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Old Soldiers never die and we don't suffer idiots or spoilt Snowflakes a lot either

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@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@Labour and their saints https://t.co/zNma6ur01l https://t.co/NZg6VjI4nS

@Labour and their saints  https://t.co/z...

@spikedonline spiked @spikedonline

“The idea that we should halt Brexit because the young don’t want it is anti-democratic to its core. It demeans the… https://t.co/yJecimvbBw

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

These young people are so brainwashed that they believe remote and unaccountable government is the best way to secu… https://t.co/q7wrHd03tK

@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@UKIP @MexicoRS78 We need borders first and that won’t com till BREXIT and then only if it’s a real BREXIT

@Jonteinspain John DeVries @Jonteinspain

I am not a religious person but I have to confess Britain was a better country when a well meaning church was stron… https://t.co/pPQxGd9QdD

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

I am a grown adult living in a supposedly free country, yet am not allowed to watch a video about the Calais migran… https://t.co/wb91TyaVM7

@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@LowTaxChloe @channel5_tv I believe every should be able to go to university fo free if the get the right qualifica… https://t.co/vrAIrM0map

@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@LowTaxChloe @channel5_tv Little Snowflakes can’t even clean up their own mess and live off others want everything… https://t.co/h8fTzE1l5A

@LowTaxChloe chloe westley @LowTaxChloe

Last night on @channel5_tv I spoke with student at Oxford who wants to stop Brexit. I'm just blown away with the ar… https://t.co/mTGxYiZD4j

@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@MayorofLondon Is this the same as the Jame Oliver school dinners thing as my local chip shop made a killing because of that idea

@patcondell Pat Condell @patcondell

“We are not visitors. We’re invaders and conquerors. We’re lying about integration. Integration is un-Islamic. We w… https://t.co/y9XizjGOQi

@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@Independent Strange I thought the Florida Police said he was receiving treatment for mental problems. Of was I hearing things on @SkyNews

@beastynewall Donnie deep state @beastynewall

Interesting thread https://t.co/V0CvxZu6TX

@oflynnmep Patrick O'Flynn @oflynnmep

On the evening of 23/6/16 Lord Ashdown said he would take a very dim view of anyone quibbling with the Ref verdict.… https://t.co/XVeLz6eQW5

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Islamic fundamentalist school endorsed by man who wants to live in an "Islamic state" & approves of wife beating ge… https://t.co/DpS2AlL7Mk

@AMDWaters Anne Marie Waters @AMDWaters

As Britain’s Health Care System Nears Collapse One Brave Doctor Speaks Out About the Real Reason: Migrants Gaming t… https://t.co/2m2P2al9CV

@mikelallen6 michael allen @mikelallen6

Almost every week we see prosecutions of Muslim Grooming Gangs But Parliament is still pretending its not happening… https://t.co/RVGiGt9lj7

@ghe4m S J English @ghe4m

@MikkiL @UKIP Tamworth twitter profile">@UKIP_Tamworth @ProperDemocrat @Rubiespal @ShelleyWilson30 @Gordoncoles6 @_HenryBolton @UKIP @UkipRugby… https://t.co/Jea1Oj6G5H

@UKlPVoter UKlPvoter @UKlPVoter

Apparently open borders, one currency, one flag, one parliament, a proposed EU army, an anthem and senior EU figure… https://t.co/lTzrteeHMt

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