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@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

What she said. 👉 https://t.co/jjTQ6bnzJW https://t.co/RBbdLrbHjw

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

DNC CEO @JessOConne11 talked to MSNBC today about how Democrats are on the ground, rolling up our sleeves, and gett… https://t.co/qUg5rguisw

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

We're beyond proud to work with you, @GDouglasJones. https://t.co/90dZP6ErNR

We're beyond proud to work with you, @GD...

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

The DNC invested nearly $1 million in organizing and turning out African-American and millennial voters in Alabama… https://t.co/ONkiDiHPH0

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Win. Rinse. Repeat. This is the New DNC. https://t.co/MM5tGenvtR

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

New merch alert: Order our new gear for your favorite Democrat by Wednesday to guarantee delivery by December 25:… https://t.co/zOFSw7RDM7

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

This year's wins were a great example of what Democrats can do when we're united. Read more from @TomPerez and… https://t.co/EQLPpJwiei

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Tune in to #DemocratsLive to see @keithellison, @luisgutierrez, @UNITEDWEDREAM’s @isaiasreyna, and @ArtieBlancoSays… https://t.co/PLoEvxPcKi

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Tonight on #DemocratsLive, we're demanding a clean #DREAMActNow for America's nearly 800,000 DREAMers. Have questio… https://t.co/eCmr2Wh03Q

@dankildee Dan Kildee @dankildee

Honored to have @keithellison in Flint to talk about the Republican #TaxScamBill and how we can all get involved in… https://t.co/UDjutgfUJp

@claynmiddleton Clay Middleton @claynmiddleton

Tomorrow's assignment; call & say no to #GOPTaxScam at https://t.co/WCg34G21Kp. @TheDemocrats are providing tools f… https://t.co/3NynsDc56P

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

We want to answer your ACA open enrollment questions and help you #GetCovered. Join @keithellison, @GetUSCovered's… https://t.co/TEckY3Z4dn

@DNCLatinos Los Demócratas @DNCLatinos

The #GOPTaxScam hits the Latino community hard — read this from Chair @TomPerez to learn more: https://t.co/O07C45Q09u

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Republicans are trying to Make America Broke Again with their #GOPTaxScam. Call and fight this:… https://t.co/8AgN0pJkcC

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

"I used to work on the back of a trash truck to help pay for college; I know garbage when I see it." — DNC Chair… https://t.co/Jmzk4wzkAU

@TomPerez Tom Perez @TomPerez

Last Tuesday’s results show just what Democrats are capable of when we organize and lead with our values — and we’r… https://t.co/nXMgxZD6Hw

@MrMikeBlake Michael Blake @MrMikeBlake

Major shoutout to one of the biggest champions of democracy, @JessicaPost, who lead @TheDLCC to a HISTORIC wave las… https://t.co/daBulahqoF

@fairfaxforlg Justin Fairfax @fairfaxforlg

Thank you for going ALL-IN to win Virginia and a brighter future for our nation, Bro. @MrMikeBlake! The time is no… https://t.co/qw2MrrmRsh

@TerryMcAuliffe Terry McAuliffe @TerryMcAuliffe

Democrats don't stop until polls close. Keep the momentum going!! https://t.co/VzyVJ7EvFM

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Do you have questions about voting today? Give us a call: (833) 336-VOTE. https://t.co/p8LZq2PodC

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

.@JessOConne11 explains why we're proud to stand with women running for office in VA and all across the country. ✊ https://t.co/KjMdbIqoaa

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

On Tuesday's Election Day edition of #DemocratsLive, @keithellison welcomes @MaxineWaters & DNC CEO @JessOConne11.… https://t.co/rRA8W456l2

@AmandaK_B Amanda Brown Lierman @AmandaK_B

Belle’s 1st time on the doors! GOTV for @RalphNortham @fairfaxforlg @MarkHerringVA & all #democrats on the ballot.… https://t.co/2TQgQJ1eYu

@JessOConne11 Jess O'Connell @JessOConne11

DNC making 2020 transparent -even the perception of impartiality or unfair advantage undermines our ability to win. https://t.co/4x3kFrHIIG

@sabrinasingh24 Sabrina Singh @sabrinasingh24

.@TomPerez @FairfaxJustin out at Todos getting out the vote https://t.co/5LhvGGYxOk

.@TomPerez @FairfaxJustin out at Todos g...

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Friday on #DemocratsLive, @keithellison talks with VA's next lieutenant governor @fairfaxjustin. Tune in here or at… https://t.co/ZCipXNeQnn

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

Democrats like Rick Kriseman will provide the leadership Floridians need. We are proud to support him. https://t.co/kxjIvSgpyW

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

We're committed to winning up & down the ticket in New Jersey. Get out to vote for Democrats on November 7. https://t.co/HwSaavFTB8

@JoeBiden Joe Biden @JoeBiden

Alabama, this gets to the heart of why you should vote for Doug Jones on December 12th. A man of incredible integri… https://t.co/dn2nNjzNDe

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

The new DNC is ready for the fight ahead. We’ve got a plan with 1 goal in mind — winning seats from the school boar… https://t.co/gBtxFDlxq7

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