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@thegreatkhalid Khalid @thegreatkhalid

Text RESIST to 50409 to protect net neutrality. Time is running out and every voice is important.

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

Damn I won’t be able to freak out about bts or 5h after tomorrow or see my mutuals :(

@KillianTrill_ text “RESIST” to 50409 @KillianTrill_

Boy today is a good day to save Net Neutrality

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

Aimh https://t.co/oB0mHGAi8I

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

Normani yes ofc https://t.co/g4D4Q7m4rU

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

#NetNeutrality is key to free expression, innovation & public safety. https://t.co/1xzPYB8v0j

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah


@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

💙 https://t.co/xQH6OoiHd7

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

@laurensbts Ok bub

@laurakbrehm Laura Brehm @laurakbrehm

Hey USA 🇺🇸 #NetNeutrality could be a thing of the past starting TOMORROW. Here's an easy way to make your voice hea… https://t.co/kBaslkIZ69

@RyanAbe RyansAverageLife @RyanAbe

In 2008 I went to a miley cyrus concert. Out of no where this giant dude in a suit comes up to me and says “I need… https://t.co/KGjBFmlqEM

@meechonmars Introducing...The Coziest boy ever..CozyBoy Meech @meechonmars

ima kill you “how is twitter still free” muthafuckas if yall dont save the internet Save Net neutrality… https://t.co/Oylxlsm6Q7

@80swhlr naomi @80swhlr

whether you live in the US or not, some of your favorite websites could be in the US, & could be slowed down or you… https://t.co/IWV8KikpQe

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

BOOM BOOM https://t.co/sPvpiIJKJ2

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

I’m always here for you if you need to talk https://t.co/o5Yol7wEXt

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

June is cancelled https://t.co/OAeHOAuquo

@SUGAPlCS suga pics @SUGAPlCS

Cutest😭 https://t.co/vegKLQjLt1

Cutest😭 https://t.co/vegKLQjLt1

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

Good morning https://t.co/zS1N17t4ez

Good morning https://t.co/zS1N17t4ez

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

Although you already have a busy work schedule today, you can’... More for Cancer https://t.co/IgLTiBNiFa

@BeyCollection BEYONCÉ COLLECTION @BeyCollection

At this time 4 years ago today, Beyoncé released her self-titled album BEYONCÉ exclusively on the iTunes Store with… https://t.co/k4vfCMOiO6

@goldengateblond shauna @goldengateblond

The 13th abolished slavery. The 15th gave all races the vote. The 19th gave women the vote. The 24th abolished poll… https://t.co/7qLS6QVEfk

@NormaniKordei Normani @NormaniKordei

fake friends are like shadows. they follow you in the sun , but leave you in the dark .

@lilbratzzdoll Penny. 🦋 @lilbratzzdoll

My friends so fuckin pretty yo. Beautiful ass bitches.

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

GHFGVFC https://t.co/dXMZ5DEWzW

@KingTrillaX Juwan @KingTrillaX

#BlackTwitterBestOf2017 Part 40. We took over 2017. Black people trend setters https://t.co/fAvW50BH2Q

#BlackTwitterBestOf2017 Part 40. We took...

@KingTrillaX Juwan @KingTrillaX

#BlackTwitterBestOf2017 Part 21. One of the funniest dudes of 2017 https://t.co/iSVPVM4X7Y

#BlackTwitterBestOf2017 Part 21. One of...

@homosexualangeI adrian @homosexualangeI

get in loser we’re texting "RESIST" to 50409 to save net neutrality

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

@dinahjane97 All I’m sayin

@explicitdinah ♕Kam @explicitdinah

@dinahjane97 Y’all look good here https://t.co/XT1Kmk0tAp

@dinahjane97 Y’all look good here https:...

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