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@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

European Commission has delayed a vote on the banning of three neonicotinoids to include all outdoor crops… https://t.co/ai6rM6CInU

@dairy_farmers Dairy Farmers @dairy_farmers

A vending machine is responsible for securing the future of one of Wales's few remaining raw milk producing farms.… https://t.co/QHyBz92TQs

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

'Regrettable move': Arla UK director sacked for 'issues of corporate governance' https://t.co/d6xP78gE18 https://t.co/iV4tRfOQdP

'Regrettable move': Arla UK director sac...

@hermitcrabeggs Hermit Crab Eggs 🐣 @hermitcrabeggs

Jolly good! 👍 Get more eggs into you 🍳😘 Eggs for all: Campaign launched to encourage vulnerable groups to enjoy run… https://t.co/aGz14DyNPq

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Two new countryside productivity grants launched to help rural business, get applying: #backbritishfarmers… https://t.co/vnO9FEu7Fh

@FairburnsEggs Fairburns Eggs @FairburnsEggs

Reintroduce runny eggs into your diet, all British Lion Eggs are safe to for pregnancies & the elderly. @FarmingUK… https://t.co/5d3kP7jFAp

@CLAsouthwest CLA South West @CLAsouthwest

Farm businesses urged to focus on income shock proofing in 2018 https://t.co/w5KH7AXV1D - Our Spring #seminar "Be A… https://t.co/fWAdvOW3S4

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

EU seeks to simplify and make farm policy fairer in sweeping changes, includes increasing farmers' bargaining power… https://t.co/Zo6QlrKO8A

@WalesForEurope Wales For Europe • Cymru Dros Ewrop @WalesForEurope

.@NFUCymru dep. president John Davies said the UK must remain part of the #CustomsUnion after it leaves the EU.… https://t.co/9hTUa3GoCC

@freerangedairy Neil Darwent @freerangedairy

Well done @first_milk for not following Müller’s lead in cutting milk prices just as they began to recover. Let’s p… https://t.co/6SDgnNudgd

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Help this farmer get his buffalo back! Scottish farmer takes to social media in bid to catch his escaped buffalo, m… https://t.co/iESB3rc3nR

@KellyAlspals chris kelly @KellyAlspals

Trade with EU will never be the same and UK farmers are worried. No more single farm payments. https://t.co/xHYTbezGt6

@DrBlackgrass Dr Blackgrass @DrBlackgrass

'Grass isn't greener' British farmers discover when touring France. #Blackgrass #TeamArable https://t.co/HkIS0uduQG https://t.co/rbnis3GguD

'Grass isn't greener' British farmers di...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Trade with the rest of the EU must continue in a "free and frictionless" way after March 2019, according to… https://t.co/6wLSFGqvTP

@CoirGreen CoirGreen @CoirGreen

Defra secretary Michael Gove has announced that future farm subsidies must be assessed on environmental and public… https://t.co/w8559mOiFp

@nby83 Angry Man @nby83

This is important. Believe me shooting a dog isn't fun but if it's attacking livestock they're allowed to do it https://t.co/JoTBOouQvz

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

There has been 6 reports of sheep worrying in Dorset alone since 30 Nov, according to @dorsetpolice. Please make su… https://t.co/zcnz5Ap8Hw

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

World leading 'Hands Free' innovation from @HarperAdamsUni will be showcased at a major agriculture conference in A… https://t.co/RchWMyXlqC

@MartynEvansNRW Martyn Evans NRW @MartynEvansNRW

Lovely to read this article on a new planting scheme in Powys, funded under the Glastir Woodland Creation scheme. https://t.co/I8rHaBBWjT

@lifeandthecows Emily Hickman @lifeandthecows

*NEEDED* 1 Young Farmer with an interest in dairy farming. Please DM me if you’re interested in working on a new project with me🐮 Please RT🔄

@RHET_Lothian RHET_Lothian @RHET_Lothian

RHET Lothian are looking for a part-time Assistant Coordinator. Please spread the word! https://t.co/5NZ2rMUFQ5

@BritishVets BVA @BritishVets

'The proposed #animalwelfare bill is a real win for the #veterinary professions' - @JohnCFishwick Thanks to our mem… https://t.co/YbCZCx271M

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Prominent Conservative MP @ZacGoldsmith has suggested the government's policy of culling badgers to stop the spread… https://t.co/x0flJRUG9t

@BroadbandIowa Broadband Matters @BroadbandIowa

Farmers face barriers when implementing and embracing digital economy https://t.co/oXKnpJMQpv Survey: almost four-i… https://t.co/ntRefWthaI

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

A partnership which will help farmers help with a declining farmland bird has been announced by @Gameandwildlife an… https://t.co/1rj1cGUuOO

@NFUFoodChain NFU Food Chain @NFUFoodChain

Have you got your turkey boxes yet? If not get them now from our turkey shop, before it closes on Friday!… https://t.co/vT868idKsM

@BBCWthrWatchers BBC Weather Watchers @BBCWthrWatchers

There are 421 Scottish words for snow. Seven more interesting #snow facts here 👉 https://t.co/dmOlRkCmIn https://t.co/e7mwBorfMG

There are 421 Scottish words for snow. S...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Wales could be bovine TB free from 2036 if new eradication targets announced today are met https://t.co/IqGRzbOEV3 https://t.co/Jl0JKo2pyU

Wales could be bovine TB free from 2036...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Defra says the risk from avian influenza to commercial poultry in the UK remains LOW after Netherlands outbreak:… https://t.co/6eAI9i0RjN

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

This is the moment a lorry jackknifed, spilling dozens of Christmas turkeys on the road near a small East Yorkshire… https://t.co/9ppMqxhRf5

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