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@funimation Funimation @funimation

Don't play with your food Mob! 🥄 (Mob Psycho 100 https://t.co/kOVzjkVbrz) https://t.co/fLy9Y1aP1N

Don't play with your food Mob! 🥄

(Mob P...

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Now you can dig in! 🍖😋 (Dragon Ball Super https://t.co/OVpI8o8YPF) https://t.co/yoFKoWgod7

Now you can dig in! 🍖😋

(Dragon Ball Sup...

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Don't forget the pets too! 😺🐶 (Anime-Gataris https://t.co/zfhMf4eySv) https://t.co/uiTJp1qnan

Don't forget the pets too! 😺🐶


@funimation Funimation @funimation

Time to set the table. Whew that table is lookin real, real good! 😩🤤 (Restaurant to Another World… https://t.co/tn7CwGarDZ

@funimation Funimation @funimation

@Des_Shinta Someone has to make the vegetarian dish!

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Oh we cookin' with fire now! (Cowboy Bebop https://t.co/gNaJhS7n7n) https://t.co/84QYiIEoTs

Oh we cookin' with fire now!

(Cowboy Be...

@funimation Funimation @funimation

#HappyThanksgivingDay! We're gonna show you how we do Thanksgiving through anime! Of course you gotta make the foo… https://t.co/D9FfgdguOF

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Nero & Avilio plan to seal a certain deal with their bootleg moonshine, but will everything go as planned? 91 Days… https://t.co/S2Rs7wBykg

@BandaiAmerica Bandai America @BandaiAmerica

We’re giving away TEN Limited Edition GameStop-exclusive Dragon Stars figures from the upcoming DRAGON BALL Fighter… https://t.co/FO5jpEl8zE

@funimation Funimation @funimation

With the upcoming holidays, we’ll have some temporary schedule changes — but don’t worry! We’ll be back to normal s… https://t.co/Noxlq0QFkv

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Kino makes it to the country of liars in the newest dubbed episode of Kino's Journey! Watch it now:… https://t.co/jtKTLAcFSk

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Rat vs Snake. Monkey vs Rabbit. Sheep vs Tiger. Who will come out on top? Find out in the newest dubbed episode of… https://t.co/FiB5VHwObP

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Watch episode 6 of GARO here! https://t.co/t533KNRAeE https://t.co/MXL5EnlzCE

@funimation Funimation @funimation

A small preview of the true ending to Future Diary, from the final OVA episode available now here!… https://t.co/8TajdcxpZW

@ChrisWehkamp Christopher Wehkamp @ChrisWehkamp

Check out #StarBlazers Space Battleship #Yamato2199 ep. 3 Escape From The Jupiter Sphere on #Funimation now!… https://t.co/TfudrKwVU2

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Will Sorey pull this legendary blade? Own Tales of Zestiria the X this 11/21 on Blu-ray/DVD & Digital HD!… https://t.co/ilpnDjDweZ

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Watch Pedro thin the ranks of Big Mom's army in style! Watch the latest episodes of #OnePiece today!… https://t.co/bv4o9WSat7

@funimation Funimation @funimation

It's time to throw down in the streets of England- Victorian style- in the latest dub episode of Code:Realize ~Guar… https://t.co/NaUZ1I8Ys0

@funimation Funimation @funimation

It's time for a colorful safari chase with gummy bears in the new dub episode of URAHARA! https://t.co/GLtAc2ou5P https://t.co/fQIGoebSd0

It's time for a colorful safari chase wi...

@AnimeNewsNet Anime News Network @AnimeNewsNet

Today on THIS WEEK IN ANIME: Is URAHARA an underappreciated gem of this packed fall season?https://t.co/Az8Ey0AK3b https://t.co/YITvbbioBC


@KaggyFilms Alejandro Saab @KaggyFilms

Man I've said some ridiculous things @FUNimation... But this was stupid funny!! I'm not sorry @That_Fu. Check out t… https://t.co/N4AulpAECL

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Happy Birthday, @SeanSchemmel! 🎂 The amazing English voice talent behind Goku AND King Kai! 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/gubcucrBkp

Happy Birthday, @SeanSchemmel!  🎂 The am...

@BrittanyLaudaVO Brittany Lauda @BrittanyLaudaVO

Welcome to Kei Sakurai’s school of magical ability explanations! Catch the latest #diesirae ep on @FUNimation :D… https://t.co/7hgEErU2Oe

@funimation Funimation @funimation

@MikeDEredita ☠️☠️☠️

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Learn about the legacy of Makoto Shinkai, the director of "Your Name." & "5 cm Per Second", in the latest video fro… https://t.co/m9tVZZAckg

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Here's some 🍁Fall🍂 things we like WAY more than Pumpkin Spice 🙌 https://t.co/llhU5bRIVI

Here's some 🍁Fall🍂 things we like WAY mo...

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Moriko creates her cute guy character!! Watch It Now https://t.co/K8UPCkjrk1 Mondays at 4pm ET / 3pm CT https://t.co/xVNVnxOz69

Moriko creates her cute guy character!!...

@funimation Funimation @funimation

@sailorwild More like the OG Tuxedo Mask

@SkiniMini07 Daniberry Sauce @SkiniMini07

Ulthar, The Kingdom of Cats! Chise learns of their new task to cleanse a corruption but then run into some suspicio… https://t.co/PpnthHLIAI

@funimation Funimation @funimation

Hop on some of the biggest savings of the year on @PlayStation's Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! Sign into PSN and… https://t.co/d9mtCQ9Ij3

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