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Proud BabyBoomer &GrtGRANDMother with SocialEntrepreneurial GOALS! NEWConcepts/Product Designer Created A New APPlication for AUTO-Safety and Missing Persons

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@RiveraSunAuthor Rivera Sun @RiveraSunAuthor

Fling Back Despair! There are mountains to climb, an essay from the Man from The North By @RiveraSunAuthor via… https://t.co/21rop9GkYB

@drhinahaque The Glorious Quran @drhinahaque

Ho tera karam Maula, Aye yahan khush-haali ki bahaar... (Aameen) @JunaidJamshedPK #JunaidJamshed #PakistanDay… https://t.co/47MbtjfLPN


Iran's 'houses of strength', between the ancient and the modern https://t.co/xnNihHYzLl https://t.co/HriPeMN49x

Iran's 'houses of strength', between the...

@rico_hands ✖RicoHands @rico_hands

Spread of Modern Humans: "By 100,000 years ago some had already left Africa to settle in Palestine." - Societies, N… https://t.co/aXgjBxbCXK

@IslamicTwee7s Islamic Tweets @IslamicTwee7s

...And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His v… https://t.co/0zAP1a400A

@KamalaHarris Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris

No one should have to choose between caring for their family or putting food on the table. We must fight for paid family and sick leave.

@TheBeatWithAri TheBeat w/Ari Melber @TheBeatWithAri

Mark Zuckerberg "went personally to meet with Russia's number 2 person at the Kremlin" for Facebook business intere… https://t.co/JPw4mKEcaj

@178kakapo KAKAPO➤Endangered @178kakapo

Say "stop the war" ◢◤ The #US Keeps Supplying the #Saudi Regime with Arms to Kill in #Yemen… https://t.co/NjHK6Wd3ft

@178kakapo KAKAPO➤Endangered @178kakapo

Say "stop the war" ◢◤ A malnourished child at a hospital in #Yemen’s Al Hudaydah province.… https://t.co/hnKsp8BQCy

@178kakapo KAKAPO➤Endangered @178kakapo

Say "stop the war" ◢◤ Yemen: Children bear brunt of brutal war https://t.co/O1Gt8UyR5D Mar. 22, 2018/ siasat 残忍な戦争… https://t.co/SEVZg802op

@IslamismMap Islamism Map @IslamismMap

The Bin Laden family on vacation in Sweden, 1971. #BeforeShariaSpoiledEverything https://t.co/8ZbcGOXwS1

The Bin Laden family on vacation in Swed...

@StansaidAirport Stansaid Airport @StansaidAirport

I hope Mexico wins gold in the pole vault at the 2020 Olympics. https://t.co/3OBVmnMmmQ

@178kakapo KAKAPO➤Endangered @178kakapo

Boycott ➡ #SaudIsrael & #USA-govt & #JPN-govt ◢◤ All r responsible of the World Chaos ! Say plz🙏 " Stop The War "… https://t.co/zNB2nXakbx

@alzassociation Alzheimer's Assoc. @alzassociation

"It’s sad having so many memories of someone you love and that person not remember them." Raise Alzheimer's awarene… https://t.co/GcXGO0GxfS

@BeforeSharia Before Sharia Spoiled Everything @BeforeSharia

Istanbul, 1928. #BeforeShariaSpoiledEverything https://t.co/3OnVOrHmaV

Istanbul, 1928.


@EnigmaNetxx EnigMAA @EnigmaNetxx

@Pepperpear https://t.co/0ODwlCzx7E

@Pepperpear Jocanda @Pepperpear

“You are not entitled to that information!” That’s what a staffer in Senator Markey’s office bluntly told me when I… https://t.co/pBuY0usy9R

@shift_in2_turbo Karim Walker @shift_in2_turbo

Aide for antigay politician busted having car sex with 17-year-old boy he met on Grindr https://t.co/1VLi9RYDrB via @lgbtqnation

@EnigmaNetxx EnigMAA @EnigmaNetxx

@palestininianpr #KazharianMYTHology https://t.co/DgltVmy7W6

@palestininianpr #KazharianMYTHology htt...

@EnigmaNetxx EnigMAA @EnigmaNetxx

#kazharianMythology https://t.co/FVllQxDfzg

#kazharianMythology https://t.co/FVllQxD...

@BeforeSharia Before Sharia Spoiled Everything @BeforeSharia

Tehran, 1970s. #BeforeShariaSpoiledEverything https://t.co/zkQMC4BT7Q

Tehran, 1970s.


@HipHopGoldenAge Hip Hop Golden Age @HipHopGoldenAge

Black Moon "How Many MCs..." (1993) https://t.co/nUIcRA6EWu

@voxdotcom Vox @voxdotcom

The latest #Deadpool2 trailer finally gives you a sense of what to expect from the sequel. Watch: https://t.co/v6oB8FpD8m

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