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Aries as Frank Ocean song: Pyramids

@dylanlscott Dylan Scott @dylanlscott

18 school shooting this year It's February https://t.co/vSGldKXpN4

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

Fuck a podcast I'm listening to Angela Bassett as Lady Macbeth every morning https://t.co/Q0gKucpMf7

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

#InsteadOfBeadsThrow shade. https://t.co/nYL1iDDfBw

#InsteadOfBeadsThrow shade. https://t.co...

@Rschooley Schooley @Rschooley

People snarking on the Michelle Obama portrait should really take 2 minutes to see it in the context of Amy Sherald… https://t.co/mJljg7J4V9

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

yes hi i'm emotional https://t.co/fn2cghuVLv

@MsPackyetti Brittany Packnett @MsPackyetti

Can we talk about how stunningly powerful it is to see a black man in a garden the way Kehinde Wiley painted Barack… https://t.co/yx54ALBMSF

@InstantRHIplay Rhiannon Walker @InstantRHIplay

President @BarackObama's official presidential portrait has now been unveiled. Kehinde Wiley produced the 44th pres… https://t.co/7YWuWZiuE8

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

@LaurenAlexis An icon among us

@pronounced_ing Celeste Ng @pronounced_ing

Pretty psyched to see an Asian American woman rocking (and as an athlete, too!), being unabashedly proud of herself… https://t.co/J7EEzopHfq

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

And she did it to MISS SAIGON https://t.co/KGpSEKNmPN

@mrfproduction Ian Fletcher @mrfproduction

Imagine dragons is a micro aggression #theyreonthewrongsideofhistory - @elon_husk

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

Honest question is there anything this man hasn't done https://t.co/Qb5pEEhb2U

@stem Stem @stem

πŸ”₯ Happy Friday πŸ”₯ @brentfaiyaz returns with a track dedicated to those who doubted his potential. Read more on… https://t.co/eXdPRWWosu

@consequence Consequence of Sound @consequence

The dog days are over: #FlorenceandtheMachine expected to release new album in 2018. https://t.co/CEKerMP6UV https://t.co/fDjBVDjnq9

The dog days are over: #FlorenceandtheMa...

@brentfaiyaz Brent @brentfaiyaz

New music via @harpersbazaarus https://t.co/2iyxuRuR4f

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

The second coming of @JamesBayMusic has arrived. #WildLove https://t.co/B1u1LtL7DI via @harpersbazaarus

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

@supportcaleon @55mmbae Yes. https://t.co/U1LBbyF9jf

@supportcaleon @55mmbae Yes. https://t.c...

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

CAUSE OF DEATH: (Also πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ to @emmdib for this awesome piece https://t.co/ytVVZSINaD?) https://t.co/7JFNlB08Iw


(Also πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ to @emmdib...

@LaurenAlexis Lauren Alexis Fisher @LaurenAlexis

EIGHT. HOURS. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘‘ https://t.co/rnwEGldekK

@benbosk Ben Boskovich @benbosk

β€œI told my agent, β€˜I wanna be Lando,’” β€” @donaldglover https://t.co/ZR0O67uqtK via @bijanstephen for @esquire's Mar… https://t.co/7H0fyXr31L

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

I miss you already @kporzee https://t.co/MjlFdedpLk

@AmeerVann ameervann @AmeerVann

y’all invited to any show ever we’ll supply the coveralls https://t.co/nHAvD0fzNa

@ben_johns ben @ben_johns

'stormi' is the kind of name that i'd call my nintendog back in 2006

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

LMAO (but this is what I'd probably do if I ever talked to Frank Ocean) https://t.co/jRZOMNInYI

LMAO (but this is what I'd probably do i...

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

Can Frank just release the recording of this interview as his next single please https://t.co/hZuiqXa5jn

@mefeater MEFeater Magazine @mefeater

Happy Birthday to Trayvon Martin. Today he would have turned 23 years old. RIP ❀️ https://t.co/aaxiduxlhi

Happy Birthday to Trayvon Martin. Today...

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

Well damn I was convinced for several hours that Daniel Kaluuya joined the cast of Atlanta S2 https://t.co/wE7dIzBvBB

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

πŸ—£ RIHANNA πŸ—£ OR πŸ—£ BUST https://t.co/ozs6qOxLgM

@ericagonzo Erica Gonzales @ericagonzo

Together Again was one of my go-to dance jams as a child. Happy #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay, you queen. https://t.co/1v7Z1QiSml

Together Again was one of my go-to dance...

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