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Abandoned by wolves. Raised by humans. Kind of an asshole.

Norman, OK

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@estes_withat W/out A Trace @estes_withat

@eddie_ferrero Fu•king hilarious. 😈😁

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

@toonces_lives 😂👏

@toonces_lives Kris randoomly @toonces_lives

@eddie_ferrero Neo stays hard for over four hours and is rushed to emergency

@boomdingwinning TurduckenWrath @boomdingwinning

#MyScriptRewrite Old Yeller dodges the bullet and mauls the entire town

@boomdingwinning TurduckenWrath @boomdingwinning

#MyScriptRewrite The dog lives* *every movie ever

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

With an unopened umbrella, Hagrid finishes what Voldemort couldn’t, then feeds Harry’s body to a wild thestral #MyScriptRewrite

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Neo takes the blue pill ... and cut! That’s a wrap, people ... #MyScriptRewrite

@indistarr Mistress Indistarr✨ @indistarr

Point Break - except with actors #MyScriptRewrite

@ErinLea7 SadAltGrl @ErinLea7

Bruce Willis is ALIVE. #MyScriptRewrite https://t.co/5eKY0VhcvK

Bruce Willis is ALIVE. #MyScriptRewrite...

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

A long time ago-in a galaxy far, far away-Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber hum cures the Emperor’s tinnitus, balancing the Force #MyScriptRewrite

@MsVrzn Ms. Sylver VRZN @MsVrzn

@eddie_ferrero 😂😂😂

@ImJordanCharles Spooky AF @ImJordanCharles

Its Like Game Of Thrones.. But With Dildos. #MyScriptRewrite

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

#MyDrunkenText ... Hey! Im outside shitting in a patio chair

@_lola_bee 🎃Lola🎃 @_lola_bee

Title of my autobiography: #MyDrunkenText

@iamalmostlegend Mr. Christopher @iamalmostlegend

You never know how many weirdos live in your town until they build a Wal-Mart there.

@deedles420 Bride of Dankenstein @deedles420

Safer than turning tricks #TwitterIn4Words

@Benie_ben Bensworld @Benie_ben

Someone is always awake #TwitterIn4Words

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

You're not limited by ... #TwitterIn4Words

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Copy/paste your jokes #TwitterIn4Words

@_Nocterminal_ nocterminal @_Nocterminal_

#MonsterInstruments I Am Flute

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Trianghoul #MonsterInstruments

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Cowhell #MonsterInstruments

@CzexanCzik ҍҽӀӀɑժօղղɑ @CzexanCzik

#MonsterInstruments Guitargoyle

@Spudfish83 AndwooOOoo Tate. 👻 @Spudfish83

#MonsterInstruments The Oboo.

@JMoney731 ℓєσ9мσиєу🦁 @JMoney731

#HowIGetEven - multiply by 2

@scrueggs sᴄʀüᴇɢɢs @scrueggs

Some days I wonder why I even bothered chewing my way through the leather straps in the morning.

@NurseShelby Shelby @NurseShelby

#FF CHIP PARTY!!!! @DarthFlaves @DagNabbitTammy @boomdingwinning @DontThinkso555 @KnownComment @tweetsbyeddie… https://t.co/2byzSf6WVI

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Hoofball @FridayFondue #GamesForAnimals

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Buck, Buck, Bruce ... #GamesForAnimals

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