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Artist/musician/writer/luthier/historian/atheist/socialist/EU Migrant LFC @Anfieldindex #JFG host/writer, https://t.co/6jIg7rPNWS…happily Mr @MmedeBeauvoir

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@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

Early night for me tonight, writing JFG wears me out! More tomorrow and a little bit closer to the end!

@MmedeBeauvoir Rae S-G-M 🇪🇺 #FBPE @MmedeBeauvoir

Sorry, but that goal from Bobby was ridiculous...ly fucking excellent. #LFC

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@Pabs_ob Yes...with a bit of Alec Lindsay thrown in.

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DanPrickett @MmedeBeauvoir No she doesn't, the daft, xenophobic mare.

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DanPrickett Not to bad here - lots of heavy rain, but not too cold...whereas in Luxembourg @MmedeBeauvoir has snow… https://t.co/V1BKKiatam

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DeanFlanagan Yes...yes it does.

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

FT: Liverpool 5 Watford 0. Four for Salah, a bit of genius from Firmino. Exactly what was needed going into the poi… https://t.co/FQOHV6ubWQ

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

HT: Liverpool 2 Watford 0. Watford are trying to make a fist of it, and probably will try hard for the first 10 min… https://t.co/5UZaPf1Bwb

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@RedFocus5 @carolinejmolloy Everything. If there's no profit, it's not worth doing. A fine position to hold from a… https://t.co/gam7yQMzcI

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@luced42 @RedFocus5 Correct plan.

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@MmedeBeauvoir @michaelwildGB Very not impressed!

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@RedFocus5 @luced42 It's good, but it depends what the finish on the flooring is, as WD40 might discolour it - wort… https://t.co/UEfh32HywR

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DaveHendrick_ @Gareth__George The acquisition of Sturridge and Coutinho (neither of whom Rodgers wanted) and the p… https://t.co/6MeIFZHgL6

@JohnClarke1960 John Clarke @JohnClarke1960

The BBC actually photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn's hat to make it look more Russian for this smear on Newsnight. Let th… https://t.co/YKEcCNSYTI

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DaveHendrick_ And yet...(see below)

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@Gareth__George @DaveHendrick_ Suarez is a natural. He'd scored 110 goals in 81 games at Ajax before he came to us.… https://t.co/S1rdf0141j

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@dublin_damo Looks a bit like the Capucin in Bordeaux https://t.co/83sUu83i2H

@dublin_damo Looks a bit like the Capuci...

@cliodiaspora Prof Tanja Bueltmann @cliodiaspora

.@theresa_may did not. What she did do was spin the same lie she’s been spinning for well over 600 days: that we’re… https://t.co/Hcw07vEigc

@zelo_street Tim Fenton @zelo_street

BBC Newsnight - We Have To Talk: backdrop making deliberate Corbyn-Russia link IS BANG OUT OF ORDER… https://t.co/D4vlzOMLzu

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@luced42 Try paraffin or meths if its rubber of his shoes etc.

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DaveHendrick_ I tried explaining at the time (everyone was blaming Ayre) that Ayre was told to hangfire by Rodgers… https://t.co/QzSvPN41HR

@SheRa_Marley SheRa Marley-Threepwood @SheRa_Marley

Christ I'd forgotten this video, it's utterly exceptional. Insofar as it's all total, utter bollocks https://t.co/DCHhqvw977

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@Kayla_Little89 @jamesarossesq @paul_jackson @theJeremyVine Is his middle name Kock or Kermit?

@JohnEdwards33 Cllr John Edwards @JohnEdwards33

Dear @theresa_may Why would you block a UN resolution calling for an enquiry through appropriate channels into an i… https://t.co/XyRR3Q75vq

@WarmongerHodges Daniel Blake's Vest #RJCOB @WarmongerHodges

#ISupportJeremyCorbyn because when he becomes PM it'll be a massive V-sign to the Thatcherite junta. https://t.co/3dsQMis6wC

#ISupportJeremyCorbyn because when he be...

@docrussjackson russjackson @docrussjackson

Next week, in fulfilling @BBCNews’ legal requirement of impartiality, no doubt we can look forward to seeing… https://t.co/F5Fc0BgOGm

@fydsy J Gorski-Mescir 🇪🇺 #FBPE @fydsy

@DaveHendrick_ @dublin_damo They do indeed. Both Klopp and Edwards still set a lot of store in the usefulness of hu… https://t.co/9clAm1wBNk

@e391615r E. Redding @e391615r

A Democratic President can reinstate McCabe's pension plus 4 years retroactive pay. VOTE BLUE!! Get those red piece… https://t.co/pkOnIM7CQ5

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