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@f_grovewhite Francis Grove-White @f_grovewhite

David Davis is going on a hiring spree, scrambling to find experts to take on roles he has only just realised he ne… https://t.co/WEscSUy2Li

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

Fix the Snoopers' Charter now to stop our #privacy being compromised https://t.co/NNbxzb12ik

@keira_churchill Keira Churchill #FBPE #NHSLove @keira_churchill

Monty here deleted his tweet and reposted it to “lose” all of the 600+ negative replies. If you replied to his ori… https://t.co/eclwqccKp6

@suzed10 Sue Dalessandro #FBPE #Remain @suzed10

Was it treachery when Farage met Barnier? The language and logic of of a fascist https://t.co/4UXwKzceDY

@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

Farage's confusion is contagious: Gove doesnt seem to remember that action on plastic bags stems from EU regulation… https://t.co/f7M5IbHTA6

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

2018 we renew fight to #StopBrexit & remind #TheresaMay & #JeremyCorby that #Remain is real will of people - #FBPE https://t.co/UkNDFhBZTZ

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

I just supported National Day of Action 16/1/18 on @ThunderclapIt https://t.co/E4OVwL6Ubq

@D_Blanchflower Danny Blanchflower @D_Blanchflower

I think it would be a really good idea that no Mp could make a total income of 150k from all sources including cons… https://t.co/vjiJn1mOfE

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

It’s annoying that more isn’t made of this fact. https://t.co/V7P667C1KH

@pollytoynbee Polly Toynbee @pollytoynbee

Puzzling: all his life Corbyn followed Benn demanding Labour party democracy. Now he's in charge, does he still wan… https://t.co/WHjSiJP3WI

@LabourMarina Marina Ahmad @LabourMarina

I'm honoured to have the backing of some of Crawley's best grassroots activists. Find out why they're backing me to… https://t.co/n2vuREOS4g

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

This is delightful. Top trolling @guyverhofstadt https://t.co/WBrH83DvQ1

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

@OwenJones84 So sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and your family. Any father would be proud of what you’ve achieved.

@jonworth Jon Worth @jonworth

The. EU. Did. That. The UK government can take *NO* credit for this. https://t.co/gFR9jhWiFC

@StevePeers Steve Peers @StevePeers

Mmmm https://t.co/xJqpX6mOig

Mmmm https://t.co/xJqpX6mOig

@jilliebinfrance JillieB #FBPE #WATON @jilliebinfrance

Wonder what other EU directive @theresa_may is going to take credit for 👇👇👇 https://t.co/poZnuBqqjT

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

@ledredman @campbellclaret The #bbc tends to get a kicking from all sides – make of that what you will – but its ha… https://t.co/GLpgRr92KB

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

@AaronBastani @ALIKH42 @campbellclaret There’s zero correlation between those two statements.

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

Now why did nobody think of this before? https://t.co/4fRT5sE7uM

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

It betrays #Farage's contempt for all the constituents he represents in South East England and he's managed to get… https://t.co/JDepuLEXqB

@PJ_NUFC RIP Sir Bobby Robson @PJ_NUFC

Can everyone who sees this retweet this please. My daughter had her speech machine stolen out of the car. Its her o… https://t.co/MlVSLRSaYA

@JonnElledge Jonn Elledge @JonnElledge

Here are 44 thoughts about Daniel Hannan's tweet about Davos and giant lizards https://t.co/JsTaEvXJsz https://t.co/UHFApi0ney

Here are 44 thoughts about Daniel Hannan...

@JamesMelville James Melville @JamesMelville

Someone put this on a bus. #Brexit https://t.co/wTgbgI6Fbl

Someone put this on a bus. 
#Brexit http...

@SadiqKhan Sadiq Khan @SadiqKhan

The Government hasn’t released impact assessments for Brexit – so I have. The Government must negotiate a deal tha… https://t.co/FZ1K09EG41

@Design_Week Design Week @Design_Week

Shakespeare's Globe theatre has a new logo: https://t.co/LPeI7wGHg5 https://t.co/w3yrI03ANK

Shakespeare's Globe theatre has a new lo...

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

Huge respect to every @UKLabour member who believes our future is best served remaining in the EU and is sticking w… https://t.co/cDnSgtI9GQ

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

All the wasted energy & expense trying to achieve the same deals we have now for when we leave the EU. We'll end up… https://t.co/hpukv5GMBU

@IanDunt Ian Dunt @IanDunt

Always worth reminding yourself of what Leavers said six months ago, back when current reality was 'Project Fear' https://t.co/z04MWqccA0

@Open_Britain Open Britain @Open_Britain

MUST-WATCH: @ChukaUmunna is 'fed up' of hearing from hard Brexiters who talk down Britain's achievements with the E… https://t.co/JC85fkWsxa

@krishgm Krishnan Guru-Murthy @krishgm

Still no answer to this one from the new minister https://t.co/reLuRBta9E

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