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Born Essex: Bsc Chem. Prof Electrician Jazzer Tpt Cornet Bass

Penrith Cumbria UK

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@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@Sathnam Door to happiness?

@Botanygeek James Wong @Botanygeek

All wheat in human history was created through cross breeding and genetic manipulation. It doesn’t exist in natur… https://t.co/VFVa2c9HDc

@BootstrapCook jack monroe |🍴📚 @BootstrapCook

And yes women can be abusive - I'm the last person who needs a lecture on that and men can be abused - which I cam… https://t.co/tRkfzqp92d

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Performance indicators. Looking at the thing changes it c.f. quantum mechanics. https://t.co/y66w9fuLxK

@RafaelStepanian Rafael @RafaelStepanian

The rich and powerful continually, habitually, effectively conspire to perpetuate their hold on our lives no matter… https://t.co/cUBizJIPH6

@Botanygeek James Wong @Botanygeek

Why does plant science matter? ⬇️ https://t.co/fiovahBkR8

Why does plant science matter? ⬇️ https:...

@Trickyjabs Matt Thomas @Trickyjabs

#bbcqt appearances: Isabel Oakeshott 8 Julia H-Brewer 10 Kelvin MacKenzie 12 Melanie Phillips 26 Nigel Farage 31 P… https://t.co/vpWbxTpKXp

@Paytress Mark Paytress @Paytress

Remembering John Peel, whose cultural curiosity & devotion to public service helped free so many from the tyranny o… https://t.co/aTeqdW15Un

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@rossinjoppa LOL.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@Number10cat Don't remind us.

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

Yes, @MailOnline we're proud of British parliamentary democracy. You once pretended to be.... But you're so patrio… https://t.co/XQHh0Q239p

@corbyn50plus CorbynSupporters50+ @corbyn50plus

“1 in 4 children in the north west growing up in poverty and that’s not the worst area”. #ToryXmas #ToryWinterCrisis https://t.co/d3bRxAZHDm

@Ed_Miliband Ed Miliband @Ed_Miliband

And mine for people who travel thousands of miles to endorse a groper of young girls who also happens to be a racis… https://t.co/pPHShqJeL7

@MoonofA Moon of Alabama @MoonofA

The solution here: 1. Stick to international law and the Westphalian principle 2. Look at those 70% of global dicta… https://t.co/UwRObG4WfU

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@IanDunt Their misery is our joy.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Doh! https://t.co/Ak1lt8PViQ

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@realDonaldTrump Please don't bother.

@Harryslaststand Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand

I do have an issue with this statement b/c it uses the term "beggars" to describe those most harmed by austerity.… https://t.co/lz8pGcYvhO

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@Tribeca @edward_ross Maybe closer to Opera?

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

I never noticed much improvement in my performance when I use Salbutamol. Still a wheezy old geezer. https://t.co/dKsM98jp4J

@JoStevensLabour Jo Stevens @JoStevensLabour

I viewed them @cathynewman they’re the equivalent of a teenager’s last minute piece of homework done during breakfa… https://t.co/PyiFaHdYQf

@cathynewman Cathy Newman @cathynewman

We have 650 MPs & 798 peers yet only 40 have viewed the 850 page #Brexit impact analyses in Parliament. Where’s the scrutiny?

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

He certainly doesn't inspire confidence. https://t.co/pL6CdUZlmn

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@ivanwhite48 Wipe that stupid smirk off your face boy. Or is he on something?

@ivanwhite48 Ivan White @ivanwhite48

@JKFanghanel So could this dog, who has just misheard the suggestion that the hopeless Theresa May should evacuate… https://t.co/IAVAroRBKE

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

May's Britain 2017. https://t.co/ErUeGMO6Ww

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

They appear to seek confrontation. Like poking the wasps nest. https://t.co/tayQd611Y0

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Congratulations to Doug Jones. Just when the hour is at it's darkest, hope springs eternal...

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Is man is a mendacious robber of the state. He'd privatise his granny for a quid. https://t.co/djU9i8Tuir

@grahamfarmelo Graham Farmelo @grahamfarmelo

Make no mistake, the Treasury is imposing a brutal decline on the NHS (and the government would love to do the same… https://t.co/398wvheFlZ

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