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@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

@JohnnyGivesADam @ZellnerMeagan https://t.co/76Wr8nfiDd

@JohnnyGivesADam @ZellnerMeagan  https:/...

@JohnnyGivesADam Johnny THUNDER BEAR @JohnnyGivesADam

@gigirules7 @ZellnerMeagan Or seven😉 Happy Thanksgiving Regina.

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

Don't miss the dancing turkey show @WhoopiesMind Monday at 6:30 PM ET. We wish you and your families a very… https://t.co/ethzQbP1oD

@SharrDonald Lakota @SharrDonald

@gigirules7 ✝️✝️✝️🛐🛐🛐

@Thehealingguy The Healing guy @Thehealingguy

@gigirules7 Aaw thanks...back atcha with a long hug of comfort to make your soul smile!

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

@PyschoCTsBack70 https://t.co/iYrfueFsXu

@PyschoCTsBack70  https://t.co/iYrfueFsX...

@PyschoCTsBack70 F The Trolls @PyschoCTsBack70

@gigirules7 God Bless Your Mom and your family I Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Regina🙏😀 https://t.co/BZakSIQyjs

@gigirules7 God Bless Your Mom and your...

@naebrob Rob Bean @naebrob

@gigirules7 I am 5 op melanoma survivor&ocular nevus now. Each day is a gift! I get regular check ups.I start daily… https://t.co/BcfgEIRRHx

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

From all of us @WGIGNewsTag we hope you have a #HappyThanksgiving and we hope you dance. After you finish your… https://t.co/ZjI1uWDiyd

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

#ThursdayThoughts May I listen with love today and not judgement. 💖 https://t.co/7GfsckCGMV

#ThursdayThoughts May I listen with love...

@rockcenterrink Rink at Rock Center @rockcenterrink

Just one more week until the @RockCenterNYC #Christmas Tree is LIT🎄! Tag a friend who will join you on this special… https://t.co/UASd2PToDx

@Ladyw_IronRing Nattalia Lea @Ladyw_IronRing

#HappyThanksgiving🦃to my #American likes, #hashtaggers & followers on #Twitter @bigmacher @Billy_Hashtag @mseric… https://t.co/Cx6jN7f18p

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

@dontberacist9 Many blessings to you and your family!💖

@dontberacist9 robin davis @dontberacist9

@gigirules7 wishing you the happiest of holidays full of love laughter and joy https://t.co/WL4ATh6xeY

wishing you the happiest of...

@karenmeyer46 karen meyer @karenmeyer46

@gigirules7 Very True!!!😍

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

#ThursdayThoughts Even when I am sad today because my mother has cancer, I can always be #grateful for her and my f… https://t.co/MRlqKGg0HG

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

#HappyThanksgiving Make your blessing count today! #ThursdayThoughts #grateful https://t.co/ucoTar2Jh1

#HappyThanksgiving Make your blessing co...

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

I am very #grateful for all of you who support me and laugh with me everyday. May your #Thanksgiving be blessed. https://t.co/2skAxqpMMF

I am very #grateful for all of you who s...

@gigirules7 Regina Spacola @gigirules7

#ThursdayThoughts Let your light shine today. https://t.co/uklVaJuTkb

#ThursdayThoughts Let your light shine t...

@Juuwagarr Julianna @Juuwagarr

@vballmom101 https://t.co/40AJnb1LYE

@StressFreeKids Lori Lite @StressFreeKids

#Thankful @KerryWekelo @wbellauthor @Judy_Cockerton @TheresaSnyder19 @ajcopticos @shellandjeff @MikeKawula… https://t.co/hWMfPegnO9

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