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Columnist & analyst on federal politics. Moonlights as a corporate writer & content producer (for hire). Doting nanna. Crazy cat lady.


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@PatsKarvelas PatriciaKarvelas @PatsKarvelas

Over and out. If you’ve watched my show #karvelas over the last two years thank you - I’ve loved bringing it to you #auspol @SkyNewsAust

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@PatsKarvelas @SkyNewsAust I'm glad to see you escape Sky News After Dark. Totally wasted there. x

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@farrm51 And *hugs* to you too Malcolm.

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@sylmobile I spied you down there Syl. Good to "see" you if not meet you :-D

@farrm51 Malcolm Farr @farrm51

Casey is a family friend. Please help if you can. https://t.co/M99PV7vG4l

@EJBrand Emily Brand @EJBrand

"How would you like to be painted, Infanta?" "In rich gold, & lustrous satins! Glittering with jewels! ... Also I… https://t.co/xpcJFczgMK

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@misstweetergal @AKAWinny "sometimes deadly" - that sounds like me :-D

@janeenorman Jane Norman @janeenorman

"Snake oil salesman ... from ah ... snake oil ... from the salesman" #zinger #nailedit #auspol https://t.co/RNt7wTa2o6

'Snake oil salesman ... from ah ... snak...

@kevinbonham Kevin Bonham @kevinbonham

Swing in #BennelongVotes was quite unevenly distributed - over the target in some booths and little or nothing in o… https://t.co/eCmvbQKeGU

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@misstweetergal @AKAWinny Awww, thank you Lauren. I wish I did look more like Morticia - she's my hero.

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@misstweetergal We do indeed. I'll be watching developments very closely!

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

Thanks for inviting me. It was a lot of fun and very good to meet everyone! https://t.co/vnIkNPrOcF

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

And so good to meet you too Lauren :-) https://t.co/9c1VCMczFX

@nazzer Narelle @nazzer

An afternoon's entertainment. @stilgherrian @Drag0nista @joshgnosis https://t.co/dyXCttTFxe

An afternoon's entertainment. @stilgherr...

@themarkjacka MarkJacka @themarkjacka

Tonight we learnt two things about John Alexander. 1) He speaks 2) He shouldn't speak. #auspol

@JustHadOneJob You Had One Job @JustHadOneJob

Things I hate... https://t.co/QxktQ3Uyr8

Things I hate... https://t.co/QxktQ3Uyr8

@benschneiders Ben Schneiders @benschneiders

How Woolworths and SDA kept their latest wage deal secret. An extraordinary deal, workers can’t even discuss their… https://t.co/n8IS3L9SWl

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

About time https://t.co/yRNaLFa7rw

@elronxenu ʍǝɹpuɐʞɔıu ǝɟǝɟʌoɔ @elronxenu

With @stilgherrian @drag0nista @joshgnosis and guests incl @NewtonMark @sylmobile @Resign_In_Shame @toms_nicole… https://t.co/IypD3YjK4G

@Nicole_Cliffe Nicole Cliffe @Nicole_Cliffe

I have recently added “I’m sorry, I just don’t know enough about that to have formed an opinion” to my vocabulary a… https://t.co/kAsV319Ums

@angusleddo Angus Ledwidge @angusleddo

MISSING: 15-year-old Bryce Rankin last seen at Federation Square at 9:15am. He has Down syndrome, and police say he… https://t.co/TQRotnIjTF

@misstweetergal Lauren @misstweetergal

Sunday funday politics & other interesting things *in real life* @ 9pm Edict podcast recording w @stilgherrian host… https://t.co/odfco1krOT

@paulwallbank Paul Wallbank @paulwallbank

. @stilgherrian looking professional behind the console with @joshgnosis and @Drag0nista . #9pmEdict #Auspol https://t.co/tCIu8R1TYK

. @stilgherrian looking professional beh...

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@misstweetergal Its new to me too. Ive met about a dozen people that I know on Twitter

@pseudomorph pseudomorph @pseudomorph

Anyone know the legality of reproducing a newspaper advertisement for academic purposes in .au? Would Copyright lie… https://t.co/PauyHttNn5

@drag0nista Paula Matthewson #TeamBinChicken @drag0nista

@micky_dee_ we need one of these https://t.co/uRo9tLtLq4

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