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@Haggis_UK Haggis_UK - #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 @Haggis_UK

Claude Moraes Labour MEP points out that France just struck a huge trade deal with India & France happens to be in… https://t.co/zUOGXrOIhL

@mikegalsworthy Mike Galsworthy #FBPE @mikegalsworthy

That's not only a terribly dangerous attitude - it's plain wrong. The EU27 would still be 27 countries with an on… https://t.co/4OcGTSE02j

@ProgressOnline Progress @ProgressOnline

Irony overload https://t.co/FXUAFthHQF

@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

Instead of throwing dead fish in the Thames, Nigel Farage should have done his job as a member of the fisheries com… https://t.co/lZKzcu8vDy

@Channel4News Channel 4 News @Channel4News

EXCLUSIVE: Trump’s election consultants secretly filmed offering to use Ukrainian sex workers to entrap politicians… https://t.co/BHwt5bkeLp

@petergerald peter goulding❄🇪🇺#FBPE @petergerald

Tories owning the media ! https://t.co/59JZZOgtmy

@richardwhite321 Richard White #FBPE @richardwhite321

#FBPE - 38 Degrees wants to know if it should campaign for the UK staying in the customs union. Any less that 75% f… https://t.co/4nDHqCHHhP

@SanamMKhi Sanam Maher @SanamMKhi

Twitter pals, pls help - My book on #QandeelBaloch is out in May (fingers crossed), and we want to use this image i… https://t.co/NEbgkhiJAE

@EmporersNewC Steve Analyst @EmporersNewC

1. Everything that is wrong in the Single Market debate was on display when Stella Creasy debated Frank Field on th… https://t.co/KbB6Z7W6LY

@Oliverdyer OliverDyer 🇸🇪#fbpe🇬🇧#stopbrexit @Oliverdyer

I need every single person with #fbpe in their bio to please retweet this thread. It is a call to arms to the U.K.… https://t.co/zb4cFr6weq

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

@brianpaddick Putin wouldn’t bat an eyelid if UK alone imposed sanctions on Russia. EU sanctions would affect Putin… https://t.co/NNxbBMuCZ3

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

Can we now expect the Tory gov to say “Well… Labour did warn you of a Tory deceit over protecting the NHS at the el… https://t.co/UK2OKUvHUO

@scott_steve Steve Scott @scott_steve

It's just a complete coincidence that new tax rules coincide with us leaving the EU and that rich greedy rightwinge… https://t.co/B93WM7bzGP

@Open_Britain Open Britain @Open_Britain

"Everybody has to face up now to Brexit reality." MUST-WATCH: @Anna_Soubry slams the Gov for not facing up to the… https://t.co/oSHSDc3Pat

@Ja_Kxxy Jayne Kross #FBPE #FBSI 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @Ja_Kxxy

JRM knocking on some doors with with his Nanny! What a laugh! The man is indeed a snob and the very epitome of the… https://t.co/4DpeH1m49q

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

@bbcnickrobinson May’s speech didn’t sell #Brexit it basically said we’ll never have had it so bad. And risk averse… https://t.co/hF8u1ZQlXL

@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

In my opinion the EU is the most exciting democratic project between free countries. When I read your comments, it… https://t.co/qja56ccR8N

@Haggis_UK Haggis_UK - #FBPE 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 @Haggis_UK

Hardline #Brexiteer Peter Bone tying himself up in knots trying to answer the question on a hard border in Ireland… https://t.co/rETgkbRBlS

@Suewilson91 Sue Wilson #FBPE @Suewilson91

We're off! Next stop Whitehall & Westminster. #BrexitFactsBusRolling @BremainInSpain https://t.co/FeqQgcBScJ

We're off! Next stop Whitehall & Wes...

@rachelparris Rachel Parris @rachelparris

@KateHoeyMP Hi Kate, you’re my local MP, hi! Sorry you don’t find it funny. Yes, BBC pays me to do satire, which us… https://t.co/i9JG6TLTXX

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

#Beckenham constituents voted to stay in the EU, but MP Bob Stewart is supporting a hard #Brexit with the shady eur… https://t.co/rOZYCndzFn

@PeterKGeoghegan Peter Geoghegan @PeterKGeoghegan

But what about the ‘will of the people’, Daniel? A massive majority across Ireland (including a majority of unionis… https://t.co/6DcGGjrYkH

@OFOCBrexit Our Future; Our Choice! @OFOCBrexit

A message to Westminster, from Finsbury Park's @CalumMillbank ... https://t.co/pEZADjkqok

A message to Westminster, from Finsbury...

@Oliverdyer OliverDyer 🇸🇪#fbpe🇬🇧#stopbrexit @Oliverdyer

@jeremycorbyn I marched against the war like I’ve marched against Brexit. You’ve done nothing to prove that you’re… https://t.co/fsyy9AZEpd

@maryhoneyball Mary Honeyball MEP #StopBrexit2018 @maryhoneyball

Would someone please tell Boris Johnson that no-one’s talking about ‘thwarting’ the Brexit vote or ‘betraying’ anyo… https://t.co/5Q63uGZAkT

@BestForBritain Best For Britain @BestForBritain

We've now hit £100k!!! Thanks to everyone who's tweeted, shared, liked and posted so far. Let's keep this incredibl… https://t.co/MjxaEQOy0j

@B_PellScholes Barney Pell Scholes @B_PellScholes

Yeah, because people like you said it was all 'Project Fear' and should be ignored. Don't try and pretend now that… https://t.co/nmXzsAP0kS

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

Why is it acceptable to talk about “less harmful” #Brexit options when we know our economy wouldn’t be harmed by st… https://t.co/9lpp3aQdzG

@DivineDigit Max 🏳️‍🌈 @DivineDigit

2017 Digby Jones: “Trade deals are in the bag. If you want to play hardball, Mr Barnier, carry on.” 2018 Digby Jon… https://t.co/AZMlGc99Wh

@garethabbit Gareth Abbit #FBPE @garethabbit

Your Right to Fight Brexit https://t.co/jMiPrM08Qy

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