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@Apathy_BZ EG Apathy @Apathy_BZ

Good Afternoon, have a great day!!! Streams should resume on Thursday, taking a small break. Spending some time wit… https://t.co/iKtU2kbHW5

@NYChrisG Christopher Gonzalez @NYChrisG

Playing some SAKURA. Come through. https://t.co/LljlkLsFoE

@BeeKayEn_R6 EG BKN @BeeKayEn_R6

Streaming. I didn't have a heart attack last night. Hopefully my heart holds up https://t.co/0b5H6j9VWA @EvilGeniuses

@NecroxLive Necrox @NecroxLive

https://t.co/OLr2btEz5d Reporting for duty o7

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

Check out @Yung_R6 modelling the new EG Rainbow Six charm! https://t.co/vCfWG5zdun

@ImperfectionOne L2P_Lush @ImperfectionOne

Special thanks to @SteelSeries and @EvilGeniuses for new pc peripherals, much needed and hope it will help my gamin… https://t.co/Yt6Ycd13cr


Another good day for EG every week were getting better and better! @EvilGeniuses @pubgonline @gnomey13… https://t.co/Lzbsbeg3mm

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

@TeamLiquid Looking forward to the good games!

@BroCanadian Troy @BroCanadian

Highly accurate depiction of myself today. Credit to @Modernicide__ https://t.co/2UEJkZQSRA

Highly accurate depiction of myself toda...

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

@ProofyR6 We think you're cool.

@Rainbow6Game Rainbow Six Siege @Rainbow6Game

Show your support for your favourite team with the brand new series of Pro Team charms. Head to the in-game shop a… https://t.co/htH7CElD78

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

Awesome art from our Siege fans! https://t.co/ww5SbarAhU

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

You've waited for it, and it's finally out — the Evil Geniuses charm is now available for purchase within… https://t.co/o1hPYvAtYb


A lot of odds were stacked against us, and a lot had to go our way. But at the end of the day, we got it done. Prou… https://t.co/HxN5nrXPDn

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

@jmrLuna 👖💙

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

If you're thirsty for some Dota action, both @Arteezy and coach @BuLbaDotA_ are playing as Team Canada takes on Tea… https://t.co/h4BlMxWAbT

@Apathy_BZ EG Apathy @Apathy_BZ

Ggs to all the teams we played this weekend, we have improved a lot compared to last event. Ended up finishing top… https://t.co/eng9GsE0gd

@Enable Ian Wyatt @Enable

Disappointed in the placing, but proud of the team for battling through open to qualify for Season 1. Excited to keep improving 👊🏻


Had to wait, but officially made season 1 of the Pro League! 😎


There's more to life than the competition and COD it just happens to be the biggest thing in my life. We put so muc… https://t.co/udEdR1tvFW

@BroCanadian Troy @BroCanadian

Internet is restored, grabbing food then I'm going to stream for a bit before practice because I even missed ranked at this point.

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

Good games to @TheRiseNation as we make our exit from #CWLNOLA tied for 8th; they clinch the match 3-0. Thanks so… https://t.co/dzoMFLKGO4

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

Rise Nation take the S&D 6-4; we're down 2-0 in our series and will be looking to take the map to keep our #CWLNOLA run alive.

@RyanTowey Ryan Towey @RyanTowey

Life isn’t Tow

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

We go down 0-1 against @TheRiseNation as they take Ardennes Forest Hardpoint 250-128; we'll be heading to London Docks for S&D to rebound.

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

We're not even close to done yet. We're taking on @TheRiseNation next on Charlie stream to continue our #CWLNOLA l… https://t.co/4vYChzFhaC

@CODWorldLeague Call of Duty esports @CODWorldLeague

Recapping Losers Round 4 at #CWLPS4 New Orleans: @FaZeClan, @RedReserve, @EvilGeniuses, and @TheRiseNation all movi… https://t.co/Ruz8AAQMAF

@evilgeniuses Evil Geniuses @evilgeniuses

We're super hyped to be in Montreal for @Rainbow6Game Invitational! We're grinding bootcamp hard to prepare. https://t.co/r3iXuCa5Q4

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