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  • @BenRogers What do you have against Michael Irvin?!?!
  • Rockets 138, Lakers 134 (Final in OT). James Harden scores 48, but Eric Gordon was Houston's hero in this one. He had 16 of his 30 in the last two minutes of the fourth and OT, including the tying 3 at the end of regulation.
  • Michael Beasley pulled the ol' throw-a-towel-on-the-bench-to-distract-a-FT-shooter trick. Coulda been a T, but it worked, as Eric Gordon missed. Lakers down 2, 12.6 seconds left.
  • Eric Gordon sends this one into OT. James Harden just might get his 50 after all.
  • James Harden has 41, which is about what he's averaging over the last 20+ games.

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