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Farmers demand action as fly-tipping in countryside 'spirals out of control' - @DefraGovUK: https://t.co/ii1ozMjcFI https://t.co/owm6K0bDiH

Farmers demand action as fly-tipping in...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Volatility mitigation measures for farmers important, @MichaelGove told https://t.co/pLkxsaOPQy https://t.co/VdKj9IjSJg

Volatility mitigation measures for farme...

@Farm_Innovation Farm Innovation Show @Farm_Innovation

There's a lot of ❤️ for #British produce! #BackBritishFarming | @FarmingUK https://t.co/J47reo6KMk

@RedTractorFood Red Tractor 🍴 @RedTractorFood

We are talking APPLES today! Happy #AppleDay 🍏 🎉 🙌 🍎 #Gala #BackBritishFarming #InSeason How many British apple v… https://t.co/2A1HHIM9jt

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Practising herding 🐶🐑 #bordercollie #dogsoftwitter @BCTGB @bordercolliefc @DogsTrust https://t.co/bYpBeGNUsC

Practising herding 🐶🐑 #bordercollie #dog...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

November's price remains unchanged, ending Arla's four month consecutive price increase https://t.co/V1AycG9RDe https://t.co/4BdXShhm62

November's price remains unchanged, endi...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

NFU warns patience is running out as EU prepares for 'Phase 2' of #Brexit talks https://t.co/yVYFZruUSA https://t.co/ekwtFXgB49

NFU warns patience is running out as EU...

@HessionV wheelchair chef @HessionV

@FarmingUK We need to ensure the UK Dairy farmers are protected better than it has been I don’t want to see another British farmer giving up

@BritishWoolFarm British Wool Farm @BritishWoolFarm

Congratulations @siwitham your cheeky sheep is our #sheepoftheweek. #Wool #sheep365 #nativebreeds #tongueoutewesday https://t.co/oqOb4IVZ8J

Congratulations @siwitham your cheeky sh...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

UK dairy industry endorses declaration to promote dairy worldwide: #teamdairy https://t.co/3DVhwzMlhJ https://t.co/DwSUENptsK

UK dairy industry endorses declaration t...

@longbushpork Longbush Pork @longbushpork

Puny farmer man taking a huge risk visiting WMD and the gang prior to their breakfast. https://t.co/0qZjTapsxU

Puny farmer man taking a huge risk visit...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

On-farm energy could help fuel 'millions of homes' by 2050 https://t.co/hr1FXndjxp https://t.co/E0cNWbIoOn

On-farm energy could help fuel 'millions...

@FairburnsEggs Fairburns Eggs @FairburnsEggs

Great to see so much support for British Farmers & Producers! 🇬🇧 Remember to always look for the British Lion logo… https://t.co/cz3dPPJgBT

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Farm groups threaten legal action if EU fails to decide on #glyphosate renewal https://t.co/LgJZEA8i3I https://t.co/uSiJ0I5skx

Farm groups threaten legal action if EU...

@ADFMilking ADF Milking @ADFMilking

Congratulations to ADF farmer, Glasgoforest, for being named Farm of the Year by the Organic Milk Suppliers Coopera… https://t.co/zUFig8bCNj

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Farm businesses missing out on thousands of pounds of Research and Development (R&D) tax credits… https://t.co/zhmljsaBiA

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Video shows journey of British wool from field to delivery, give it a watch 🐑🇬🇧 @BritishWool https://t.co/5IHjO6eqbs https://t.co/YzjVznw6UZ

Video shows journey of British wool from...

@agave1950 Alan Bridger @agave1950

@FarmingUK Unfortunately supermarkets make it difficult by deceptive labelling

@RuralEnt Rural Entrepreneur @RuralEnt

Things are looking brighter for British dairy #Farmers post-Brexit! | @FarmingUK https://t.co/Fjec8pRjYf

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

👏 https://t.co/fUPomWVMk6

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Survey shows strong support for British farmers and produce - 77% think it is important to support farmers! 🇬🇧💪… https://t.co/3cWQx8k8pe

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Oilseed rape growers in North England & Scotland face higher risk of light leaf spot than anywhere else in Britain… https://t.co/OzBVnirfrw

@RGAbreyFarms Abrey Farms @RGAbreyFarms

Major sugar beet contractor goes into administration - https://t.co/0traBnEDO5 #farming #agriculture #sugarbeet #sugar #farmingUK

@acaringmind A Caring Mind @acaringmind

Farm-based charity receives £145k for mental health work @FarmingUK https://t.co/aqSBX4nu0b

@NWPRuralCrime RuralCrimeTeam™ @NWPRuralCrime

648 sheep killed in the last 4 yrs in North Wales with 376 injured. A lot were escapes from premises. Where is y… https://t.co/1z2bKBCWvK

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Northern Irish farmers can use ‘reasonable excuse’ to spread slurry during the closed period https://t.co/vDLBqTqYDX https://t.co/OgEREgDp1b

Northern Irish farmers can use ‘reasonab...

@eastleighukip Malcolm Jones @eastleighukip

Exacerbated, no doubt by excessive charges at local tips & huge taxes that have quadrupled skip hire. No justificat… https://t.co/JVlMyalOIB

@copacogecaFOOD COPA COGECA - FOOD @copacogecaFOOD

Orange is the (not so) new #healthy ☺️!Here are 20 great #FruitVeg4You seasonal #pumpkin recipes by… https://t.co/HsOeO1NeZi

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Derelict farm buildings at risk of being considered 'abandoned' which can lead to the legal loss of use… https://t.co/hhTPSRSmnw

@ruslandvalley RuslandShepherdess @ruslandvalley

@alicksimmons @GeorgeMonbiot So what if they eat a few sheep? So much for animal welfare. I spend my life keeping my flock healthy.

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