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@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@AndyNaylorArgus Hero. https://t.co/Tvkm6EAl1q

@AndyNaylorArgus Hero. https://t.co/Tvkm...

@AndyNaylorArgus Andy Naylor @AndyNaylorArgus

Have Albion landed their striker? Checking reports of a 16 million euros deal agreed for PSV hotshot Jurgen Locadia… https://t.co/TBO0VunksO

@Sporf SPORF @Sporf

#ThatMomentWhen Aaron Lennon spots Theo Walcott at the Everton training ground. 👀😂 https://t.co/gnUSxXbSZJ

#ThatMomentWhen Aaron Lennon spots Theo...

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@BreakingNLive @Nathan_Dolby I’m crying

@BreakingNLive BNL NEWS @BreakingNLive

BREAKING: Several injuries following a massive storm in the Netherlands. This is a frightening video from #DenBosch… https://t.co/NucnZBJj4q

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@OfficialBHAFC I think @JoshLewis94_ will agree also @Nathan_Dolby https://t.co/iAdAoyCjRx

@OfficialBHAFC I think @JoshLewis94_  wi...

@matthaig1 Matt Haig @matthaig1

Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. It is preventable. Let's not man up. Let's not tough it out.… https://t.co/WnccNUeyIb

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@Nathan_Dolby me realising I’ve failed in my stalking attempts for the first time ever #Stunned https://t.co/asYIQX0rmB

@Nathan_Dolby me realising I’ve failed i...

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@Coral @Dave_Churchward A all the way

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

It’s up there in the top 3. Everything that could have gone right that day, did! You forgot to mention the abuse fo… https://t.co/H6HKjLWmM6

@_CarltonCole9 Cartlon Cole @_CarltonCole9

We've gone from Dimitri Payet having the club held at ransom to Andy Carroll having the club ransom within 12 month… https://t.co/SdouZmP48d

@SkyBet Sky Bet @SkyBet

🌍 World Class. #bettingbetter https://t.co/dxd7x1UzYG

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@dsouz_shayne I’m a brighton fan lad! 😂

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

Morata suspended for Saturday... that’s actually a bad thing for us 😂 #BHAFC #CFC

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@DanielleHus92 Did you not pass 😔

@GrossMisc0nduct @GrossMisc0nduct

#BHAFC https://t.co/G1el1zstut

#BHAFC https://t.co/G1el1zstut

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@Nathan_Dolby Don’t ever change 💙

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@Nathan_Dolby I’m pitching a tent when I see her 😂

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

There’s only a certain amount of items you can buy from Millets as an excuse to talk to the dime piece working the… https://t.co/y3ktMRffr3

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

Thinking of doing Cancun three times this year 🤔😂 #Addicted

@JmeBBK Jme @JmeBBK

Shshsbshshshsbshshshahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha FAMMMMMMMMMMM IM FINISHED @bignarstie https://t.co/suR7h6Rce8


@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

“Will this move kick start Theo Walcott’s career?” Bit late for that. He’s been around for 12 years!? Will never f… https://t.co/Z30GpKWdUi

@Diskin94 Diskin @Diskin94

This is what your going to get from Ricky Holmes. Great interview #sufc #twitterblades https://t.co/gDctQwboEE

This is what your going to get from Rick...

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

@90thMin @Dave_Churchward every time 😂

@djdixon90 Daniel-Jack Dixon @djdixon90

Well, Southampton away just got a bit more interesting... #BHAFC https://t.co/Gx9XPbTBCe

Well, Southampton away just got a bit mo...

@LiveTransferNew Transfer News Live @LiveTransferNew

Brighton are in advanced talks with FC Spartak Moscow Striker Zé Luís. A fee of around £20M is close to being agree… https://t.co/dCEjXwvdPd

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