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  • Couldn’t do it. @dannykanell and I are actually bros....
  • Danny, does Florida need UCF or does UCF need Florida? Who has more to gain and who has more to lose? It’s business. Its leverage. It’s unfair. It’s life. Florida doesn’t need the 1 for 1. It’s the Gators way or the highway. If UCF chooses the highway, that’s on them.
  • @MikeSolarte 👊🏼👍🏼
  • Look what I just found sitting against a wall at work... a random Blake Bell poster. #Belldozer #Boomer @OU_Football
  • @ninerbuzz @OutsiderMike @sethjones714 1-8-8-8-7-2-9-3-7-7-6 - our phone isn't against you, sir.

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