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Perth girl. Sydney living. Senior Account Manager at @mapandpage: Westpac, SocietyOne and The Australian. News junkie. Work hard, stay humble. Views are my own

Sydney, Australia

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@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Map and Page #christmastree famous.... 🎵 it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄 #jinglebells #merryho https://t.co/LJVlgxgzlI

Map and Page #christmastree famous.... 🎵...


The Silence Breakers are TIME's Person of the Year 2017 #TIMEPOY https://t.co/mLgNTveY9z https://t.co/GBo9z57RVG

The Silence Breakers are TIME's Person o...

@halfadams Patrick J Adams @halfadams

So....no milk? https://t.co/rNBtUxlZow

@halfadams Patrick J Adams @halfadams

She said she was just going out to get some milk... https://t.co/y7cnM0eC9D

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

The @Westpac @Lifesaverhelo do a remarkable job keeping Australians safe - make sure you watch #AirRescue tonight a… https://t.co/Qtm5HI5vUh

@NicholasGray Nicholas Gray @NicholasGray

Don't worry, the Prime Minister can't delay #newspoll... @australian https://t.co/jDZsWUuZqo

Don't worry, the Prime Minister can't de...

@WestAustralia Western Australia @WestAustralia

"Hey mate, can you gimme a hand to get out of the water?" 😜 Pic: steverogers987/IG #justanotherdayinWA https://t.co/kv4LJaAccg

'Hey mate, can you gimme a hand to get o...

@wmdglasgow Will Glasgow @wmdglasgow

“Do not stop or glance at what the locals call ‘a Red Rooster store’,” @BernardSalt warns inner-city Sydney Camino… https://t.co/lr4WtNvqYT

@annabelcrabb Annabel Crabb @annabelcrabb

It now takes the planet 1.6 years to regenerate the resources we use in a year. #foodwastesummit

@TroyBramston Troy Bramston @TroyBramston

A truly masterful piece of writing on Bob Hawke and Blanche d’Alpuget by @TrentDalton @australian #auspol https://t.co/VCQOCOTfsB

@sammostyn sam mostyn @sammostyn

Huge congrats @pacificann1231 - an inspired appointment to @unicefaustralia Chair. @ACFID #unicef @campaignforaid… https://t.co/CbDLsIZEhY

@WGEAgency WGEA @WGEAgency

'The gender pay gap adds up over a woman's lifetime. Women retire with half the savings of men' @WGEADirector… https://t.co/j6tdCdfudh

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

I need this cup! https://t.co/F9j1dDkA5V

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Love these 404 Error pages from @australian! So many gags 😂 https://t.co/2lfhmwrUbQ

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

@lisdavies Haha it is! Christopher’s Cake Shop 🍰 with Donut Time donuts 🍩 on top....

@helentrinca Helen Trinca @helentrinca

One more sleep till the @CEWAus @australian @GlendaKorporaal @corporatefox special issue on women #thedeal https://t.co/RkAuPNH3Yf

One more sleep till the @CEWAus @austral...

@NicholasGray Nicholas Gray @NicholasGray

NATION SAYS YES #marriageequality @australian https://t.co/ezgKOU6umA


#marriageequality @aust...

@michaelkoziol Michael Koziol @michaelkoziol

The front page of tomorrow’s Sydney Morning Herald https://t.co/dAmzvnxvqB

The front page of tomorrow’s Sydney Morn...

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

🍒🍊🐥🍀🐳🦄🌷☃️🖤 #loveislove #equality https://t.co/txuaeliV4V

🍒🍊🐥🍀🐳🦄🌷☃️🖤 #loveislove #equality https:/...

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Such a compelling read in @NewYorker on how the "dramatic imbalance in pay and power has created the conditions for… https://t.co/3UJFhK8VrS

@sophiemonk Sophie Monk @sophiemonk

I'VE NEVER FELT THIS UNCOMFORTABLE IN MY LIFE! 😂🙈 This guy is so sweet while I’m acting like a complete diva!❤️😜 Fu… https://t.co/gyMVESr2OZ

@historylvrsclub History Lovers Club @historylvrsclub

Breakfast at Tiffany's. https://t.co/PioPyAnlj8

Breakfast at Tiffany's. https://t.co/Pio...

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Name calling, a new low for foreign relations ... 🤭🤯😥 #diplomacy101 #fail https://t.co/nt5kvxfVGd

@kay_ska Kay Ska✨ @kay_ska

Oh my😱🙈🙊 I didn't realise there would be more of a write up after my interview with BBC Woman's Hour!! https://t.co/BiltVUwjMx

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Great to see agencies like @clemengerBBDO Sydney making positive steps to combat the issues impacting #MentalHealth… https://t.co/SlZm5FoLeV

@georginaadcock Georgina Adcock @georginaadcock

Love this amazing piece about @twohundredwomen & its supporting #podcast in @smh & @theage #GoodWeekend magazine 👩… https://t.co/SQAMmWNs4w

@NicholasGray Nicholas Gray @NicholasGray

Wonderful to see Bill Leak and Mark Colvin honoured tonight with induction at #AusMediaFame

@fergushunter Fergus Hunter @fergushunter

"And then Barnaby said, 'You can't banh mi from Parliament - I was born in Tamworth!'" https://t.co/gB5mmu4lMS

'And then Barnaby said, 'You can't banh...

@dog_rates WeRateDogs™ @dog_rates

Here’s a puppo who forgot he cloned himself. Quite the surpuprise. 13/10 for both (IG: bosunthefrenchie) https://t.co/EX1kNZ2VRU

Here’s a puppo who forgot he cloned hims...

@NASAGoddard NASA Goddard @NASAGoddard

🌟 . * . 🌙 * * . 🛰️ . ✨ * . * Thanks @Twitter,… https://t.co/eb5MuYzgjT

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