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🙏🏾 "Dionne Farris, she really got me through a lot of this time." - @2pac from Uncensored And Uncut The Lost Prison Tapes. #badass follow @dionne__ 💋

Atlanta, GA

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Dionne Farris & Charlie Hunter - "You're Gonna Need Me " Live - https://t.co/FQmo6DgeOz @DionneFarris @charlie_hunter

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

Dionne Farris performing Saturday #June 3rd @capitaljazzfest #soldout https://t.co/PDIb7yfghE

Dionne Farris performing Saturday #June...

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Happy Birthday Brother el-Shabazz! @DionneFarris singing at the end of #Tennessee reminds me of him. Her msg, still… https://t.co/b2X0AEOFxk

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

A little #donnasummer for the summer. https://t.co/ilMbUI3me8

A little #donnasummer for the summer. ht...

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Song of the day: Passion - @DionneFarris

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Thank you @DionneFarris @DigitallyPink @foreignsteph @Eff0rtlessly @taynicki @KiyaLacey for everything! Yesterday was beautiful ❤️

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

My reasons. I Love you both! #happybirthday @yungbabytate #happymothersday #mom 💐🎂😘😘🙌🏾🙏🏾💯🎈🎁👩🏾👧🏾👵🏾 https://t.co/H7H7zichSc

My reasons. I Love you both! #happybirth...

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

😂🙏🏾🙌🏾 #iknowthatsright https://t.co/AqJSflSE02

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

🎯💯🎈💋 https://t.co/GEWuOYSwBC

🎯💯🎈💋 https://t.co/GEWuOYSwBC

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

"This is not the spot!" -@2pac #TupacShakur

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

🙌🏾💯🙏🏾 https://t.co/dTRug9C59L https://t.co/SmwjkBSlla

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

#TheApprentice, the White House version #yourefired https://t.co/9G0KQnDbSp

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

#prince #t #superdome #neworleans https://t.co/i6ufdnR5Rh

#prince #t #superdome #neworleans https:...

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

🙌🏾🙏🏾 https://t.co/woFCcjiUO7

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💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 https://t.co/IvLsqXUna1

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My Black Girl anthem back inna day. https://t.co/BJebntszCT

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And @DionneFarris is still the truth! We love her voice. https://t.co/icLz12rLXW

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One of my all-time favorite albums!! "Wild Seed, Wild Flower" https://t.co/IPxljDpAea

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@DionneFarris Absolutely loved/love this song! Was a great album. Will catch you in the UK some day 😍

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YASSSSSSSS HONEY PIE!!! Best song ever - it's still in my iPod!! https://t.co/x3zg8rGHuG

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

😂😂😂🙌🏾 https://t.co/ibRsKSzWiT

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

May 6, 1995 - "I Know" by Dionne Farris peaked at No.4 on the US Hot 100 chart. https://t.co/ZHBTG6DvIK

May 6, 1995 - 'I Know' by Dionne Farris...

@DionneFarris Dionne Farris🎯 @DionneFarris

Dionne Farris doing a duet w/Raheem Devaughn... Her range was incredible & she looked G 👀 D... https://t.co/T2xE7KnuMj

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@DigitallyPink @DionneFarris Ain't she something? 😇

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@DionneFarris @yungbabytate Amazing!

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@RDeVaughnRadio and @wesfelton are @crossrhodes368 @dionnefarris @diamondditc @kemibennings https://t.co/TeIU4BfjA5

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

😂😂😂 Good #mondaymotivation!!! https://t.co/iopW9XpBKU

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

⛪️ #churchflow #dionne #dionnefarris #ebenezer #atlanta https://t.co/suDeKHYvYm

@dionnefarris Dionne Farris🎯 @dionnefarris

This young man right here is on his way to his destination,… https://t.co/4AmFr8Ka7v