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@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

Ooh bro,, 300 level and you've not started paying back the money they invested.... God is so good to you https://t.co/fMWc9mEGHE

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

GERRATTTT😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/w6ufnuT6cV

@jowah_martha Jowah Martha @jowah_martha

@elitetatafo Savage

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

The letter Q does not make the sound "cue". It make the sound "kw" or sometimes "k". So in the word "queue", the qu… https://t.co/JSL2o4k9Ih

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

Ask me anything! https://t.co/Ik1RZl24nw

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

@RoscoeAdam3 incase light no dey to power the doll, we on gen

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

hahaha😣😣😣😣 https://t.co/2q1V0yVCHn

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

man said addy https://t.co/Zb6IXfzugn

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

High school https://t.co/Y520QGiIPy

@peppermintboy53 luciano oluwatobi @peppermintboy53

@elitetatafo Lmao🤣🤣 my brothers are not dead yet https://t.co/Y1khVwLbPX

@elitetatafo Lmao🤣🤣 my brothers are not...

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

i am telling you https://t.co/PwKRV8i8F9

@JaphethOrieny Japheth Orieny @JaphethOrieny

@elitetatafo 😂😂😂😂 I need to address the press

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

@kikimordi okay 😣😣😣

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

Hello everyone, something just happened right now Lukaku has scored !!!!!!!!!!!!! #MUNSTK

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo


@kikimordi Upcoming Billionaire @kikimordi

Shoot your career shots 2018

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

During the day I'm not single, but from 10pm till 6am i am very single 😬😬😬😬 https://t.co/i5EVXlX9VY

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

Most of us are just tweeting about sex doll, when deep down we know we'll wait for to UK used ones to land in compu… https://t.co/6U7wjsOJda

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,, I fear no ____ https://t.co/kcWyG2iogX

@mrich855 MRICH @mrich855

@elitetatafo There's nothing there now... Just go.. Soldiers forgive easily... But write your will incase..

@oluwalery adeola femi @oluwalery

Judgement bro, Lobatan!!! https://t.co/eFevzo3R5K

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

When my pastor tries to talk me out of buying the sex doll Me. : https://t.co/YDnulW9CGz

When my pastor tries to talk me out of b...

@IrrationalBlac Dora not Akunyili @IrrationalBlac

@elitetatafo @ndoarum @SemilooreAkoni @damorela00 @KraksTV You are preaching too much already. Or she's repented .

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

@bosxn_ so make i no go abi https://t.co/FF5jYDeJdj

@bosxn_ so make i no go abi https://t.co...

@randypeenaija Wedding MC @randypeenaija

RT if you're 90's kid that has no idea about 7th heaven or Malcolm in the middle, let's know ourselves. https://t.co/chYIBH00te

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

I'm livin' for the present and the future don't exist

@omoissy Omoniyi Israel @omoissy

Africa let's unite and gain Retweet this 💯 Like this 💯 Follow All who retweet and Like 💯 Follow me, I follow back… https://t.co/DlciAK9WH3

@ndoarum Chemical Brother 👌 @ndoarum

As the ones I want to have sex with curve me nko? https://t.co/GnfKR7kbuE

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

Micheal Ballack,, when he signed for chelsea , before then i was with Arsenal because of Thierry Henry and Kanu https://t.co/r0Q2H7v78n

@elitetatafo Elite!!!! @elitetatafo

@Don_TEE @ola_akodu it gave me joy

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