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"Global warming...[is] already rattling the socioeconomically disadvantaged across the globe" via @FastCoIdeas https://t.co/XwTf5cRwxV

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

This startup wants to train crows to collect cigarette butts and keep streets clean: https://t.co/G7DxM5g50d (Will… https://t.co/5iNKfztPfq

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

These moving photos show the moments before cyclists were killed by cars: https://t.co/neaeuZ6UJ4 https://t.co/wnPVbU58gM

These moving photos show the moments bef...

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

“In many cases, relying on a ride-hailing service is cheaper than buying and using a car of your own.” https://t.co/HwHuiK5nIT


Turning CO2 Into Fish Feed https://t.co/KT5yh1TNoG #NovoNutrients #aquaculture Microbial factories an answer to… https://t.co/uTqlSrx3RQ

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

These posters explain how to help stop Islamophobic attacks in public: https://t.co/aFObgZEtji https://t.co/7RzVVlJAed

These posters explain how to help stop I...

@EmpaticoOrg Empatico @EmpaticoOrg

Learn about The KIND Foundation's investment in teaching critical thinking and communication skills https://t.co/Ap9K1kpBGj via @FastCompany

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

It’s boom time for legal weed, but we still don't know enough about the industry's environmental impact… https://t.co/lvxGLdihRK

@ADCANawards ADCAN @ADCANawards

Another round of congrats to all of the filmmakers involved! https://t.co/pQ3hh5ywWk

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

“People who drank more than two diet sodas a day saw a 500% greater waist circumference compared to non-drinkers.” https://t.co/jZ94Zt9Btg

@masonweintraub Mason Weintraub @masonweintraub

To Understand Food Deserts, We Need To Understand Food Systems https://t.co/DaCKeQ8a6z @FastCompany

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

These desolate photos show how highways ruined St. Louis neighborhoods: https://t.co/WMgtIfMyO2 https://t.co/71zu1oNWu4

These desolate photos show how highways...

@arabellesicardi rich pie @arabellesicardi

This is why I always play a @MissyElliott song before I negotiate my rates so I feel powerful enough to ask for mor… https://t.co/MGJzKQR1sC

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Coastal cities can plan for more water, but "ultimately . . . we’re going to have to talk about retreat." https://t.co/pOTRc0qSS2

@koeppelmann Martin Köppelmann @koeppelmann

"What if this UBI cryptocurrency changed the way money works by being created directly in the hands of the people" https://t.co/VGALkzBWZr

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

This startup says it has a faster and more sustainable way to get lithium, the element powering the EV revolution:… https://t.co/Mx1zNQ4QjH

@MClendaniel Morgan Clendaniel @MClendaniel

We have a lot of cigarette butts. We have a lot of crows. Crazy idea: We pay the crows to pick up the butts. https://t.co/W9dhsLybMR

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Why do people get so upset when the government helps the poor? https://t.co/kwltbWuBvI (from 2016) https://t.co/EIO9TRqyX9

Why do people get so upset when the gove...

@rebeccak46 Rebecca Kaden @rebeccak46

How millennials v boomers rate brands isnt shocking. The highlight? Ms are in pursuit of change, action&new cultures https://t.co/oAeHsfd2Ya

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Can we redesign the way we talk about gun control in America? https://t.co/D3INWCEZPk https://t.co/9TBYLl9XaJ

Can we redesign the way we talk about gu...


"Brilliant ideas in isolation can’t produce breakthroughs." Great piece on innovation at MaRS. #PlaceMatters… https://t.co/7G9ElMeDi5

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

A lack of credit score hobbles immigrants as they try to get a footing in America. @NeedNova wants to fix that. https://t.co/64UFSAeozh

@FastCompany Fast Company @FastCompany

This calculator tells you if it’s cheaper to use Uber than own a car https://t.co/r3CQBU5C54 https://t.co/NCDMjgqvB4

This calculator tells you if it’s cheape...

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

This Toronto innovation hub is the anti-Apple HQ: https://t.co/I5vUl6Dyuz https://t.co/OdpYz2gSCQ

This Toronto innovation hub is the anti-...

@salophoto Daniel Salo @salophoto

Can We Redesign The Way We Talk About Gun Control In America? https://t.co/jRYCIndqZF

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

“Awareness doesn’t need to be serious heavy and sad. It can be uplifting, empowering, and action-inspired.” #ADCAN https://t.co/gW6KWFGUbv

@Altran Altran @Altran

"The crosswalk of the future moves and changes to prioritize pedestrians" #SmartCity via @FastCompany,… https://t.co/YvDB8F2qaW

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Here’s a (crazy?) plan to bribe crows to clean up cigarette butts: https://t.co/bc3Hij9Sc4 https://t.co/z0uDqH4r2k

Here’s a (crazy?) plan to bribe crows to...

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Here's why the future of autonomous vehicles relies on Middle America: https://t.co/AVCOiqIyic https://t.co/NFYJ6JBRoF

Here's why the future of autonomous vehi...

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Is conscious capitalism even possible when the needs of shareholders inevitably finish on top? https://t.co/0djP9l80II

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