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@samanthamaiden Samantha Maiden @samanthamaiden

So this is extremely disturbing. The Catholic Education Commission Victoria is accused of ripping off needy schools… https://t.co/8uRgZG6PfL

@JoshButler Josh Butler @JoshButler

NSW liberal MP wants Turnbull to face a "crisis" - plunging the country into leadership chaos once again - so he ha… https://t.co/p1rNbAnU8z

@murpharoo Katharine Murphy @murpharoo

Ged Kearney wants more 'humane' asylum policies and will play a role at the ALP national conference. 'Getting peopl… https://t.co/YWMZK80woV

@murpharoo Katharine Murphy @murpharoo

.@GuardianAus has been here for five years. Feels both like an absolute lifetime & like yesterday that I came acros… https://t.co/o6hU5zkB2q

@murpharoo Katharine Murphy @murpharoo

Canberra Observed has had a lot of fine owners in the twenty something years since I started at @FinancialReview, b… https://t.co/edIbiPljXI

@murpharoo Katharine Murphy @murpharoo

Congratulations to @PhillipCoorey who steps up as political editor @FinancialReview You've worked your backside off. You've earned it x

@HuffPostWeird HuffPost Weird News @HuffPostWeird

Henry Cavill's mustache is no more. But the actor will not forget it. https://t.co/7bFzWnoyrd

@DespatchesDaily Despatches @DespatchesDaily

Despatches for Thursday 22 Mar has been sent to your in-boxes! The newsletter is produced exclusively for… https://t.co/xC4IjhbWdf

@TomMcIlroy Tom McIlroy @TomMcIlroy

Why new South Australian senator Tim Storer won't call back https://t.co/f0s5m5WAne #auspol

@staffo_sez Andrew Stafford @staffo_sez

Hey @Asher_Wolf just getting in early to say was the best part of my day. #winningtwitter https://t.co/wtKR8q9hR5

Hey @Asher_Wolf just getting in early to...

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@giddeygirl @DespatchesDaily I'm a freelance member of the MEAA and we have tiered dues. Works for me.

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@giddeygirl @DespatchesDaily Any time :-)

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@giddeygirl @DespatchesDaily Only if the referral is done by someone other than the Parliament.

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@giddeygirl @DespatchesDaily Interesting.

@ljayes Laura Jayes @ljayes

"Sharing ‘fake news’ makes you an accomplice in evil, Pope says" @samanthamaiden #toomuch? https://t.co/9BkNp2sfW6

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@DespatchesDaily And if you like what you see, you can sign up for Despatches here https://t.co/EJ3C5ROGNs

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

My analysis of the speech by Sally McManus in yesterday's @DespatchesDaily was very popular. I've put it outside… https://t.co/pDlpRMngfj

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

Whoah - go @samanthamaiden smashing fake news on Catholic education claims

@farrm51 Malcolm Farr @farrm51

How Turnbull's tax campaign is picking off cross-benchers one by one @newscomauHQ https://t.co/U0V4nJjLW6

@DrDemography Dr Liz Allen @DrDemography

Media reporting of James Packer’s mental health are appalling. Here’s a guide to reporting on mental illness in… https://t.co/1BAGZZZuyK

@cyclingpollster Tex @cyclingpollster

This is in fact the major issue blockage to even the first stage of public acceptance of major Corp. tax reductions… https://t.co/91AjPXvXUF

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@realDeanCool Thank you sir

@realDeanCool Poet Laureate @realDeanCool

Excellent use of rustling jimmies in today's Despatches https://t.co/4ApNT8xUpz

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@lukehgomes @unionsaustralia Ah thank you

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@unionsaustralia Hi there, is Sally’s speech online yet? Thanks

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson @drag0nista

@staffo_sez @sallymcmanus Thanks!

@staffo_sez Andrew Stafford @staffo_sez

Despatches by @Drag0nista is particularly good today on @sallymcmanus at NPC https://t.co/VaXS3cCFYN

@DespatchesDaily Despatches @DespatchesDaily

Despatches for Wednesday 21 Mar has been sent to your in-boxes! The newsletter is produced exclusively for… https://t.co/HZg20tRhn6

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