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Perth girl. Sydney living. PR lady at @mapandpage: Westpac, RAMS and The Australian. News junkie. Work hard, stay humble. Views are my own

Sydney, Australia

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@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

@DanBox10 I am going with awesome!

@HistoryInPix History In Pictures @HistoryInPix

Ernest Hemingway's passport photo, 1923. https://t.co/i48ij8Aj56

Ernest Hemingway's passport photo, 1923....

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Someone allowed me up a chairlift, among the #minons with #skis on.... 🎿😬🇯🇵 only stacked it 4 times, including comi… https://t.co/erlYXMaWIz

@TrentDalton Trent Dalton @TrentDalton

Wildly talented artist Eric Lobbecke @hthtdraws and I have created a 20,000-word six-part “graphic serial” about th… https://t.co/I1XxRyVC77

@ScottLimbrick Scott Limbrick @ScottLimbrick

absolutely loving the new @AusPost stamps #auspostlegends https://t.co/TQ5mU3mHE3

absolutely loving the new @AusPost stamp...

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

So many lols, and so relatable! @sophiemonk well played. ☃️⛷🤣🎿 https://t.co/UcQblAqpjE

@Sarah_Buchanan Sarah Scott @Sarah_Buchanan

Great article @alisonbanney Westpac taps into voice technology with Amazon Alexa https://t.co/hRCUKc0zRI via @findercomau

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

.@Westpac has such a rich history! Love this article by @eberhardk about Wesptac's private archives ft. #MaryReibey… https://t.co/CiOjEJ1nXT

@THR Hollywood Reporter @THR

.@Oprah: "I want to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, li… https://t.co/IrXnhGN1K4

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Tales from the @Westpac @Lifesaverhelo - Trevor Cracknell reminds Aussies about the importance of #watersafety this… https://t.co/hUUHLyIHMr

@dmincolla Diana @dmincolla

honestly, best way to sum up 2017: “They told me I would get my hot tea. What a disaster.” -Mariah Carey

@MariahCarey Mariah Carey @MariahCarey

Found my tea! 🍵 https://t.co/r5EIIbT5Zw

Found my tea! 🍵 https://t.co/r5EIIbT5Zw

@mariaharchive mariah carey archive @mariaharchive

Mariah Carey asking for hot tea during her NYE performance https://t.co/IHOxdCoIke

Mariah Carey asking for hot tea during h...

@sydney_sider Sydney.com @sydney_sider

🎆 HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA! #ilovesydney #sydNYE Credit: @cityofsydney https://t.co/DUiTgOK02A


@australian The Australian @australian

Happy New Year! https://t.co/5wQ3uYKxEv

Happy New Year! https://t.co/5wQ3uYKxEv

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Great PR play by @WestAustralia on this one! Everyone loves a #quokkaselfie 📸🤳🏼💚 https://t.co/bL3vWGT64N

@hughriminton Hugh Riminton @hughriminton

Australia 92% https://t.co/MuVBFgzRf2

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Greatest public service announcement .... #NewYear2018 🥁🎶🎉 #psa #NewYearsEve https://t.co/T8qCYsMOVq

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

What amazing women! Well deserved @JulieBishopMP @TraceySpicer @Lisa_Wilkinson - such powerful #rolemodels👩🏼‍💼… https://t.co/XOvp6UqiGF

@WGEAgency WGEA @WGEAgency

This year our data shows that more employers than ever before are taking action on gender equality #wgeadata https://t.co/ikZWkGgLxK

This year our data shows that more emplo...

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

@Kate_McClymont @ABC @bairdjulia @JaneCaro #redgate?! I ❤️ this! On theme #TisTheSeason🎅🏼🍒🍎🍓🍷♥️

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

WATCH: @Westpac @Lifesaverhelo crew rescue sunbathing teens 'oblivious to danger they are in' - #AirRescue tonight… https://t.co/ezirrXQiz7

@PatStack20FOUR Patrick Stack @PatStack20FOUR

Today Sydney’s got a real smell of Xmas parties, bad decisions and good times. It’s great.

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Merry Ho! Annual #christmashaircut + #cupcake = 😍🎄🍾 #tistheseason https://t.co/NjSDzgVoCR

Merry Ho! Annual #christmashaircut + #cu...

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Take me away here.... 🏖️👙☀️ https://t.co/P4WqVd4PLA

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

December is the leading month for drownings in @Australia. 🏊🏽‍♂️Tony Waller from @Westpac @Lifesaverhelo 🚁 talks… https://t.co/oxGXP0cQ40

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Such an incredible rescue by the @Westpac @lifesaverheli service in #Queensland - true Australian #heros! 🚁 https://t.co/WdVitN7SiY

@mm_newscorpaus Michael Miller @mm_newscorpaus

Significant move that will help marketers & advertisers better target messages to audiences at scale. @newscorpaus,… https://t.co/d8jKzcIIbr

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Map and Page #christmastree famous.... 🎵 it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄 #jinglebells #merryho https://t.co/LJVlgxgzlI

Map and Page #christmastree famous.... 🎵...


The Silence Breakers are TIME's Person of the Year 2017 #TIMEPOY https://t.co/mLgNTveY9z https://t.co/GBo9z57RVG

The Silence Breakers are TIME's Person o...

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