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@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

It's the #firstdayofspring... you know what that means: soak up the sun... or avoid public places altogether. Your… https://t.co/DhOQWh8n69

@WomenInFilm Women In Film - LA @WomenInFilm

Celebrate the #FirstDayOfSpring with Věra Chytilová's 1966 film DAISIES... a feminist classic full of pranks!… https://t.co/zLjjc8MvP1

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

"Melanie is tough and she is feisty!" Saoirse Ronan chats about the character Melanie, stunts and working on… https://t.co/29IOswRZq8

@writerkmc Karen M. McManus @writerkmc

Writers when they get good news vs. when they can announce good news https://t.co/deBqBewMXA

Writers when they get good news vs. when...

@EpicReads Love, Epic Reads @EpicReads

To anyone who isn't into fantasy, we say... how?! https://t.co/BkGMCtLpLS https://t.co/tBbV6WTrlp

To anyone who isn't into fantasy, we say...

@littlebrown Little, Brown and Co @littlebrown

RT if you've ever thought this. https://t.co/0z79aMQPF8

RT if you've ever thought this. https://...

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

GOOD NEWS! You can now use YouTube for things other than distractions and watching videos on how to best hardboil a… https://t.co/XEhHjuHSJE

@WritersDigest Writer's Digest @WritersDigest

10 Ways First-Time Writers Can Get Noticed on Social Media https://t.co/GPohwg2s2R

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

@MegBonneyWriter Yasssss

@byMorganWright Morgan Wright @byMorganWright

"Say it. Out loud. Say it." #writerslife #amwriting https://t.co/xHJeNGn6DE

'Say it. Out loud. Say it.'


@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

Do you know IAN? He is one of the rebel humans from #StephenieMeyer's book #THEHOST. In @TheHostFilm, Ian is played… https://t.co/qVEE84h4R1

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

Just re-watched this amazon video of @xtineMAY and #StephenieMeyer (or IS it her..?) from a few years back and am l… https://t.co/nzC40Gji7f

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

First thought Confessional: "#StephenieMeyer looks really pretty in this interview with @TIME." Followed by an imm… https://t.co/QEzZIxX3zm

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

👏 YES 👏 https://t.co/QZuxMCvySC

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

"But Austen gatherings are inevitably about family. Longtime fans who attend for the first time often attest to a f… https://t.co/XUot9zw00B

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

"A well read woman is a dangerous creature." #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2018 https://t.co/dO9UGGdOO0

'A well read woman is a dangerous creatu...

@lithub Literary Hub @lithub

Virginia Woolf, Maya Angelou, Phillis Wheatley, and other classic authors who ought to be feminist saints.… https://t.co/NyGrq6dvVD

@BNTeens B&N Teen Blog @BNTeens

Sometimes you just want to read a great book about a badass magical lady who happens to be evil. IT'S A VALID MOOD. https://t.co/TnD9UGN01K

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

Who needs a long vacation right about now? Can we suggest a trip to @AustenlandMovie? ☕️🌂⛲️ https://t.co/mH7qRXufmS

Who needs a long vacation right about no...

@lithub Literary Hub @lithub

From the letters of Pat Parker and Audre Lorde https://t.co/i8i8bw4y3a https://t.co/IJ56nwelc8

From the letters of Pat Parker and Audre...

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

“Go make your movie!” Inspiration from Greta Gerwig at the #Oscars https://t.co/hYcHqxDtNa

“Go make your movie!” 

Inspiration from...

@Inclusionists Annenberg Inclusion Initiative @Inclusionists

What's the 'Inclusion Rider' that Frances McDormand mentioned during her acceptance speech? (via @dailyedge) https://t.co/9GiK40DOq9

@vikingbabe123 Ursula1995 @vikingbabe123

Library Humor https://t.co/n7bRCb7k8B

Library Humor https://t.co/n7bRCb7k8B

@haleshannon Shannon Hale @haleshannon

Today today it’s out today!!! https://t.co/12UolYRKIF

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

Defs 💯 https://t.co/DBupAIPrAx

@BNTeens B&N Teen Blog @BNTeens

5 works of female-centered historical fiction to read this #WomensHistoryMonth (and beyond). https://t.co/SP4u569Rtx

@mstiefvater Maggie Stiefvater @mstiefvater

DAILY AFFIRMATIONS you are solid you are cool you are dynamic you are a celestial object you are outgassing a tail… https://t.co/dLGnKdr1Y2

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

WATCH THIS!! Your #MondayMotivaton post #Oscars 😭🙌 https://t.co/qVFQnOCBkS

@nytimes The New York Times @nytimes

“The changes we are witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices, of different voices, of our vo… https://t.co/EYUsEUVMz1

@ficklefishfilms Fickle Fish Films @ficklefishfilms

🙌 yasss kween! https://t.co/DF9p9MbZJ3

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