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  • Chair Gordon Brown calls for an education revolution. These are some of the areas our team will focus on in 2019.
  • New report from @theirworld shows that over half a billion children will live in countries experiencing humanitarian emergency.
  • War, conflict and devastation have forced more than 68.5 million people worldwide out of their homes. Host countries must guarantee their #RightToEducation. Share if you agree! 👍 #WithRefugees #StandUp4HumanRights
  • Earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters destroy schools and leave children without a place to learn. @Theirworld's new #SafeSchools report looks at how countries can rebuild education systems after these events.
  • It's time for an education revolution, says Gordon Brown. Let's reconsider how we: 1️⃣ fund education, 2️⃣ position teachers, 3️⃣ integrate technology into classrooms, and 4️⃣ effectively deliver learning, especially in low- & lower-middle-income counties.

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