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Sauced up https://t.co/TPK39FaUa8

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@Normanisheart_ @NormaniKordei SHAY OMG OMG OMG

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

holy GOODNESS !!! A WHOLE MEAL !!!! https://t.co/mOGw5GEza4

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@glitzjauregui Okay mama 😭❤️

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@colombianbrooke @loneIylaurmani Can't believe I'm not following you back. An intellectual !

@Hits93Toronto Hits 93 Toronto @Hits93Toronto

Which artist’s album should we play in full? (*Winner’s album plays tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. EST.) #LadyGaga… https://t.co/znfp22pElN

@jennytheharmo Jenny brooke hernandez @jennytheharmo

I really don’t care what the girls are doing as long as they’re happy. Sadly others can’t relate and always try starting some shit

@5Hasf_ jaguar cali @5Hasf_

RT for goodluck ✨ https://t.co/JY8SYJYJYB

RT for goodluck ✨ https://t.co/JY8SYJYJY...

@JoeThe5how JœY @JoeThe5how

RT this for good luck in 2018 cuz y'all never gonna see a pink pigeon ever again. https://t.co/6mopufPdxC

@vminskordei Davy🍒 @vminskordei

Mani is the least problematic person and y'all pull this shit... Just sad and childish

@NorminahKorbae ᴺᴷWhen One Harmony IS Enough! @NorminahKorbae

Ot5 stans are just fake. At the end of the day we know where you stand when it comes to choosing and we know who yo… https://t.co/tb31wMNq5n

@MusicNewsLounge Music News Lounge @MusicNewsLounge

• Song Of The Year (Semi Final) • - RT for “Angel” by Fifth Harmony - Like for “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B https://t.co/eV1eKLE1M1

• Song Of The Year (Semi Final) •
- RT f...

@indipendinah n loves dinah @indipendinah

the picture is blurry but the feelings are real https://t.co/qmTJPYr2XQ

the picture is blurry but the feelings a...

@ThePopConnect Pop Connect 💥 @ThePopConnect

Which current member of Fifth Harmony would have the most successful solo career? • Retweet: Normani Kordei • Lik… https://t.co/CwM2YzqAJM

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@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@laurensmind_ @LaurenJauregui @dinahjane97 Can my friends hype me up like this? Sis 😍

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@laurensmind_ @LaurenJauregui @dinahjane97 I love y'all lmao a sisterhood

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@dinahjane97 This makes me so happy. I love goodness and genuine happiness

@dinahthickjane #SaveNetNeutrality @dinahthickjane

YA GIRL FINALLY GOT IT!!! @dinahjane97 it's literally so soft and I feel so cute in it omg😩😩 I love youuuuu https://t.co/Eu1ZVR1qy6

YA GIRL FINALLY GOT IT!!! @dinahjane97 i...

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

HEY !!!!! 😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/zqG1lip73M

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@juwels21 @dinahjane97 Thanks 😚

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

@childof_dinally @dinahjane97 😫😫❤️❤️

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

😍😍😍😍 https://t.co/J3z4hxamHD

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme

#Flaminhotdinahsty you already know 🤑 https://t.co/eVAEr40hut

#Flaminhotdinahsty you already know 🤑 ht...

@kjaueregui Kev @kjaueregui

It’s really already being played? 5H music gets sent months late Epic truly hates 5H don’t they https://t.co/5QhVZdYBX7

It’s really already being played? 5H mus...

@aIIyswaffles ally's waffles @aIIyswaffles

retweet to be in Ally's Waffles gc -must stan ally/5h/ot4 -no kicking or blocking -be nice -be active -be lit -be… https://t.co/UQOjR8b47f

@5HStreamingClub 5HstreamingCLUB @5HStreamingClub

Always have your back girls @FifthHarmony #WeLoveYou5H #RespectFifthHarmony https://t.co/UShT5HKRr6

Always have your back girls @FifthHarmon...

@_womjauregui ♕Nª ANA WAR FAVORITA @_womjauregui

It’s so exhausting tbh... To come here and the only thing you see is hate towards the people you admire and support… https://t.co/hNF7Zzfs2G

@fifthsnatchedme alyssa ♡ @fifthsnatchedme


@ChinaNecole China @ChinaNecole

So from racially harassing/attacking Normani. To a YEAR of cyber bullying Fifth Harmony. To showing up at the airpo… https://t.co/pe4gDAuwPZ

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