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Abandoned by wolves. Raised by humans. Kind of an asshole.

Norman, OK

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@UnknownWr1ter Edward J Thomas @UnknownWr1ter

#WeirdDentistProblems When they can't handle the tooth. I'll show myself out.

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

#WeirdDentistProblems ... getting vampires to quit Dr. Lecter-ing their tongue while being flossed

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

#WeirdDentistProblems ... her late husband’s name was Ahhh

@SheaBrowning Shea Browning @SheaBrowning

He asks me to remove my pants. #WeirdDentistProblems

@ElizabeththeMob E For Effort @ElizabeththeMob

He wants to fill more than my cavities. #WeirdDentistProblems

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

#WeirdDentistProblems ... the plaque on the wall

@crawwriter The Oddest Duck @crawwriter

@eddie_ferrero I don't know what you're on, but I admire your enthusiasm!

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Oh my god! It's Charlie Brown. Peanut Butter is made out of Charlie Brown. They're making our Reese's Pieces out o… https://t.co/tG3dGtgXPr

@HepatitisAtoZ Eric Schmeric @HepatitisAtoZ

[in an alternate reality where men are sold like used cars] used man salesperson: "...and here we have the Eric.… https://t.co/0SblQ9tuWG

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

63-year-old Bob puts $7.25 on the ground, and stands on it. All the while, Bob clearly has a medically-induced bo… https://t.co/iDyysu8kHN

@heyjacqui_ Jacqui 🍷Is it wine o’clock?🍷 @heyjacqui_

#IfIWereAMixedDrink I just might be a White Russian Bot.

@EsquireTags 𝔈𝔰𝔮𝔲𝔦𝔯𝔢 𝔗𝔞𝔤𝔰 @EsquireTags

#IfIWereAMixedDrink I'd be a "Never Had Sex on the Beach"

@97_pookie Luke Anthony @97_pookie

#IfIWereAMixedDrink I would be an empty glass because I'm dead inside

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

#IfIWereAMixedDrink ... the last of the mojitos ...

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

They’d call me Mix Jagger #IfIWereAMixedDrink ... two parts jagermeister; one part heroin

@OriginalMtabbs CuddlePharts💋 @OriginalMtabbs

Make one small joke about sex with an animal and they mute you forever

@boomdingwinning TurduckenWrath, mother of dragon @boomdingwinning

Remember, it doesn't have to be the "perfect" muder, just an unsolvable one. ~me as a motivational speaker

@Mel__Lynn__ Melba Toast 🔥🍞 @Mel__Lynn__

Making him apologize for what he did to me in my dream. #MyWeirdSecretFetish

@Preciosa_Liz Bella Elle @Preciosa_Liz

Marking my territory with a sharpie. #MyWeirdSecretFetish https://t.co/8sciUoSGTP

Marking my territory with a sharpie.

@NoelJPenaflor Noel Penaflor @NoelJPenaflor

#MyWeirdSecretFetish Huge Black Cocktail Napkins

@SirMikeSaLott Sir Mike S'alott @SirMikeSaLott

Watching Smurfs with bigs Smurfs getting Smurfed in the Smurf #MyWeirdSecretFetish

@boomdingwinning TurduckenWrath, mother of dragon @boomdingwinning

#MyWeirdSecretFetish includes ass eruptions during doggy style

@KayEmily2 🌼Missy🌼 @KayEmily2

If I were a guy, I'd be too lazy to masturbate. I just got tired shaking up my hair dye.

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

Rigor mortis is Latin. It means zombie boner.

@Netjeretkhau Pharaoh Hatshepsut Wesretkau Wadjrenput Maatkare @Netjeretkhau

Watching my TC eat the toilet paper after I wiped my ass with it. #MyWeirdSecretFetish

@SteveElsass Steve Elsass @SteveElsass

#MyWeirdSecretFetish Cow spanking


#MyWeirdSecretFetish Is repackaging cat litter covered cat turds in almond rocha wrappers.

@StopEatingBees Corey Miller @StopEatingBees

Being left alone really turns me on. #MyWeirdSecretFetish

@eddie_ferrero Eddie Ferrero @eddie_ferrero

#MyWeirdSecretFetish ... teabagging a chum bucket while feeding a shark my dick

@SethFromThe716 👻✊So Everyone's Tweeting Here?👻✊ @SethFromThe716

Jerking off into fireplaces and chimneys to satisfy my soot fetish #MyWeirdSecretFetish

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