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Internationally Published Fetish Photographer, Adult Marketing & Branding, Pro Writer, Podcast Host & Producer, Audiobook Narrator, Artist and BDSM Mentor. #IFB

Oklahoma City, OK

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@dirkhooper Dirk Hooper @dirkhooper

Tumblr Is Turning ‘Safe Mode’ on by Default for Everyone https://t.co/N6WxOovch7 #news #socialmedia

@dirkhooper Dirk Hooper @dirkhooper

Dirk Hooper's review of “Black Panther” (2018 film) - Quora https://t.co/47SaEdzvEP https://t.co/OPxgNuoVNU

Dirk Hooper's review of “Black Panther”...

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

Red Lanterns is now offering a pre-sale on their ICO Interested in sex education or blockchain or new cryptocurre… https://t.co/KjFu15O0bP

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

New! Listen now: The Dirk Side with Dirk Hooper: Ep. 26 – How Olympic Athletes Prepare for Success | Sexy Networkin… https://t.co/zb3fQLkkAw

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

Photo: Dirk Hooper Model: Oshun Makeup: Danger Darling Book a Shoot with Dirk! https://t.co/Rw5tr3uRuy… https://t.co/ta5ufSSPgj

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

The new audiobook by Suzanne Steele and me is live! Expose': Born Bratva Book 3 written by @Suzanne_Steele_ and na… https://t.co/AtrYxsNcYL

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

How much does it cost to have me ReTweet your photos and videos? 👉NOTHING! 👉Zip! 👉Zilch! 👉Nada! Ladies, just ment… https://t.co/mqGwY9yXFw

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

Here's a new self portrait that I took over this weekend. It's now my new profile photo. ❤️What do you think? Pl… https://t.co/0nHNTRLT5e

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

Want to seriously help your favorite Domme, model, or performer? ➡️ Hit that ReTweet button and share their tweets… https://t.co/k7fatFjQc6

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

It's time to EXPLODE your social media engagement! The Personal Branding Makeover | Sexy Networking by Dirk Hoope… https://t.co/hbWqv2rxLL

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

See first-look, exclusive, and archive photos on my OnlyFans page! Your support of my OnlyFans page will help me w… https://t.co/fsSMpo02iZ

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

List of Adult Marketing Sites for Dominatrix, Escorts, Providers, and Sex Workers | Dirk Hooper's Sexy Networking… https://t.co/VcG3VwPExw

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

Subs, paypigs,slaves, and fans... 👉 Who is your favorite Domme? Reply to this tweet and give your favorite Domme… https://t.co/XxwECuh0zT

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

I just finished another Personal Branding Makeover! Do you need insight on your social media, your business plan,… https://t.co/ckjHRFKZHo

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

I ❤️ Fan Signs! 👉If you'll send me a sexy Fan Sign I'll use it to create a shoutout that I'll share with my 89K+ f… https://t.co/CyUb9m3Ghm

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

Sex News: Biohacker insanity, sex workers omitted from #MeToo, sex abuse and journalism, Tumblr is dead - Violet Bl… https://t.co/bksmDfdckF

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

We Vacationed at the World's Oldest BDSM Sex Chateau - VICE https://t.co/EktFlwCHcF #BDSM #news https://t.co/huaKQPwQPi

We Vacationed at the World's Oldest BDSM...

@DirkHooper Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

4 Types of Lactation Fetish - Kink Lovers https://t.co/R9w35y0HNg #fetish #BDSM #advice #news https://t.co/0osJZjTAdV

4 Types of Lactation Fetish - Kink Lover...

@GoddessJazmin3 Goddess Jazmin 💋 @GoddessJazmin3

So over your shit - get on your knees and beg for forgiveness... But don't forget to $end #findom #finsub #paypig… https://t.co/WGW7dnBRik

@prncssdee11 Princess Dee @prncssdee11

Spoil my #sexy #perfectfeet #findom #paypig @rtdumb @rtswine @underdeskloser @find0m @rtpiggy @RT_Slave… https://t.co/oHOGn0AXnO

@Sophiaa_leee Queen Sophiaa Lee @Sophiaa_leee

You should be the sweaty one not me. Which piggy deserves the honour of licking me clean after the gym😌👸🏻? @RtMePig… https://t.co/4qVWp0r1wo

@carmenkvista 👑Princess Carmen K. 👑 @carmenkvista

Your worst nightmare. 👑 @RTCamModels @RT4Femdom @AlphaPromoSlave @DirkHooper @RTfaggot @rtfindom @RTFindomPromo… https://t.co/6c5jiGrDFU

@Blue_Diamond777 Blue Diamond TC @Blue_Diamond777

@DirkHooper https://t.co/2HNGDRn5g3

@MissAlexxxia Mistress🕸Alexxxia @MissAlexxxia

Did you know sending Me your money is scientifically proven to make your microdick grow from one inch to two? Too b… https://t.co/WSYm03tJAk

@TFindom BrattyPrincessTilly👑👣💋 @TFindom

😁 #verified now cough up mutts!! Like YOUR little #pindick could EVER have a taste of tilly pftttt #tribute & stfu… https://t.co/wwoCWS70Zw

@stonedmars 𝑔𝑜𝒹𝒹𝑒𝓈𝓈 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓈 @stonedmars

So many people wasting my time today Im gonna fall asleep in lingerie next to my man and you’re not gonna fall asle… https://t.co/HdssgUO9bg

@MissJasmineLux Jasmine Lux @MissJasmineLux

new #slaves welcome #cashpigs 💎$$ MUST BE Financially stable Generous, Obedient Loyal :) #chicagobdsm… https://t.co/nsKASupvBE

@TheGoddessBebe 🥀 Goddess Bebe 🥀 @TheGoddessBebe

Sandy soles. Sunkissed skin. #FinDom #FemDom #feet #footfetish @FemdomDaily @Natuky85 @FetishPromos @DirkHooper https://t.co/Ke6ikWFyKb

Sandy soles. 
Sunkissed skin.

#FinDom #...

@GoddessKendell GoddessKendellMonroe @GoddessKendell

I’m going to shove these dirty heels and socks deep into you pathetic loser mouth. I bet you loser will swallow.… https://t.co/MVDf0KerCY

@lady_nylons Lady nylons @lady_nylons

And a few more.....#nylons #nylonfeet #footfetish #footfetishnation #seamedstockings @BritFootBabes @DirkHooper… https://t.co/CeXabxuCII

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