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Proud BabyBoomer &GrtGRANDMother with SocialEntrepreneurial GOALS! NEWConcepts/Product Designer Created A New APPlication for AUTO-Safety and Missing Persons

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Just Say No to the War on Drugs - https://t.co/lm01KgNncd

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@factttsss WHAAAAT ???

@factttsss Fact @factttsss

40% of Americans have never visited a dentist.

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Anyone who believes in God and the Last Day should heed this: God will find a way out for those who are mindful of… https://t.co/T6OX6V3Hyl

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Trump has used the term "fake news" on Twitter at least 167 times since being elected. Today, he announced the "Fak… https://t.co/UTZrnOT8rv

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The heart speaks truth, not gold and diamonds. #5Star novel.#Free #Kindle w/ print book https://t.co/idTVECNxef https://t.co/EoeJ3tMYy5

The heart speaks truth, not gold and dia...

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HAIKU: TRUTH UNDER ATTACK https://t.co/sGmZap6nQB https://t.co/dj2R5QWuDw

HAIKU: TRUTH UNDER ATTACK https://t.co/s...


Highway in Tokyo, Japan https://t.co/dowZ76V7hQ

Highway in  Tokyo,  Japan https://t.co/d...

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Fuck you Ann https://t.co/Jo5wiD6JoA

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An Israeli military court has refused to cancel the preventive detention of teenage Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi https://t.co/acrb7GbvlJ

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Surprised? https://t.co/bVB9Huwaup

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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ZObWxsmkug U.N. Backed Massacre in Haiti, No One is Talking About It

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Struggle to coax many to leave Bali volcano danger zone @AJENews https://t.co/5538WhfDzR

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Wicked people will work together if it serves their mutual interests. ‘Good’ people with good intentions will allow… https://t.co/BlNoAbG1UR

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#Retweet https://t.co/XGhGImAZ8B #Time4Mockery #GrifterGUFF

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@pages_raul @USATODAY EXACTLY !! "HOW Dare US Scream Infringement, When We Are The Masters of infringement!!!? It'… https://t.co/WE8I3fd7Pa

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https://t.co/7ldREMvMBy "SHAYAAN"~MeditativeMIX "For Restful SoundSleep"~ #TweeetVibrations https://t.co/iGcwIqR2BP


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https://t.co/6mLqtgw2BF "AncientEGYPT"~ MusicMIX #TweeetVibrations 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 https://t.co/nie4ALBKji


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She said the test, though useful for detecting Alzheimer’s and the like, indicates little about “his high functioni… https://t.co/n5bQvniyfy

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Cape Town is going to run out of water in less than 90 days https://t.co/l58QnKuq58

Cape Town is going to run out of water i...

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Lord Young speaking at #CogX If we do this right, job losses from AI could become new jobs in leisure. A 4 day work… https://t.co/wBkhTXgKak

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Sad to say that Jean Montrevil was deported to Haiti today after having lived in this country for 31 years. He leav… https://t.co/PqKQSZqZZK

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Vending Machines For The Homeless @NewswithEd @TrinityfChavez https://t.co/dfmSkVWcYx

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Never forget. ❤️ #RESIST https://t.co/JX8WMr3oM5

Never forget. ❤️ #RESIST

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@Pepperpear Have a Relaxed and Peace filled €vening TweetHEART~! 🌸🍃🍃🌸🍃🌸🍃🌸🍃🌸🍃🌸🍃🌸 https://t.co/3bJAqaEthl

@Pepperpear Have a Relaxed and Peace fil...

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Mama Warrior Aids Children of Deported Migrants https://t.co/lTiME3E2Zv

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