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@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I didn’t think I could be more obsessed with Hayley Paige dresses and now I get to watch a show all about them 😍 #HayleyEverAfter

@AmerksHockey Rochester Americans @AmerksHockey

That is it #Amerks own the top spot in the @TheAHL's North Division as @Icebeardude blanks the #Marlies 2-0!… https://t.co/sRU1S65BZs

@andrealafond AJ King @andrealafond

So @whitrasmussen just got a text from Adam Thielens wife, congratulating her on her engagement. Like...What?… https://t.co/IQS81ETlVD

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@heat_her658 Super sad 😞

@Al_Fossum Alex Fossum @Al_Fossum

Every Minnesotan justifying the 1 degree temp: “you know it really wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for the wind”

@eeengel10 Emma @eeengel10

When the presents say “from Mom and Dad” but when you open it, you know Dad’s gonna be just as surprised as you

@tpfbsh T A Y L O R @tpfbsh

RT to win https://t.co/FPqvAmkf5O

RT to win https://t.co/FPqvAmkf5O

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@heat_her658 Rude

@AmerksHockey Rochester Americans @AmerksHockey

Congratulations to #Amerks defenseman @cNelly8 who is skating in his 100th professional game tonight versus the… https://t.co/0FpRXFu39w

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

My 84 year old Grandma has retired twice and she’s going back to work for a third time...

@JosieCanseco Josie @JosieCanseco

don’t take the people who care for granted. one day you won’t ever hear from em

@megangilbertson Megan Gilbertson @megangilbertson

I hate when people are like "ugh, they made a blog" "ugh, they made a fitness instagram" like let people share thei… https://t.co/qrhAsM0lDG

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

ALERT: see you in ONE week Minny!

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@megangilbertson Or cat 😸

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I think the @hallmarkchannel should have @deanie_babies in Christmas movies 🎄 #HallmarkChannel

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

See you in 15 days Minny ❄️


And the @AmerksHockey take the OT win thanks to Casey Nelson! #RCHvsBNG https://t.co/zPakm5j4ZN

And the @AmerksHockey take the OT win th...

@DanBilzerian Dan Bilzerian @DanBilzerian

Better to be climbing than at the top of the hill

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@elliesr Omg I think this same thing every time I take an escalator.. 🤦🏼‍♀️

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@megangilbertson Wow

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I’ll forever be obsessed with @lindsayarnold and @Jordan_Fisher https://t.co/8bW2j9TUHG

@BuffaloSabres Buffalo Sabres @BuffaloSabres

We’ve recalled defenseman Casey Nelson & forward Kyle Criscuolo from @AmerksHockey. https://t.co/mN4apjJyfm

We’ve recalled defenseman Casey Nelson &...

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

I just realized how sad my thanksgiving is going to be without garlic #sad

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

Why is this the first time I’m watching @TheWalkingDead

@PrayInFaith Faith In God @PrayInFaith

His timing is perfect! https://t.co/LQIcb83vsr

His timing is perfect! https://t.co/LQIc...


Operations agent gives travelers "30 seconds of positive vibes" as he dances down the tarmac at NY's Greater Roches… https://t.co/IzjQIWaW8u

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

@megangilbertson really need you to tuck my shirt in right now 😅

@animalpugs Babypugs @animalpugs

open for a surprise https://t.co/3KNidbqFly

open for a surprise https://t.co/3KNidbq...

@ikeranch Isaac Johnson @ikeranch

I'm constantly hungry bored or both

@gilby003 Ashley Gilbertson @gilby003

The Last Song always gives me all the feels.

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