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Your Majesty - NB Trans (they/them) 💰📬 #spoilme with your DM or be ignored 📬💰 Hedonistic and sadistic, a chaotic fantasy made real.

a village

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@LustyBustyLark LustyBustyLark™ Promo Account @LustyBustyLark

Are you getting excited?! 😎 https://t.co/axzVrIF438 11pm PST 2am EST 7am GMT FREE to Chat & Tokens Appreciated!… https://t.co/Q2rR58U1si

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Inching closer towards the Georgia Fuck Vacation, all thanks to tokens and online gift cards from all of you. Pleas… https://t.co/kivq4j6Nkn

@QueerLunarQueen Caleb Daniels @QueerLunarQueen

30 RTs and I’ll post the uncensored pics and maybe a vid 😉 #humpday https://t.co/HOMkXVwTkC

30 RTs and I’ll post the uncensored pics...

@sweetsin_MFC ♡ Taylor Trinity Fae ♡ @sweetsin_MFC

Webcam models, sexworkers, and girls in general, be aware and careful. @Timm_SD_ is fake and uses @SugarDaddyN8 ‘s… https://t.co/2FDN5iE6GN

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

@MissFreudian It's so tempting to say "FU" to the Georgia trip first and plan a filming trip out to you but lol, no… https://t.co/JmU2yE2kv9

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Make Me happy and I won't be tempted to do horrible things to your sensitive parts. And I know you have many of tho… https://t.co/sESp59kza6

@DaisyDax Daisy Dax🦄🌼 @DaisyDax

BBW Vampire Vore Girlfriend Eats You w/ Body Inflation #VORE #BBW #VAMPIRE #TRANSFORMATIONFETISH #clips4sale… https://t.co/kmsCiMfzWt

@Ryder_Jayce Red Velvet & Sugarcane @Ryder_Jayce

Don't sleep on this! 8:09 video & 29 photos. DM to get it for yourself ♡ https://t.co/n4rc6dDrzd

Don't sleep on this! 8:09 video & 29...

@skunkboyqmaf skunkboy @skunkboyqmaf

omg they finally made a show tail in my lime green. T_T https://t.co/1TwMyWnCyO if you want to buy it for me, slide into my DMs. ;)

@_RubyClaire_ Birthday Rubes 🎂2/28 🎂 @_RubyClaire_

Witching Hour by @_RubyClaire_ https://t.co/yPLJuqkKof @manyvids https://t.co/QQWMHhMTcM

Witching Hour by @_RubyClaire_ https://t...

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Beautiful dommes I would love to bottom for: @MissFreudian @SophiaStJames @DenaliWinter

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

I didn't know that I could get off on a balloon, but it happened! #looner #loonerlove Bounce to Pop Orgasm… https://t.co/PMyMg5NqoD

@DaisyDax Daisy Dax🦄🌼 @DaisyDax

My new fuck machine clip is up & has been quite popular! Check it out 🔥🔥💋💌 https://t.co/WzPnbT3L2V https://t.co/0lgBUhowXj

My new fuck machine clip is up & has...

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

And then there was this asshole, who I highly doubt is a legitimate photographer and if he is, he's probably a pred… https://t.co/bUj9pnCPni

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

I didn't deserve that. No disabled model deserves that. I wish camsites actually gave a fuck about the well being o… https://t.co/el7vT6IWQH

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Had to block a grey user last night for mocking My chronic pain and disabilities and almost rage quit over him maki… https://t.co/cX7AYdjs6t

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Bless you healthy jointed models who can sit on the floor and twist your body into pretzels at the bell of the toke… https://t.co/qJA50bnk2V

@thotscholar intellectual thot-thot @thotscholar

I am about $300 away from making the goal of paying for my doula workshop with DONA upfront. (It's $525 PIF upfront… https://t.co/QOl20KwhnA

@sagesometimes 🦎Sage Sometimes🦎 @sagesometimes

Finally starting to feel normal again! Treat yourself to some videos, memberships, or Premium Snapchat!… https://t.co/Q3N4IFrDau

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

I make up for being online only right now for letting ya'll record your private shows with Me, so you can revisit o… https://t.co/BfE91yXyaL


might just spam #onlyfans in the middle of the night, who knows🤷🏽‍♂️ don’t miss out. https://t.co/YwZSHe012c… https://t.co/8muR1CAbmk

@NinaPaynex Nina Chrome @NinaPaynex

Sold my vid! Mouth Tongue and Throat. Get yours here https://t.co/3yqdcrjwzK @manyvids #MVSales https://t.co/hHtJZmkXFX

Sold my vid! Mouth Tongue and Throat. Ge...

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

"Enjoy these close up minutes where I smile, blink, flick my eyes around, make eye contact with you, and say cute u… https://t.co/PfwM1Gn2rc

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Tributes are a "hi, I like you!" or "I love you!" or "I would crawl a mile over broken glass to sniff your ass thro… https://t.co/p0Z17xrbx7

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

I think oral after a foot rub would be nice. Maybe fade out the orgasm with some more foot rubbing to bring Me down… https://t.co/V8hiUu2eBW

@venusselenite Venus ⚧ Selenite @venusselenite

Please please please keep me in light and prayer for the next few days. I’ve been ordered by doctors to rest and drink fluids consistently.

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

I apologize, veiwers are reporting 30-40 second delay. There's not much I can do about the weather outside fucking… https://t.co/iDmPVu8eA2

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

@ForeverFrskyFox It's okay, we're all guilty of this in one way or another. That's why we gotta keep talking to oth… https://t.co/HM9ZPX0JUi

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

Get over your ego and admit you're weak for Me. Get in here and admit all your failings so that I can shatter you a… https://t.co/Bilur9rhBH

@dreagentry YourEverLovingMajesty @dreagentry

@missclaraturing So they've probably been told already and they're unwilling to change. GOOD TO KNOW!

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