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@WeNeedEU We Need EU 🇪🇺 @WeNeedEU

The UK is willing to cripple itself in every possible way just to prevent other Europeans from coming here. If that… https://t.co/G2PomMuia2

@lrozen Laura Rozen @lrozen

remember when Obama expelled 35 Russians & imposed sanctions & your adviser Flynn assured Russian amb. you would re… https://t.co/P8O64OP7YZ

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@rtenews That is a pity and I remember their radio show, really sad, God bless.

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@alexkotch Clown.

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@UKIPNFKN @POLITICOEurope Bollocks, the UK would not have a covered stand in an open market, if it didn't.

@BattisonPhil Philip Battison #FBPE @BattisonPhil

Normal politics has disappeared. Brexit sucks the life out of everything like a vacuum cleaner removing hope, mone… https://t.co/CkKDndK3Q4

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@AMCatherall It does not matter how many poses Jeremy is allowed, I read books, love my garden, but do not procrast… https://t.co/MOT9F7M8xN

@BrexitBin Brexit Bin 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE @BrexitBin

PMs former right-hand man: voters have the right to see Brexit reports https://t.co/pZyBhfJdlX

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@UKIPNFKN @TheCommonSpace Eamon has been working for so long, and so hard, for civil rights, that he is iconic, a q… https://t.co/PIRUeJQliz

@johnston_evo3 iain johnston @johnston_evo3

@RealityCheckIrl @AlexKane221b @Sabs0000 Well sure some asked why there were Irish MP's in Westminster anyway, when… https://t.co/uBfjqPqINv

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@AmbDaniDayan It was a totally different type of state then, full of hope.

@AmbDaniDayan Dani Dayan @AmbDaniDayan

A friend asked Weizmann, “Why do you Jews insist on Palestine when there are so many undeveloped countries you coul… https://t.co/If8AdtHcJ7

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@Andrew_Adonis On a scale from one to ten, I would give him a six.

@retireenjoy Balance #FBPE #ABTV @retireenjoy

@scarlettpeach IF only @BBCNews would do their job and really hammer (verbally) Hannan, Patterson. Perhaps somebody… https://t.co/GJrQ8gQnCe

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@margarance @scarlettpeach @TilouC240 Even worse, with new Tory mentality, from 19th, century, UK might think that… https://t.co/HsWXNDfHFo

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@StevePeers Is there really need for comment? Their words speak for their lack of knowledge of the Europe they want to be tangential to.

@PoetTaxiDriver Mike Wilson ❤️🇪🇺 #FBPE @PoetTaxiDriver

@scarlettpeach I heard an IRA bomb explode on the railway near Reading Station when I lived there. (May have been… https://t.co/R2S3IPJvm6

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@TeaPainUSA Elderly man now.

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@KaniJJackson SADLY, enough said.

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@GottaLaff Patience and perseverance brings the snail to Jerusalem. Very old saying, more than 2017 years old.

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@OpinionToday @BlairGuild If he was a herring, he would be ranked amongst the smelliest herring, by the world bad h… https://t.co/PXOQXv6Y2N

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@BrexitBin Probably not, these are people who did not rule an Empire, when Empires had status, and the rulers didn'… https://t.co/tol2QLUEpJ

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@TheRickyDavila Rough!

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@allstarhonda @MilesKing10 @dontbrexitfixit In our years in the EU, farmers have prospered, their hedgerows look ma… https://t.co/MHVomTsOmW

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@GottaLaff I listened to a very eloquent young lady, wiping back her tears, and hid the fact that I was tearful too… https://t.co/jcf7ZOPV0O

@evde109 Dirk Jansen @evde109

@Andrew_Adonis @Ofcom Cannot believe the BBC would need Nigel Farage to boost its viewers and/or listeners.

@Andrew_Adonis Andrew Adonis @Andrew_Adonis

Farage’s 32nd appearance on BBC Question Time next Thursday is final straw in the BBC’s degeneration into a Brexit… https://t.co/Td33DKILKO

@gmpolice G M Police @gmpolice

This is the bodycam footage of PC Mohammed Nadeem jumping into freezing water to save a man. https://t.co/RRb8WSVZSW

This is the bodycam footage of PC Mohamm...

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