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Defender of Western Civilization #Christian #entrepreneur RT≠ endorsement, but list = block ! I misspell words on purpose 😉#AmericanGrayMatter podcast ⬇️

Moscow, ID

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@dbongino Dan Bongino @dbongino

DACA has nothing to do with immigration for Democrats. It’s a power play for immigrant votes they’re losing in drov… https://t.co/qc8B6QhvCW

@TomCottonAR Tom Cotton @TomCottonAR

Of course walls work. Those who say "walls don't work" really mean "walls work ... they reduce illegal immigration… https://t.co/bz3s0eWmey

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

@jypseamoth Drinking and tweeting is dangerous for your health

@MAGATrumpWins USALovesTrump @MAGATrumpWins

AGREED! https://t.co/qnZ0zE71Yx

@GarySmi98320845 USA First @GarySmi98320845

Lib first, Jew second! Unbelievable idiocy. Yea you jerks let’s turn the entire USA into one of those California Sh… https://t.co/KP67UbnqTy

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

@wordgrrl71 @AndUlv Yeah, I was talking about Andre

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

@wordgrrl71 @AndUlv I think he is Norwegian

@AndUlv André Ulveseter @AndUlv

Trump loves Norway because we grow his hair. https://t.co/IWMzelqYIQ

Trump loves Norway because we grow his h...

@FoxNews Fox News @FoxNews

.@RandPaul: "I went to Haiti a few years ago, I went on a medical mission trip...I asked for donations before I wen… https://t.co/FJJgqzlLmP

@KosChertified KosChertified? @KosChertified

Honestly, did you know that most bottled waters found in grocery stores are certified kosher? #truth #maga #christ https://t.co/JncVmF2nOv

@DimitriNosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @DimitriNosarev

I am really curious, but I can't get the answer from immoral liberals, please RT to get the accurate info: How man… https://t.co/6xlwOUKS3m

@wraithvenge Sgt ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 USMC @wraithvenge

As hypocrite liberals continue to accuse Trump of what they are doing, turns out the reason Puerto Rico is still su… https://t.co/wJXbJrLoDa

@DimitriNosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @DimitriNosarev

"The #14thAmendment is very questionable as to whether or not somebody can come over, have a baby and immediately t… https://t.co/hvBYk4NkkK

@vooda1 vooda @vooda1

#JewsAgainstTrump #JewsRejectTrump #FakePresident #Shitler https://t.co/qmzUUberp6

#JewsAgainstTrump #JewsRejectTrump #Fake...

@SiddonsDan Dan Siddons @SiddonsDan

For Americans Sake: No #DACA No Dreamers No Chain Migration #NoAmnesty STOP. NOW https://t.co/YoBkesPqky

For Americans Sake:
No Dreamer...

@HrrEerr 🔥David 😇Baker🔥 @HrrEerr

@SiddonsDan It’s time America thinks about our own children steadily sinking into the swamp, and are taught that is… https://t.co/feUsWdZBFa

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

@normbf1 Follow me on gab: https://t.co/9weJ0p1NkA #Gabfam #FreeSpeech #AmericaFirst

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

Twitter is becoming USSR, I need a new home for my thoughts, opinions and ideas. #NewToGab #shadowban #freespeech  https://t.co/cBcgT2kNuh

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

@Jessicacgn @freedmichele Never again what?

@amfirstmedia America First Media @amfirstmedia

The FBI has assembled a grand jury and called witnesses as part of a probe into $10m fraud by Jane Sanders. The FBI… https://t.co/RMFIxcoPE6

@RedNationRising Red Nation Rising @RedNationRising

Hi, I'm Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). I skipped a hearing on veteran access to healthcare in order to surf. I like same sex… https://t.co/Wce4yNFNmn

@blaircottrell89 Blair Cottrell 🇦🇺 @blaircottrell89

Something I always hear in defence of African criminals is: “These poor people come from a poor & war-torn culture,… https://t.co/VQ3bv0sh9t

@REpsteinWrites Rae Epstein @REpsteinWrites

#HereToStay rally #JewsRejectTrump #WeveSeenThisBefore https://t.co/TXN0kmJOIO

#HereToStay rally #JewsRejectTrump #Weve...

@Marco25478 Marco @Marco25478

@DimitriNosarev @KardiacAve @mitchr777 @TimesNow Well said Dimitri!

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

@D_J_Wade Better google it, there is a lot of info.

@AP4Liberty Austin Petersen @AP4Liberty

I'll be on Chuck Woolery's podcast Blunt Force Truth tomorrow! Pretty excited! @BFT_Podcast

@RedWaveRising 🕵🏼‍♀️💥Lady De'Plorable💥🕵🏼‍♀️ @RedWaveRising

THIS >>>is how hateful & vindictive #Dems truly are! #GreatAwakening #TheGreatAwakening https://t.co/rW6PBerOJN

@pinkk9lover wendy tepp @pinkk9lover

😂😂 After nearly one year I guess we have to thank @BarackObama for these record #'s instead of our healthy… https://t.co/j3OFPqZQ1F

@dimitrinosarev Dimitri Nosarev 🇺🇸 @dimitrinosarev

While @netanyahu is removing tens of thousands of #IllegalAliens, to protect the culture & demographic fabric of Is… https://t.co/T6fXKqqx6f

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