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Born Essex: Bsc Chem. Prof Electrician Jazzer Tpt Cornet Bass

Penrith Cumbria UK

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@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@simongerman600 Go to the supermarket it’s in the beer aisle.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@FPWellman @reginalddhunter Family is ... family.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@NUFC_OurClub @ilesjazz @Ofcom Disrespect.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@BrexitBin Define Brexit and support please.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@MarieAnnUK Shifty eyes.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@cryborg Gone with the wind.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@Bonn1eGreer It was the late 90s not the 20s! LOL. I marched too. No more war.

@campbellclaret Alastair Campbell @campbellclaret

I’ll tell you two things Putin really would worry about. 1. Some of his rich cronies expelled from UK with assets h… https://t.co/wMXfz7AnSe

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@OwenJones84 The presenters on BBC News channel are anachronisms living in the 1980s. What a lot of pompous fuddy duddys.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

We already have a food crisis if you see the shit they sell in the supermarkets. https://t.co/dJdTh8s0wX

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Tory Brexiteers want to dismantle the UK and it's welfare services so they can transplant a U.S. style corporate he… https://t.co/23l2zyByNi

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Listen to your heart not your mind. https://t.co/utXzGpMRhW

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@rossinjoppa Beautiful.

@costpap63 ΣΙΓΑΛΑ ΟΛΓΑ @costpap63


@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

We need More Music. https://t.co/uzWfL3ZlFn

@ArtsOfExistence H e t e r o t o p ia @ArtsOfExistence

‘This is a quantum universe,’ said Spike, ‘neither random nor determined. It is potential at every second. All you… https://t.co/YhjceuaTOG

@andysearson andyPsearson 🌹 @andysearson

Really, the hypocrisy of the Conservative Party is just too much! Unbelievable, I'll leave this here shall I...⬇️ https://t.co/I74JRz0xrQ

@G_thamSocialist The Grantham Socialist @G_thamSocialist

That is the biggest question “why do they give money to the Tory party, what do they get back?” https://t.co/clbgF6fc3w

That is the biggest question “why do the...

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Why we back Jeremy. https://t.co/xagoHwGAqb

@BrexitBin Brexit Bin 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE @BrexitBin

Oops ... https://t.co/TfND2XhccZ

@JamesMelville James Melville @JamesMelville

Brian Cox on Brexit: “I think it is a disaster. If ever there was a time for a united Europe it is now.” Absolutely spot on. #bbcqt

@TheRickyDavila Ricky Davila @TheRickyDavila

Activists laid out thousands of pairs of shoes at the U.S. Capitol to represent all of the children who were killed… https://t.co/8VrbUJXt08

@DerbyChrisW Chris Williamson MP @DerbyChrisW

Jeremy Corbyn's measured and statesmanlike speech in the House today on the #SalisburyAttack was in sharp contrast… https://t.co/eUZzOdqGBw

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

Brexit is probably a Russian plot anyway, abandoning it would kick Putin where it hurts. https://t.co/9CwLCLvrsT

@PeteApps Peter Apps @PeteApps

As we hit the nine month anniversary of the #Grenfell fire: - Dangerous cladding still on (at least) 200 towers -… https://t.co/YFIET4iLb9

@existentialcoms Existential Comics @existentialcoms

A brief history of hope: Plato: wisdom will save us. Rousseau: democracy will save us. Carnap: science will save us… https://t.co/yHz5jl1Jyj

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@thehealthytart Not meat though.

@eddyamps Duncan Iain Campbell @eddyamps

@JulieOwenMoylan Knee jerk responses won't cut it with the Kremlin cuties. Breathe deep and take stock. A detailed… https://t.co/d1QXx7OzYM

@peterjukes Peter Jukes @peterjukes

The best approach to Putin is not any kind of military aggression, but a police operation. He survives on money lau… https://t.co/HQXau9DgxN

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