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RT's are not always an emphatic endorsement, I leave it to readers to make their own judgment. I won't say much but I'll smile.

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@JohnEdwards33 Cllr John Edwards @JohnEdwards33

This stupid muppet has his pockets stuffed with £££ by a newspaper owned by tax-dodging off-shore billionaires with… https://t.co/O57q7bkaTJ

@Muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @Muqadaam

Next time Iain Dale accuses pro Corbyn members, MP’s & Momentum of bullying show him this video. https://t.co/hEavczDaLx

Next time Iain Dale accuses pro Corbyn m...

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@alexnunns @afneil @ClarkeMicah Neil is often spectacularly wrong but dislikes being told so.

@NAJ562 Nicola James 💚 @NAJ562

RT if you are also ashamed of our Tory government 👇 #WindrushGeneration #Windrush #HostileToriesOutNow… https://t.co/w35h3YSvEr

@MaddowBlog Maddow Blog @MaddowBlog

Maddow to Comey: Did Rudy Giuliani have advance notice that the Clinton announcement was coming? https://t.co/LqAtMq5XTn

Maddow to Comey: Did Rudy Giuliani have...

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@Radarlove75 @TheBeatWithAri @JustWhatNowWhy That would suggest that he knows what day it is.

@_A__Dub Alder Wood @_A__Dub

1988: Giuliani Had FBI End Investigation of Trump Money Laundering - Trump raised $2M for Giuliani https://t.co/95IOq4d2AW

@AuschwitzMuseum Auschwitz Memorial @AuschwitzMuseum

19 April 1943 | Groups of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto began the uprising against Germans which lasted 27 days. Today… https://t.co/XwkNwHIZeg

@mmpadellan BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan

FINALLY! The Democratic Party is suing the trump campaign, Russia, alleging election conspiracy. You can run, but… https://t.co/JvKKMtHCQ4

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@AmericanIndian8 Wonder why when given the chance people choose the worst evil, if evil applies to both?

@Toxic_Shop 💥Toxic Shop💥 @Toxic_Shop

Look out,Iain Dale's on #bbcqt https://t.co/q95SX4V92K

Look out,Iain Dale's on #bbcqt https://t...

@PeterStefanovi2 Peter Stefanovic @PeterStefanovi2

We’ve heard today thousands of households in Britain left without light & heat because they can’t afford to top up… https://t.co/dT6MX9aldG

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@Conservatives @michaelgove Worthy. But appears to have been planned on a postage stamp in the Post Office. Is the… https://t.co/SdZMwBcbDh

@aletweetsnews Alejandro Alvarez @aletweetsnews

4 high school students just arrested after a brief sit-in for gun control outside @SpeakerRyan’s DC office. https://t.co/gTknvZmoua

4 high school students just arrested aft...

@NAJ562 Nicola James 💚 @NAJ562

Proof that the •hostile environment* created under Theresa May as Home Secretary, was deliberate, and not a bureauc… https://t.co/t2pBwsa8Mg

@CraigMurrayOrg Craig Murray @CraigMurrayOrg

"We can deport first and hear appeals later". Theresa May, Hansard, 22 october 2013, introducing her "hostile envir… https://t.co/vHkfxCDTZy

@LabourUnite Sid @LabourUnite

The 'rape clause' is just part of the problem - most DWP policies are designed to harm https://t.co/dHc2zbV9EV via @MidWalesMike

@MarieAnnUK Britgirl Hates Brexit #FBPE🇬🇧🇪🇺 @MarieAnnUK

Notorious liar Michael Gove says Brexit has helped make the UK 'the most immigration-friendly country in EU'... He… https://t.co/wFCK7FQkyg

@ScouseGirlMedia Sarah @ScouseGirlMedia

This is heartbreaking. This is appalling. This is a racist and callous Tory Government exposed. Enough.… https://t.co/H2k4CS0C13

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@smilinglaura Seems to have been written for Americans under Trump?

@riotwomennn ☇RiotWomenn☇ @riotwomennn

Cohen sued BuzzFeed & Fusion GPS claiming libel. The basis of the lawsuit was that Cohen did not go to Prague as cl… https://t.co/ewIaSQ0P6o

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@ClarkeMicah Or you could be wrong. ;)

@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

We must avoid a post-Brexit bureaucratic nightmare for EU citizens. We need full guarantees in the light of the… https://t.co/aJEVyKDXcK

@JulietMEvans Juliet Evans @JulietMEvans

May's bespoke deal with the EU would cost the UK £615 million a week. In that case, would you:

@erebustages Primogeniture @erebustages

@realJohnnyZipp @pool55sw19 Morrissey was wrong. The 'NSP' that put socialist in the name to con morons while priva… https://t.co/um6oNc6Mo7

@JimMFelton James Felton @JimMFelton

How racist is your government on a scale from “bit UKIPPY” to “won’t let a guy who’s lived here for 60 fucking year… https://t.co/W1fcSCREKd

@BuzzFeed BuzzFeed @BuzzFeed

You won't believe what Obama says in this video 😉 https://t.co/n2KloCdF2G

You won't believe what Obama says in thi...

@Muqadaam Nadeem Ahmed @Muqadaam

Which political party will you be voting for in local elections. Vote & rt for larger sample.... #PMQs

@davidschneider David Schneider @davidschneider

Theresa May: “Labour destroyed the Windrush landing cards. They also sent out the Go Home vans, brought in all the… https://t.co/2AmNH7oH1W

@starsky_ross Peter Ross #NHSLove @starsky_ross

Be in no doubt, #WindrushDeportation is a national scandal UK citizens, who have paid their taxes, worked, contribu… https://t.co/d7ryCrjRjb

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