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@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

These were the 10 most popular @gofundme campaigns of 2017: https://t.co/jTE8cztPNR https://t.co/MxPdzSpHD6

These were the 10 most popular @gofundme...

@trippbaird Tripp Baird @trippbaird

“quality over quantity” and “usefulness over triviality.” On Brands: https://t.co/j3irew44ZU

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

In the future, your favorite skincare products might be made with this new form of silk: https://t.co/roTZZ5tofO https://t.co/cmBQ34WhrV

In the future, your favorite skincare pr...

@michcrozier Michelle Crozier @michcrozier

The future of charity may come from private donors https://t.co/pTXq0igo7Q via @bpaynter

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

In exporting modern farming methods, we’ll also be exporting modern environmental problems. Problem. https://t.co/ZE0xl4aVEZ

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

What does the phrase “the good life” mean to you? https://t.co/wHSunzXL35

@jameskeithsloan J. K. Sloan @jameskeithsloan

The Yosemite National Park runs shuttle buses through the Yosemite Valley, Tuolome Meadows, and Glacier Point https://t.co/hxQfphVshM

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Beginning in 2019, each new car model that Volvo releases will have an electric motor. https://t.co/cwqb91eUBg

@DipaliGoenka Dipali Goenka @DipaliGoenka

Liquid silk in my face wash to replace plastic? I think I'll take it. #innovation https://t.co/kZ4jNT9jjI

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

After a year of massive blazes, is California's weed market ready for legalization? https://t.co/kq0qLziKqC https://t.co/UNBECu5sq8

After a year of massive blazes, is Calif...

@EricDirnbach Eric Dirnbach @EricDirnbach

The median earnings of #millennials in 2013 were 43% lower than someone who was their age and working in 1995.… https://t.co/q0kMoiBY4b

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

"Growing up has always been tough; it’s arguable more so when the popularity contests or bullying can extend online… https://t.co/mYkDgROZJk

@Koann Koann @Koann

Thanks to @FastCompany for covering this important insight on new opportunity for #brand to deliver the #GoodLife https://t.co/NGqwUR1m8r

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

This photo series contrasts gorgeous shots of nature with reminders that we're running out of time to avert our dem… https://t.co/Z8kMEivoge

@zdgroff Zach Groff @zdgroff

Great write-up on @GiveWell's top charities. I recommend @AnimalCharityEv too: #giving https://t.co/fc7Q0wtRJd https://t.co/XwSflxoreD

Great write-up on @GiveWell's top charit...

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

We need more women in #STEM—and the @girlscouts want to help https://t.co/wSumxgOd5r https://t.co/36IQnlOKej

We need more women in #STEM—and the @gir...

@bpaynter Ben Paynter @bpaynter

The Girl Scout guide to better representation in science and tech: https://t.co/J3vgT2Sm3w

@CivilEats Civil Eats @CivilEats

Underneath a 26-floor office tower, an underground space once used as an archive for a newspaper will soon become a… https://t.co/KHWzuuMy2m

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

This zero-emissions transport fleet is looking pretty good in the face of rolled back federal protections and recor… https://t.co/Sfjwo9tsXq

@RoddenberryFdn RoddenberryFdn @RoddenberryFdn

"It isn’t your grandfather’s activism" ... our CEO chats w/ @FastCoIdeas about Roddenberry Fellowship & our 20 AMAZ… https://t.co/6Rl2rv2U9I

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

Everything you need to know about universal basic income in 10 minutes: https://t.co/e2wPGe8CMF https://t.co/OoKJuyCdhG

Everything you need to know about univer...

@MClendaniel Morgan Clendaniel @MClendaniel

As California gets ready for recreational pot, no one really knows how much weed burned down in the fall's NorCal f… https://t.co/uVKGayDt4V

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

"Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry's foundation is now funding future-focused activists https://t.co/If1xnPW93F https://t.co/84Xn4YyECi

'Star Trek' creator Gene Roddenberry's f...

@Iana_Vassileva Iana_Vassileva @Iana_Vassileva

Yes, “slow-roasted caramelized zucchini bites” sounds much better than "nutritious green zucchini” 🙅🏼 https://t.co/WdcaeBT2Wi

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

On January 1, Californians will be able to use pot recreationally. But huge fires have devastated many growing oper… https://t.co/IIYHi4Rf7o

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

If everyone simply ate less meat than projected, food-related carbon emissions could drop nearly 30%. https://t.co/5oDN3AwC37

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

The ways we look at geopolitics are hopelessly out of date. https://t.co/Hw6f2Eg3Kb

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

The world could run *entirely* on wind, solar, and hydro power by 2050 (if that's what we really wanted)… https://t.co/lmZt1hv7u8

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

"Growth in agriculture is 11 times more effective at reducing extreme poverty than other sectors." https://t.co/lJAYGlqPqn

@fastcoideas Fast Co. Ideas @fastcoideas

20 million Americans now live in “housing poverty”—after rent, they can’t afford to buy enough food, pay medical bi… https://t.co/uueVmo0zzR

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