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Both twins up and nursing https://t.co/Qa4JKUwtai

Both twins up and nursing https://t.co/Q...

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New report highlights severe scale of dog attacks on livestock - Farming UK News https://t.co/A5kfwQSFA2

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Dairy group Meadow Foods acquires butter oil company Roil Foods: https://t.co/AOpy00XAMG https://t.co/NqCx1pirsV

Dairy group Meadow Foods acquires butter...

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Data protection pitfalls could cost farmers millions, warns @CAAVAgValuer https://t.co/8uAaLuPLUp

@CACampaigns Countryside Alliance @CACampaigns

Great meeting of the @RuralCrimeNtwk - lots discussed from hare coursing to serious organised crime. We are also ab… https://t.co/HeyuKYNG8y

@Farm491 Farm491 @Farm491

Congratulations to @barford100 - the 1st female President of @NFUtweets. A huge achievement at an impressively impo… https://t.co/YcI6U19MyT

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@FarmingUK I'm liking the pic that I took with the flash ON my camera. Looks like we're setting up for a D.I.S.C.O.… https://t.co/vlrKLI8Bht

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

11% of incidents recorded involved repeat offenders – owners or walkers whose dog had worried or caused damage to l… https://t.co/aI38xLHcpG

@PA_Consulting PA Consulting Group @PA_Consulting

How is the market for #digital #agriculture evolving and where is the potential for profit? Read… https://t.co/umJNiu3kx6

@jeffbartley Dr jeff Bartley @jeffbartley

Natural England seems to tick all those boxes. They work in the shadows so put some of our money into bringing them… https://t.co/R0uvCqRxM1

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Exmoor’s ambition, spearheaded by farmers, to become the test-bed for national policy post-Brexit https://t.co/NjJI2Lme2M

@InteragroUK Interagro @InteragroUK

Congratulations to @barford100 - making history as the first woman to take @NFUtweets President role… https://t.co/Ym7aRq0fAx

@oxfordfarming Oxford Farming Conf @oxfordfarming

Following Catherine Smith's attendance at #OFC18 she feels farmers need to adapt to the changing landscape and 'loo… https://t.co/2lrFvZ1Qb5

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Catherine Smith, a farmer's daughter from Yorkshire, says young farmers must see the bigger picture https://t.co/FF8Fqet63V

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24% rise in the value of pig meat, to £108m for Scotland! 🐖 💰 💷 https://t.co/NawvxBQFPh

@wildforest_matt Matt Cross @wildforest_matt

Well that's quite definitive! https://t.co/xVPVTvQMrK

@CLANorth CLA North @CLANorth

Well said - the 'knowledge economy' also straddles the countryside. @CLAtweets #diversification #ruralprosperity… https://t.co/vzWpjUSjiX

@tradegovuk_YH Dept. Int. Trade Y&H @tradegovuk_YH

Export boost hopes for UK as British lamb and cheese showcased in Dubai. Read more @FarmingUK… https://t.co/06ar9tOud0

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

The NFU has launched its #SeeItChangeIt campaign at the NFU’s annual conference – its latest initiative to improve… https://t.co/tWvF61UMRE

@EoEAgricultural Agricultural Society @EoEAgricultural

The East of England Agricultural Society know how important it is that children are educated on food and farming. W… https://t.co/c2PBOwRzNx

@geewizzgee1 Gina Long MBE @geewizzgee1

Minette Batters takes NFU President role during 'immensely important time' - Farming UK News… https://t.co/qv3H8Kylox

@GreenvaleAP GreenvaleAP @GreenvaleAP

Check out the below article! #BackBritishFarming https://t.co/aCURpURHJf

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Control of the UK’s regulatory system will be "extremely important" in ensuring that the UK has the best regulation… https://t.co/6Jv9cNPaKk

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

Business Secretary @GregClarkMP said migrant labour was a 'crucial component' to British agriculture https://t.co/Wj2G8DWi8C

@cappuccinoscows Louise Driscoll 🐾 @cappuccinoscows

Children have 'huge lack' of food and farming knowledge, NFU says - Farming UK News https://t.co/wUT9Y8TfF7

@Hevvyr Heather Ross @Hevvyr

#Februdairy Day 22 Picture 22 #BackBritishFarming @NFUtweets @NFUCountryside @FarmingUK @FarmersWeekly… https://t.co/4QSTH599VR

@farminguk FarmingUK @farminguk

NFU President Minette Batters takes NFU President role during "immensely important time", and the appointment is "g… https://t.co/BU6JHYA8Ow

@barford100 minette batters @barford100

A massive thank you to so many people for all your support, and the amazing team @NFUtweets I'm thrilled to be work… https://t.co/mUnVnkZaXU

@Ladiesinbeef1 Ladies in Beef @Ladiesinbeef1

HUGE congratulations to LIB co founder Minette Batters @barford100 , the new NFU President. And the first ever woma… https://t.co/L1Q1kMX6Dd

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Good morning from the lambing shed! https://t.co/zdQWZ7C9Nh

Good morning from the lambing shed! http...

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