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@NebraskaDems Nebraska Democratic Party 💙 🌊 @NebraskaDems

Interested in helping getting Democrats elected? Have only a few hours? Become a Block Captain! It is only 9 hours… https://t.co/jxGYlqEVxs

@Carriepugh Carrie Pugh @Carriepugh

Thanks Tom Perez @DNC for reminding us you’ve got our backs - Educators, Labor, Women, Dreamers. That’s right. Ever… https://t.co/pQlbP3opnI

@AmandaK_B Amanda Brown Lierman @AmandaK_B

Take Belle to work day! She was a vocal participant in the #SaturdayMorning #DNCWinter18 council meetings. Train… https://t.co/JG0QgYUtkc

@TylerLum Tyler Lum @TylerLum

“We have 240 days till the weekend — that’s Election Day “ - Tom Perez #DNCWinter18 #CDAWinter18

@vedantpatel90 Vedant Patel @vedantpatel90

Chair @TomPerez addressing the @TheDemocrats #AAPI Caucus highlighting the immense success of #AAPI candidates in 2… https://t.co/w3MHj4nDCM

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

At #DNCWinter18, Framingham's @Mayor_Spicer talks about how women, and especially Black women, have always been at… https://t.co/plA5L1VFVf

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

"Representation matters...Everyone must be counted." - @MayorPugh50 gives an impassioned speech to our #DNCWinter18… https://t.co/m0wDysUDc7

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Hello from our LGBT Caucus this morning at our #DNCWinter18 Meeting. Democrats are proud to have our LGBTQ family m… https://t.co/KGUnUNwgiM

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

At #DNCWinter18, our women’s caucus members are celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with red outfits, purple ribbon… https://t.co/dbZK3Ez9Nl

@SoDakDems SD Democratic Party @SoDakDems

We have some great news: @TheDemocrats have awarded us a $50,000 grant to expand upon our efforts to build stronger… https://t.co/LlDAndfUD8

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Are you at this week's Winter Meeting? Show us your experiences and follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #DNCWinter18.

@Sewell4Congress Terri A. Sewell @Sewell4Congress

Great speaking @DNC to thank @TomPerez and the DNC team for their support in Alabama race for Sen. Doug Jones!! https://t.co/YsgxkIjJp9

Great speaking @DNC to thank @TomPerez a...

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Whether you vote in every election or you've never voted before, make sure your voice is heard on Election Day. Vis… https://t.co/AFSifLB8zn

@Grace4NY Grace Meng @Grace4NY

Because @TheDemocrats are organizing and running everywhere, we're going to win everywhere. Up next: Texas!… https://t.co/oFtri0qOBr

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

We have to hold Republicans in Congress accountable. Dreamers deserve so much better — read more from @TomPerez on… https://t.co/QwrewFhBR8

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

College Democrats like @sophmward are taking a stand against gun violence. It's time to elect more Democrats who ar… https://t.co/HdwJrgqOxb

@k8thegr8est Caitlin Mitchell @k8thegr8est

Democrats nationwide are going to be spending all day, every day talking about voting from now until November. We… https://t.co/T3FWtXgNkh


Here's a step-by-step look at Democrats' plan for 2018: ✅Commit to vote ✅Organize ✅Mobilize ✅WIN Want to be a part… https://t.co/BVtnEPNDvX

@raffi uɐᴉɹoʞᴉɹʞ ᴉɟɟɐɹ👨🏼‍🚀 @raffi

so proud of @TheDemocrats tech team for our role in getting this out! we'll be iterating and working on this moving… https://t.co/vl7nLaxIGN

@JasonRRae Jason Rae @JasonRRae

When we educate, organize and turnout to vote Democrats win. Join me today in commiting to vote for Democrats up an… https://t.co/WiWqeLKHZP

@LetsMobilizeUS MobilizeAmerica @LetsMobilizeUS

From the school board to the Senate, Democrats are competing everywhere in 2018. That's why we're excited to work… https://t.co/eBDzooOlau

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Think your vote doesn’t matter? Think again. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Commit to vote at… https://t.co/wDE0VDDUqa

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

States like Indiana are critical to our success in 2018, 2020, and beyond. Read @TomPerez's interview on how we're… https://t.co/iNN9WvU2Aw

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

.@TomPerez promised to invest & compete everywhere when he became DNC chair. A year later, we've flipped 37 state l… https://t.co/C4sONDRxFH

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

If you missed this morning's #DemocratsLive on preventing gun violence in America, you can catch @keithellison,… https://t.co/Wmrj6ojIwv

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

More updates from our #DemsTour: @keithellison joined our union brothers and sisters in Missouri last week advocati… https://t.co/hZo9WzzIGW

@dnc Democratic Party @dnc

Chair @TomPerez and DNC member @YasmineTaeb wrote an open letter to the students of Stoneman Douglas, Yasmine's alm… https://t.co/CPiHV3EZXZ

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

From our family to yours, we wish a happy #LunarNewYear to all those celebrating today. Here's DNC Vice Chair… https://t.co/IMssdfsGzY

@TheDemocrats The Democrats @TheDemocrats

If you missed this week's #DemocratsLive earlier today, you can catch @keithellison and our guests talking about Bl… https://t.co/rXunEAbl4Q

@AmandaK_B Amanda Brown Lierman @AmandaK_B

Great topic, great company, great conversation. 👏🏾👇🏾❤️ https://t.co/hZNTiIERh2

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