInFaith

Thank you God, not only for all the blessings, but for the frustrations which have helped me become a better person.

@EverythinginMN Everything Minnesota @EverythinginMN

13 of the 36 U.S. athletes involved in winning gold medals are from Minnesota. 13 of 24 Minnesotans who went to t… https://t.co/jcpxomu6PT

@Saintly_Life God's Daughters @Saintly_Life

Always try your best, even if you fail keep trying. God sees your work, your passion and persistence.

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I see Snapchat added the gif feature to try and make up for their shitty update 🙄

@ItsReginaG REGINA GEORGE @ItsReginaG

rt to bless someone’s timeline https://t.co/MwkouGxG8l

rt to bless someone’s timeline https://t...

@rachel_wangen Rachel Wangen @rachel_wangen

I talk to God about you

@BHCdotcom BuffaloHockeyCentral @BHCdotcom

That's Casey Nelson's first NHL goal!! #Sabres #GoAvsGo https://t.co/lWkkY89p3C

That's Casey Nelson's first NHL goal!! #...

@BuffaloSabres Buffalo Sabres @BuffaloSabres

1st @NHL goal for Casey Nelson! Another shorty. 3-2 Avs | 6:45 left in the 2nd https://t.co/GoSg0dHFy2

1st @NHL goal for Casey Nelson! Another...

@mollykkestner Molly Kate Kestner @mollykkestner

Dear 15 yr old me, I know you're scared of dating cuz you're afraid of getting your heart broken..& you will..& it… https://t.co/IvdCeLjfNx

@BuffNewsVogl John Vogl @BuffNewsVogl

Casey Nelson replaced Rasmus Ristolainen on the Sabres’ shutdown pair. His reward? John Tavares. His result? “He wa… https://t.co/h9iLHD9bH9

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

Just really proud of him ❤️ https://t.co/Hsexvu1F70

@lianamarie9 Liana Schallock @lianamarie9

Looking back on your former self like https://t.co/UmJvz68zFJ

Looking back on your former self like ht...

@washingtonpost Washington Post @washingtonpost

A teenager dying of cancer had a final wish: To marry his childhood sweetheart https://t.co/9e3315PFya

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@heat_her658 I want some

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

Megan: “Phones at 1% what do you need?” *15 minutes later* Me: “How hasn’t your phone died?” Megan: “IDK I wish it… https://t.co/j5lHC2hlYz

@Bschroeds_11 Blake Schroeder @Bschroeds_11

PSA to all Minnesota VIKINGS Fans, you better be wearing the same clothes, sitting in the same seat, eating the sam… https://t.co/uX3Kfu6Pxm

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I should really stop googling my symptoms. #imdying

@BuffaloSabres Buffalo Sabres @BuffaloSabres

We’ve recalled defenseman Casey Nelson from @AmerksHockey. https://t.co/mNY3QkjTD5

We’ve recalled defenseman Casey Nelson f...

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I didn’t think I could be more obsessed with Hayley Paige dresses and now I get to watch a show all about them 😍 #HayleyEverAfter

@AmerksHockey Rochester Americans @AmerksHockey

That is it #Amerks own the top spot in the @TheAHL's North Division as @Icebeardude blanks the #Marlies 2-0!… https://t.co/sRU1S65BZs

@andrealafond AJ King @andrealafond

So @whitrasmussen just got a text from Adam Thielens wife, congratulating her on her engagement. Like...What?… https://t.co/IQS81ETlVD

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@heat_her658 Super sad 😞

@Al_Fossum Alex Fossum @Al_Fossum

Every Minnesotan justifying the 1 degree temp: “you know it really wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the wind”

@eeengel10 Emma @eeengel10

When the presents say “from Mom and Dad” but when you open it, you know Dad’s gonna be just as surprised as you

@tpfbsh T A Y L O R @tpfbsh

RT to win https://t.co/FPqvAmkf5O

RT to win https://t.co/FPqvAmkf5O

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