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Doctor, health & civil rights advocate, Past President AMA, City of Sydney Councillor, author, mother of three.


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@DavidCampbell73 David Campbell @DavidCampbell73

This is so brilliant and funny and beautiful and perfect and sentimental. One of the great modern Christmas songs.… https://t.co/Kf2rHERYYE

@ThompsonKerstin Kerstin Thompson @ThompsonKerstin

"When our major public buildings don't last 30 years we have a real problem" Don't demolish. Refurbish. https://t.co/ZscU6wkGis

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

It’s a start #guncontrol https://t.co/EvXBfWQteA

@MaralynParker Maralyn Parker @MaralynParker

The main perpetrator of child sex abuse in Australia is the Catholic Church. Australia should stop tax concession f… https://t.co/lim914EqyR

@davidbewart Ewart Dave 🎺 @davidbewart

Excellent suggestion by former PM Julia Gillard (@smh today): end tax concessions for churches that do not act on r… https://t.co/LgKV9oqfuI

@BecCole Beccy Cole @BecCole

Hello Happiness! We just clinked our glasses to a great result. Praise and thanks to some tireless sister campaigne… https://t.co/zFqnLSsfcw

@ABCthedrum ABC The Drum @ABCthedrum

"#RoyalCommission has left Catholics discombobulated. It has blown out of the water forever the normal defenses of… https://t.co/HfUuvFf8rK

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Priceless.🚗😏 https://t.co/fPebkuV2gz

@cityofsydney City of Sydney @cityofsydney

This #SydNYE we've teamed up with @briometrix to produce maps showing the best access routes for a person using a w… https://t.co/LCYylKFvdA

@michaelkoziol Michael Koziol @michaelkoziol

The government has released the (very extensive) terms of reference for the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom https://t.co/U0VEIIQGtc

The government has released the (very ex...

@Geofftheplumber Geoff Thomas @Geofftheplumber

@michaelkoziol It appears they left out the part requiring respect of our constitution for separation between Churc… https://t.co/GH34WYEOCj

@ama_media AMA Media @ama_media

It's what we've all suspected for a long time now. Peppa Pig has been encouraging inappropriate use of primary care… https://t.co/qVerAUecBH

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

In some cases there is land but not investment in improvements such as synthetic turf. We also need to plan for spo… https://t.co/bXu4Omqw56

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

@davemanso Without investment in community sporting infrastructure (ie fields), we cannot develop interest in junio… https://t.co/64nFg76vKN

@davemanso David Mansford @davemanso

Spot on Peter. My 7yo son can't get on a cricket team. Teams are full and have waiting lists - they need grounds!… https://t.co/D37Wtv6TaZ

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Note the separated pedestrians and cyclists and cars #safety #activetransport #Copenhagen #cityofsydney… https://t.co/rcUH7G0ZNe

@AboutTheHouse Australian House of Representatives @AboutTheHouse

#funfact: The Republic in #StarWars doesn't feature a House of Representatives and is immediately overthrown by the Sith. #makesyouthink

@CloverMoore Clover Moore @CloverMoore

BREAKING: The EPA has rejected the EIS for WestConnex Stage 3. This is another major road block for the WestConne… https://t.co/UUPoxAdtc8

@WhyWaite_UoA WhyWaite @WhyWaite_UoA

@drkerrynphelps @australiandr That was my exact experience this week. Praise great GPs

@TheTweetOfGod God @TheTweetOfGod

You suck at praying, Franklin. https://t.co/qYFvjLSVmB

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

@Chrys_Stevenson @Juanita_Phillip Hoses? You had hoses? Luxury!

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

It’s been a big week 😊 @australiandr https://t.co/mIpzughBo9

It’s been a big week 😊 @australiandr htt...

@GlebeHockey Glebe Hockey @GlebeHockey

Active recreation, kids sports and grassroots groups can’t thrive without facilities (fields). The City of Sydney h… https://t.co/A5aJQBaSt4

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

It is ridiculous that people have to be told to stay out of pools if they have #diarrhoea, but good to mention as t… https://t.co/M9eORLmKMh

@GlebeHockey Glebe Hockey @GlebeHockey

@drkerrynphelps @PhilipThalis @cityofsydney Not just Glebe Hockey, the entire northern region of City of Sydney is… https://t.co/pzWfWNu4Ru

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

@PhilipThalis The space is already there. You don't think 30 years is long enough for a hockey club to wait for Cou… https://t.co/2XkEQniGSP

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

I was there @PhilipThalis Usual tactics of hearing of a problem and quoting what @cityofsydney policy is without ad… https://t.co/mUb5wyMPKY

@drkerrynphelps Prof Kerryn Phelps @drkerrynphelps

Decisions of Council may be available but here is no way of seeing the content of @cityofsydney debates because tha… https://t.co/8vgvzB9bKv

@bmj_latest The BMJ @bmj_latest

“Gender has no place in medicine”: An obituary for Margaret Turner-Warwick, the first woman to be president of the… https://t.co/XMxtcVnBkZ

@AnnastaciaMP AnnastaciaPalaszczuk @AnnastaciaMP

As I committed during the election campaign, I have today written to the Prime Minister exercising Queensland’s vet… https://t.co/R1DoOSEjwQ

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