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@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats on a great season! https://t.co/KZ1lkeBXO2

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

I can’t wait and it’s Hotlanta! https://t.co/SmDishbglC

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

APES students making desserts that have minimal impact on the environment, with low carbon emissions. https://t.co/o8LfhUU2B3

APES students making desserts that have...

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Good luck on the mat! https://t.co/T6m8Tn6B8f

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

New rule,school should shutdown at 2 for HQ

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

@madishepard Maybe Thursday??🤔

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

So excited to see our Cav Nation today! We kind of missed you guys. Don't forget it's an A Day.

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Enjoy some quality time at home again Cav Nation. See you on Tuesday, its an A Day btw. @LakeTravisHS

@DocCheek Faith Ann Cheek @DocCheek

Vote people! Vote! https://t.co/jHXN77FJuL

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

I am sad, angry, and disgusted by the events in Florida. The easy thing to do is to blame politicians, society, or… https://t.co/duL1n8GheL

@ltisdschools Lake Travis ISD @ltisdschools

Parents: as a reminder, all students will have a five-day break beginning tomorrow, Thursday, Feb. 15. Our teachers… https://t.co/k8T8sIQXqx

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Sammie Bryant Jan Student of the Month. Keep up the good work! https://t.co/GpB9xJYv7F

Sammie Bryant Jan Student of the Month....

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to Mackenzie Diego, one of our Jan Students of the Month! Don’t spend that gift card all at once! https://t.co/ArlLPcFYRT

Congrats to Mackenzie Diego, one of our...

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to Keely Cooper one of our 9th students of the month! You rock Keely! https://t.co/rLQ5QeWNzn

Congrats to Keely Cooper one of our 9th...

@olivia_devin Olivia Devin @olivia_devin

C’Mon CAVNation! Be there! Share love 4 Lady Cavs Bball! #BELIEVE #BeCourageous #oneheartbeat #LTStong… https://t.co/1KvI48hKFa

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Lunch with my fave lunch table…they made me say it😜 https://t.co/VdfXbjllRI

Lunch with my fave lunch table…they made...

@CoachFierro Justin Fierro @CoachFierro

“Students who (successfully) complete OnRamps are enrolling in college at about twice the rate of non OnRamps stude… https://t.co/y6UjQL9DBX


1st class to have 100% registered for AP test wins a prize (food party??). Current standings: 1st pd 57%; 2nd pd 6… https://t.co/H4GAcAKUGX

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to @LadyCavsBB on an exciting win last night. You showed grit and heart last night. #GiantKillers

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

A sign of student maturity is a student saying no to negative influences.

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to Ark bound Haley Whitt who was awarded an in state tuition grant!

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to Samuel Wideman as our Staff Member of the Month for January!

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to our LTHS Students of the month for January. 9th Keeley Cooper & Declin Simmons 10th Mackenzie Diego &… https://t.co/XDcdkZ8nil

@edgeblogger Rob Miller @edgeblogger

A3: Of course, a 60 question MC test taken once a year is the most accurate measure of student performance - much b… https://t.co/L493iQrPgI

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

One of the best around, he will be missed! https://t.co/f4PtMAiSXA

@LTHSCavFootball Lake Travis Football @LTHSCavFootball

Academics Arts Athletics! Lake Travis High School Excellence ! Congrats !! https://t.co/mMJVJN6cHd

@LTCavGolf Lake Travis Golf @LTCavGolf

The Cavs took home the win at the Dodson Evans at Wolfdancer today. They were led by @treybosco who finished with a… https://t.co/Y6xEnmpdkT

@Payne14Payne Abigail Payne @Payne14Payne

So proud of the @LTHScavalettes and Red Rubies for an outstanding day at Contest!!! Cavalettes we top 13 out of 52 teams!! @LTFineArts

@MrCoachHale William Hale @MrCoachHale

@ltladycavsoccer JV Black gets another shutout. 3-0 good guys. @GarrettWilson_V your sis scored again.

@gbutler74 Gordon Butler @gbutler74

Congrats to our LTHS Mock Trial team headed to state as a wildcard in our 1st year as a team!

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