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Am tiny hipper. *parody account not associated with the Cincinnati Zoo*

Cincinnati, OH

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@CincinnatiZoo Cincinnati Zoo @CincinnatiZoo

Chunky chunky hippo. Fiona weighs 672lbs! https://t.co/Ey8du5EZTo

Chunky chunky hippo. Fiona weighs 672lbs...

@KaraCooney Kara Cooney @KaraCooney

A hippo giving birth from the tomb of princess Idut, saqqara. Adorable.... and kinda scary... (Thanks, Steve Harvey… https://t.co/kucANbiPEZ

@Thriobologist Brian Wood @Thriobologist

Even the Egyptians worshipped @FionaHippo Well she is a goddess! 😁 https://t.co/MNca092Xhe

@cynthiasue33 Cindy G @cynthiasue33

@ForeveLovatic @FionaHippo @CincinnatiZoo @sandiegozoo Another great mother daughter photo💋 https://t.co/zSMVVx40h6

@ForeveLovatic @FionaHippo @CincinnatiZo...

@boisdevache bois de vache @boisdevache

Omg they're perfect @FionaHippo https://t.co/AiwEfYSbXE

Omg they're perfect @FionaHippo https://...

@2HayleyRobinson Hayley @2HayleyRobinson

@CincinnatiZoo @FionaHippo Blue team’s mascot for University of Alabama Miracle Network Dance Marathon this weekend… https://t.co/XVmtvB4tsu

@crisscrossmoss Craig Moss @crisscrossmoss

Hey lil mama let me whisper in your ear... https://t.co/2Y40jT7g9E

@ForeveLovatic Torie // 8 @ForeveLovatic

Happy #WorldHippoDay to all the amazing Hippos out there because they’re amazing and deserve the world. Happy Hippo… https://t.co/JBRD93zBDD

@CincinnatiZoo Cincinnati Zoo @CincinnatiZoo

It's #WorldHippoDay so we chose this photo of Bibi submitted by sarah9623 as our Pic of the Week! Upload your Zoo p… https://t.co/MJxc27TWHs

@CincinnatiZoo Cincinnati Zoo @CincinnatiZoo

Happy #WorldHippoDay! Everyone’s favorite hippos Bibi and Fiona are outside on this unseasonably warm day! DYK: Int… https://t.co/r3cgh34wP2

@itsAugustRyder August Ryder @itsAugustRyder

Valentines Day isn’t complete without Fiona the hippo pick up lines https://t.co/esrMqgqGzK

Valentines Day isn’t complete without Fi...

@trag1csam sam !! @trag1csam

Fiona the baby hippo just cured loneliness https://t.co/A9OajI9XuD

@theRWS Ryan Smith @theRWS

If everyone were just a little more like Fiona the world would be a much better place https://t.co/sU8nmRWcto

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

Roses am gray Violets am gray Everything am gray Am hipper

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

If you are sad because you don't have a Valentine, please don't be sad, I will be everyone's Valentine

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

@interjention Sure thing friend

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

Hipper Valentine's Day! Am hoping you get a smooch like this https://t.co/pEC83BE9t2

Hipper Valentine's Day! Am hoping you ge...

@kellycole8 Kelly Cole @kellycole8

Queen was a little sassy today and not posing for the camera but still always a treat seeing my girl @FionaHippo https://t.co/HMrEg1IH0T

Queen was a little sassy today and not p...

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

I love #FatTuesday am always celebrating. https://t.co/DlDHnJrVag

I love #FatTuesday am always celebrating...

@RookwoodPottery Rookwood Pottery @RookwoodPottery

We almost forgot to wish #Bibi a Happy Birthday! 💗 Join our #SuperFionaSweepstakes for a chance to get a behind-th… https://t.co/3rcznuWVWB

@byjanehammond Jane Hammond @byjanehammond

FINALLY I can properly text about @FionaHippo https://t.co/FmoN4s6Q9x

@thefionawalsh fiona @thefionawalsh

those legs!!!! she’s stuntin https://t.co/6YgTSCUS9q

those legs!!!! she’s stuntin https://t.c...

@RookwoodPottery Rookwood Pottery @RookwoodPottery

Have you entered in our #SuperFionaSweepstakes? 🐾 You have until the end of the month! Winning gets you a weekend… https://t.co/6zh3r0IkpQ

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

Am gonna have hipper emoji!! https://t.co/rgG9McgcZc

@fionahippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @fionahippo

Looks like I predicted the #SuperBowl winner, which am impressive be ause am not know what football is. Am hipper.

@ChelseaClinton Chelsea Clinton @ChelseaClinton

I knew I loved Fiona!!!! #FlyEaglesFly #SUPERBOWLCHAMPS https://t.co/13SrhAfwrn

@FionaHippo Fiona The Baby Hippo @FionaHippo

People keep talking about the #SuperBowl. Am not sure why, but am thinking all owls am superb. Hippers am superb too.

@CincinnatiZoo Cincinnati Zoo @CincinnatiZoo

Sound on! This is the first time Fiona's vocalizations have been recorded! She's got a lot to say! #teamfiona https://t.co/bMxssfFLfX

Sound on! This is the first time Fiona's...

@thelastwalt ʇןɐʍɐuɐɥ uɥoɾ @thelastwalt

@GabiSchaffzin @FionaHippo That's another duet I would like to see: Fiona Apple and Fiona the Hippo showing the wor… https://t.co/LbqEp1x0d7

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