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Doctor, health & civil rights advocate, Past President AMA, City of Sydney Councillor, author, mother of three.


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@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Exhibition opening Congratulations #JeddaDaisyCulley #art #Sydney https://t.co/n39FAupmWG

Exhibition opening  Congratulations #Jed...

@DeborahSaltman Deborah Saltman @DeborahSaltman

guidelines are recommendations only..drs deal with individual patients https://t.co/OTeOIavlI5


The health of humanity is directly related to the health of our environment. We depend on our environment for every… https://t.co/OIW33aUSqq

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Mother and daughter health experts talking #probiotics in April @WomensWeeklyMag https://t.co/BzEn7FWvNx

Mother and daughter health experts talki...

@cityofsydney City of Sydney @cityofsydney

Discover hidden neighbourhood gems with our Local’s Guide to Newtown https://t.co/OhkpXOjHTs #SydneyLocal Pic:… https://t.co/uiv5EfgFBS

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

@pdcnswEO @cityofsydney @StandByMeNSW @PWDAustralia @PDCNSW @IDEASAU @JohnBarilaroMP @GladysB Keep up the great wor… https://t.co/5ZWa2rGrPm

@pdcnswEO Serena Ovens @pdcnswEO

Thanks to @cityofsydney @drkerrynphelps for meeting with #StandByMe #disability #advocacy campaign supporters Hanna… https://t.co/wr1GE5pml6

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Very pleased to see NSW Parliament working across party lines again on an important social issue. The decision to… https://t.co/wHH6hU6xOt

@cityofsydney City of Sydney @cityofsydney

We want to hear from international students living and studying in Sydney for our first International Student Exper… https://t.co/tht4cUedVv

@ABCthedrum ABC The Drum @ABCthedrum

"The #NDIS will generate quite a demand for a casualised work force - we need to make sure we're supporting those w… https://t.co/BjsQgtICN9

@ofoaustralia ofo Australia @ofoaustralia

It's a rainy day. Remember to stay safe on the roads. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET: Each ofo bike comes equipped with its o… https://t.co/uDaDu7QFQV

@GregHuntMP Greg Hunt @GregHuntMP

The Turnbull Government is taking a critical step in helping end the transmission of #HIV infection in Australia wi… https://t.co/DDEMyXc4Hy

@cityofsydney City of Sydney @cityofsydney

A reminder to have your say on the City’s international education plan. It outlines our plans to support internatio… https://t.co/51D1Hfte6a

@KirbyInstitute Kirby Institute UNSW @KirbyInstitute

Minister Hunt announces #PrEP on PBS from the 1 April. Professor Cooper would be very pleased #endingHIV https://t.co/5JLmDOJ7pJ

Minister Hunt announces #PrEP on PBS fro...

@ama_media AMA Media @ama_media

A third of Bupa’s Australian customers will be hit with a list of exclusions and reduced choice in an emergency. Th… https://t.co/PyOLWaOWx3

@peter124u 🇦🇺Duke of Darlo Rd @peter124u

Kings Cross Dog Show 2018. Many thanks to @drkerrynphelps for her support https://t.co/vI0nFnQjkq

@peter124u 🇦🇺Duke of Darlo Rd @peter124u

At tonights @cityofsydney meeting #Team @CloverMoore voted down @drkerrynphelps proposal that CoS adopt worlds best… https://t.co/I1cRGDxBmE

@JulieMcCrossin Julie McCrossin @JulieMcCrossin

Bloody hell! @CHFofAustralia https://t.co/WUzleY2RjL

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Millennials need to understand retirement funding or be destined to pay for more pensions #QandA

@MJA_Editor MJA Editor in Chief @MJA_Editor

Professor David Cooper AO was a very great Australian. A world leader in immunology yes, he was also a wonderful me… https://t.co/IJwIcm4htU

@resourcefultype Christine Forster @resourcefultype

Clover Moore & her party have voted that Council shouldn’t even INVESTIGATE purchasing The Metro in Kings Cross so… https://t.co/uJt4q86Bl5

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

It was a warm and friendly (and furry) community event. Thank you for organising it #KingsCrossDogShow https://t.co/7vAbJCM3GX

@HarryCook Harry Cook @HarryCook

Love, Harry ♥️ https://t.co/LUycX4mGvg

Love, Harry ♥️ https://t.co/LUycX4mGvg

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Nick Robinson and Katherine Langford at Australian Premiere of #LoveSimon https://t.co/z4CaYsMjWU

Nick Robinson and Katherine Langford at...

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Australian Premiere of #LoveSimon https://t.co/cLqRrdMVGl

Australian Premiere of #LoveSimon https:...

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Try to get your head around this. The former CIA chief @JohnBrennan tweeting in response to a tweet by… https://t.co/RXMCbepPRM

@MackayIM Ian M Mackay, PhD @MackayIM

That a few months around vaccination timing is *so* important says much about how loudly we should be demanding for… https://t.co/j8h9v011PK

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

@julie_library @RACGP @DrBastianSeidel Always ask your oncologist but flu vaccine is usually recommended for people… https://t.co/eLMO1J3yha

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Maybe we should be looking at efficacy and safety of a second flu vaccine after three months for at risk patients r… https://t.co/GBbjLoGuCU

@MJA_Editor MJA Editor in Chief @MJA_Editor

I know people like this! "ruthlessly going after what they want without any concern for those around them..manipula… https://t.co/g7ADbpkGkj

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