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Bienvenido a la cuenta oficial de la Embajada de España en Kenia, Somalia y Uganda. Consulta nuestras normas de uso en https://t.co/frnW5LdOGl

Nairobi, Kenya

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@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

@CirugiaTurkana ¡Os esperamos! ¡Buen viaje!

@CirugiaTurkana Cirugía en Turkana @CirugiaTurkana

El resto del equipo ya viene de camino para comenzar la XV CAMPAÑA CIRUGÍA EN TURKANA. Carmen, Joaquin, Nacho JR,… https://t.co/Y8Iw3uHPGw

@SpainMFA SpainMFA 🇪🇸 @SpainMFA

This week President @marianorajoy & EU Commissioner @TNavracsicsEU launched the European Year of Cultural Heritage… https://t.co/TP11S2LJDQ

@spain Spain @spain

Studying in Spain? It would be like a dream come true! #VisitSpain https://t.co/4RCVnhRPOx

Studying in Spain? It would be like a dr...

@COE_es COE @COE_es

No, no... No ha sido un sueño. #SUPERJAVI nos da la segunda medalla olímpica española en #PyeongChang2018 y la cuar… https://t.co/tJ5zQtQosO

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

Have you seen the institutional video of @MarcaEspanaEN for 2018? In case you missed it, here you have it. We hope… https://t.co/KAnCTpNrB0

@ForeignOfficeKE ForeignAffairsKenya @ForeignOfficeKE

Amb Monica Juma earlier today morning took the oath of office as the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs… https://t.co/FYyr4yL3Ud

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

@CirugiaTurkana Que tengáis muy buen viaje y, como siempre, enhorabuena por vuestro trabajo 😊

@CirugiaTurkana Cirugía en Turkana @CirugiaTurkana

El primer grupo partimos ya hacia Turkana. Charo, Gisela, Paula, Julia, Natalia y Jose. Mañana el resto del equipo.… https://t.co/Q1d9dkTJPT

@OlympicsKe NOC Kenya @OlympicsKe

Sabrina Simader Wanjiku makes her #PyeongChang2018 debut for #TeamKenya 🇰🇪 finishing 59th from a starting rank of 6… https://t.co/OhQCqM6Rke

@wuf9kl2018 World Urban Forum 9 @wuf9kl2018

Thank you all for participating in WUF9 from 7 - 13 February 2018 at KLCC, Malaysia & contributing towards the impl… https://t.co/o0RAMu93Fb

@SpainMFA SpainMFA 🇪🇸 @SpainMFA

A new master plan for Spain's international development cooperation has been approved. The plan is the fruit of col… https://t.co/qGN22MPhsm

@Olympics Olympics @Olympics

Regino Hernandez has won #ESP's third ever Winter #Olympics medal, the first in 26 years for the country. 😱 ¡Felici… https://t.co/tGvCueMWrQ

@SpainMFA SpainMFA 🇪🇸 @SpainMFA

🏆 Today we're proud to receive one of the Quality and Innovation in Public Management Awards for our global digital… https://t.co/NmASu2eCOp

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

The Garajonay National Park, in the Spanish island of La Gomera, was inscribed on the #UNESCO's #WorldHeritage List… https://t.co/W0GKaHxfxu

@uonbi UniversityofNairobi @uonbi

Are you looking for a master's degree, or to conduct research for a PhD in a European country? Well @uonbi &… https://t.co/ecbbH6D47G

@SpainMFA SpainMFA 🇪🇸 @SpainMFA

💕There are so many reasons to fall in love with #Spain and its people this #ValentinesDay! https://t.co/mE8ak9bgjU

💕There are so many reasons to fall in lo...

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

La Fundación @AfricaDigna trabaja para mejorar las condiciones de vida de las personas necesitadas en #Kenia, donde… https://t.co/yUuaAcwFjX

@wuf9kl2018 World Urban Forum 9 @wuf9kl2018

The team behind #WUF9, bidding goodbye to everyone. Thank you to 22,000 participants from over 165 countries. Thank… https://t.co/pwdKQIHBIr

@EUinKenya EUinKenya @EUinKenya

Join us for #StudyinEUFairKE at the @uonbi on 15th February 2018. See links: https://t.co/6g8BWvbPIz… https://t.co/5bfDHvn9ry

@wuf9kl2018 World Urban Forum 9 @wuf9kl2018

Thank you and see you in Abu Dhabi 2020 #wuf9 https://t.co/bkBP0a4bvM

Thank you and see you in Abu Dhabi 2020...


Read the Kuala Lumpur Declaration of the World Urban Forum #WUF9 https://t.co/6F9KGuhnga The global community's com… https://t.co/i7Qni4yNvY

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

Yesterday, Ambassador Javier García de Viedma and the CEO of @GrupoTorrent , David Torrent, inaugurated a new facto… https://t.co/P9SyzK3nv2

@SpainMFA SpainMFA 🇪🇸 @SpainMFA

Today on the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, we reaffirm our commitment to helping children af… https://t.co/8tWsxPQxHl

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

The winners of the tickets 🎫 for the show ‘#Flamenco #Bolero’ 💃🏻🎶, which will take place tomorrow at the Kenya Nati… https://t.co/Skm1dJ09QP

@spain Spain @spain

Can you speak Spanish? It's now or never! Learn our language this year 👉 https://t.co/DFQ3fVDKtW #VisitSpain… https://t.co/izKwkf1vHR

@GarciaCasasF Fernando GarciaCasas @GarciaCasasF

Esta semana celebramos Consejos Interterritorial y #Cooperación con mano tendida y voluntad de hacer del… https://t.co/KlK2b7OOOW

@MaimunahSharif Maimunah Mohd Sharif @MaimunahSharif

The level of engagement inside and outside of #WUF9 meeting rooms is remarkable. Participating at this forum is pos… https://t.co/aWWr6nkyBG

@embespkenia Embassy Spain Kenya @embespkenia

Today, we have done a random draw of 10 tickets 🎟️ for the show "Flamenco Bolero" 💃 🎶 which will take place on Febr… https://t.co/Uz3ZO0rGcy


Please see attached our updated #Atalanta Mandate video. We have also released a Somali 🇸🇴 language translation.… https://t.co/5SOr5fDyZw

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