@My Own Therapy Support Animal~Rabid Honey Badger

My Own Therapy Support Animal~Rabid Honey Badger

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Glad to “see” you finally made it to my ghost shindig for @Driggizmo1987 ~the regular guy version of whatever the hell name up there I currently call myself

Middleburg, FL, US, Earth, MWG

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@drigghostmo1987 My Own Therapy Support Animal~Rabid Honey Badger @drigghostmo1987

I was born to be a beautiful man, but the ugliness is powerful I do what I can.

@ryanztweetz Ryan @ryanztweetz

#IfSocialMediaDisappeared I’d have to hang out with people IRL! NOOOOOOOOO!!!

@drigghostmo1987 My Own Therapy Support Animal~Rabid Honey Badger @drigghostmo1987

@Rkopala EXPLORATION POINTS! https://t.co/PGQxnvEKnW

@Rkopala EXPLORATION POINTS! https://t.c...

@Rkopala Dread Pirate Roberts @Rkopala

#WhenWeColonizeMars It'll probe-ably be uncomfortable at first.

@PuiaMaae Cole World😈🖕👊☠ @PuiaMaae

#WhenWeColonizeMars free weed and Mars Bars

@PuiaMaae Cole World😈🖕👊☠ @PuiaMaae

#WhenWeColonizeMars we send all the Pedophiles to Uranus...

@PuiaMaae Cole World😈🖕👊☠ @PuiaMaae

#WhenWeColonizeMars let's live like we're back in the 90s https://t.co/NAIc4ha6qB

#WhenWeColonizeMars let's live like we'r...

@mamabridgee Bridget Lee @mamabridgee

#WhenWeColonizeMars the Kardashians are sure to tweet about it. Bo Mars West

@just_some_lady jane 💋 @just_some_lady

#WhenWeColonizeMars we will be amazed at ourselves and gloat probably https://t.co/aJvHaQPr5X

#WhenWeColonizeMars we will be amazed at...

@ninersgiantss Frankthatank @ninersgiantss

Hopefully there will be a mcdonald's #WhenWeColonizeMars

@47young1 Mrs. Jenzy Jen Jenzinita @47young1

#WhenWeColonizeMars I’ll most likely be dead.

@ScratchycClark Clark Moses @ScratchycClark

#WhenWeColonizeMars I hope I can play outside ! https://t.co/qm7eXgQj9H

#WhenWeColonizeMars I hope I can play ou...

@KAREN698 The Other Karen @KAREN698

#WhenWeColonizeMars the bouncer will still ask for your ID (unless you slip him a $50).

@im_srishabh21 Rishabh Sharma @im_srishabh21

Cats would take over the world there also #WhenWeColonizeMars

@ParanormalCorne Paranormal Corner @ParanormalCorne

#WhenWeColonizeMars Jesus Christ what a scary thought! I hope the Martians build a wall to protect themselves from… https://t.co/RG3fY7IUtm

@Pussaluss123 Alison @Pussaluss123

#WhenWeColonizeMars We could send every crazy, screwed up, arrogant obnoxious lefty there...then the Martians can put up with them 😵😖😂

@PuiaMaae Cole World😈🖕👊☠ @PuiaMaae

#WhenWeColonizeMars I'll try n get tickets but it's sold out because I'm a procrastinator

@OkieGrrl OkieGrrl @OkieGrrl

#WhenWeColonizeMars lets hope we don't run in to these fellas https://t.co/0C67Awlzwi

#WhenWeColonizeMars lets hope we don't r...

@NzRoulston David Roulston @NzRoulston

#WhenWeColonizeMars Taylor swift will be my wife

@JasonSpellman Jason 🤣💨 @JasonSpellman

#WhenWeColonizeMars I’m only staying for two weeks https://t.co/JDqFn1p9UF

#WhenWeColonizeMars I’m only staying for...

@JorquanTheFirst Jordan Cates @JorquanTheFirst

#WhenWeColonizeMars maybe I'll enlist... @ExpanseSYFY @JamesSACorey https://t.co/5D2tc0dwuP

#WhenWeColonizeMars maybe I'll enlist......

@jbsmth65 J.B. Smith @jbsmth65

#WhenWeColonizeMars I want to meet this lady. https://t.co/pUDUgVXa7V

#WhenWeColonizeMars I want to meet this...

@im_srishabh21 Rishabh Sharma @im_srishabh21

#WhenWeColonizeMars I'll tweet something funny.

@vegavic84 vic vega @vegavic84

#WhenWeColonizeMars some asshole's gonna tweet new planet who dis and it's still not gonna be funny

@LABruinMando 🇲🇽 Franco 🇺🇸 🏈🏌🏀 @LABruinMando

#WhenWeColonizeMars I'll be in demand. Martian chicks love Tacos. https://t.co/6pPM82Vuri

#WhenWeColonizeMars I'll be in demand. M...

@aka_tahto Carol @aka_tahto

#WhenWeColonizeMars are we going to drive on the right side or the left side?

@LadyBaileykins Dr.Penaltybox PHD in PiM @LadyBaileykins

#WhenWeColonizeMars we will be thankful it wasn't Uranus

@im_srishabh21 Rishabh Sharma @im_srishabh21

Life On Mars song would be our Anthem #WhenWeColonizeMars

@drigghostmo1987 My Own Therapy Support Animal~Rabid Honey Badger @drigghostmo1987

Dibs on being mars Jesus minus the whole crucification part! ✋🏻😃 #WhenWeColonizeMars

@SteveElsass Steve Elsass 🇺🇸🇩🇪🇨🇮 @SteveElsass

#WhenWeColonizeMars Musk will have flown us there (SpaceX). And housed us there in underground habitats (hat tip Musk's Boring Co.)

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