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professor of literature, writing, and film at Gaston College, Dallas, NC... Sports correspondent for the Gaston Gazette.

Cherryville, NC

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@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

"Telly, we need a cover for the new album." "Ge… https://t.co/5mtItMZZGc

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

Larry Brown racked up eight technical fouls in 1976 for squirting referees in the face with his giant clown bow tie. https://t.co/n1tmX3Zo14

Larry Brown racked up eight technical fo...

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael


@NotBillWalton Not Bill Walton @NotBillWalton

Who dat miss dat tackle!!???

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

The last time someone got burned as badly as Marcus Williams just did, he told Ponyboy to stay gold.

@DavidKeever David Keever LTN @DavidKeever

I have a lot of respect for the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. But if the Rooney’s bring back Mike Tomlin, they… https://t.co/gNEQEZt0mq

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael

@LilyTallent A series I recommend if you enjoy the Twilight Zone vibe: Black Mirror.

@YahooForde Pat Forde @YahooForde

Kansas State latest to completely botch a game-ending possession. Slow bringing it up, no passes, jack a contested three at buzzer. Awful

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

When coaches had class. https://t.co/ok8f6Vg16r

When coaches had class. https://t.co/ok8...

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael

@chobbs001 Enjoying in your website.

@chobbs001 Chris Hobbs @chobbs001

COMPLETE scores from all the basketball games in the South Fork 2A, Northwestern Foothills 2A and Northwestern 3A… https://t.co/mHzeiUuFIq

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

I refuse to recognize the Rams' resurgence until they start wearing these uniforms again. https://t.co/FUahQexVUi https://t.co/c3bl0rFrgJ

I refuse to recognize the Rams' resurgen...

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael

@laceyjbm Another timely book, Fire and Fury, an alleged inside look at Trump White House.

@DevilDJ32 DevilDJ @DevilDJ32

“Bagley sucks!” chant is classless and pointless.

@GottliebShow Doug Gottlieb @GottliebShow

Nick Saban is awesome, but somehow we have dismissed Urban Meyer a bit too quickly in the all time great convos. Wo… https://t.co/5AEG3bCDSd

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

Today in 1982, the Bengals beat Chargers for the AFC Championship in the "Freezer Bowl." The -9° F weather in Cinci… https://t.co/n4I0RjhipO

@CitizenScreen Aurora @CitizenScreen

Fritz Lang’s METROPOLIS enjoys its world premiere in Berlin 90 years ago today. #OTD in 1927 https://t.co/R6coDqXycT

Fritz Lang’s METROPOLIS enjoys its world...

@slmandel Stewart Mandel @slmandel

Just flew home from the site of this year’s national title game to the site of next year’s title game. Just 363 day… https://t.co/R3UleURNuA

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael

Boys South Fork 2A final: East Lincoln 96, West Lincoln 60.

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael

South Fork 2A girls final: East Lincoln 60, West Lincoln 27.

@CoachBilly1 Billy Howell @CoachBilly1

When you ask for Coke, but they tell you they only serve Pepsi. https://t.co/Lrt8FZZQDi

When you ask for Coke, but they tell you...

@YahooForde Pat Forde @YahooForde

Said to a colleague before the game there would be much Twitter bitching if this is a nine-punt, no-touchdown first… https://t.co/1RB0TEbc0d

@Super70sSports Super 70s Sports @Super70sSports

Though his signing was dismissed as a publicity stunt, NBA experts later admitted Ringo Starr had a surprisingly go… https://t.co/1AQwEhfUii

@dennisdoddcbs Dennis Dodd @dennisdoddcbs

Source: UCF giving up 50 percent, enrollment skyrocketing in wake of national champ claim.

@sportingnews Sporting News @sportingnews

The best signs and floats from the Browns' 0-16 'Perfect Season' parade. https://t.co/SVu3AXHmSm https://t.co/0aNrPYzTHz

The best signs and floats from the Brown...

@CamNewtonTowel Cam Newton's Towel @CamNewtonTowel

Towel offseason predictions: 1) Shula somehow does not get fired 2) Some old, rich white dude buys the team (or gro… https://t.co/ZN2ykzaExH

@SethDavisHoops Seth Davis @SethDavisHoops

College basketball 2018: Nobody’s Good.

@jwgiglio Joe Giglio @jwgiglio

Duke, Carolina and State are all 1-2 in the ACC. Just like everyone predicted

@DavidKeever David Keever LTN @DavidKeever

The Bottom Line this morning on 1350am WZGM, https://t.co/yBdwX7OvF8 and the TuneIn app at STG-Lincoln with… https://t.co/GWIz9uKOxT

@gcprofmichael Michael Powell @gcprofmichael

@LilyTallent Here's to finishing your record in '18!

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