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@donate_crutches Crutches 4 Africa @donate_crutches

Thank you so much to everyone that shared and donated! Because of you we raised over $8,000 just this week! https://t.co/8UbKroo4j3

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@Zak_Rajapakse Swipe on the tweet

@Mohave_Interact Mohave High Interact @Mohave_Interact

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 is the river cleanup! Make sure you have your waivers signed and work gloves if you feel y… https://t.co/DLMgnrmW36

@mysunshizayne angelik loves zayn @mysunshizayne

donate if you can . If you can’t just share it so others can see xx https://t.co/OT4iYJGROU

@itsShylaaaa shyla 💞☁ @itsShylaaaa

look how happy this woman looks after she got into that wheelchair . that smile is the best thing i will ever see i… https://t.co/thhvus1JN1

@maabbaidab Barber $ @maabbaidab

donateee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/JpvYsR8XJd

@hajradoodle Hajra Khan @hajradoodle

A small donation changes lives #DisabilityRights #Mobility #charity https://t.co/h6mKnxTvKC

@_justintimes ᴊᴜsᴛın @_justintimes

the way she smiled at the end 😌❤️ https://t.co/fQPK99rEMs

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@NuCarthaginian @SalmaDey We are sending them, that’s what our organization does. And yes some parts are rich but t… https://t.co/XZ37rIN0TD

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@reignlove5152 @SalmaDey It is very rich in some places, but it is also very poor in some parts. The distribution o… https://t.co/KRczct7vDm

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@lovemorgan85 She had been crawling for 41 years and wanted to do it herself

@mothermoon_ Deanna @mothermoon_

@dildil2gilgil Just donated! 3$ can help a lot pls share everyone!! https://t.co/MLZTvpmawe

@dildil2gilgil Just donated! 3$ can help...

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@jjerichho Well if Maui High School wants to support us Mohave High School would not be opposed...

@kinxxm Kínxxm⚡️ @kinxxm

This warmed my heart❤️ https://t.co/69ZZ6nc7fC

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@HaileyLaRaex @GlassOfChas https://t.co/lz1UIZvFaE has a PayPal link!

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@leeoralexandra Im personally involved with it, feel free to DM me any questions you have!


If you have $3 to spend you can change someone's life and give them the ability to walk. Please consider donating… https://t.co/qlKBqNoYpx

@_elancasterr_ Emma Lancaster @_elancasterr_

Now, this is something I can get behind! https://t.co/fyQ3bwm7Of

@totally_tokalot Bryan @totally_tokalot

Spread the peace https://t.co/SFd5DaK8O8

@p_mmoney Perla Ramirez @p_mmoney

literally took me less than 2 minutes to do. https://t.co/jgGjAEfwcO

@cabbageyy kaley🦄 @cabbageyy

@That1Gem @dildil2gilgil We accept donations year long! Your donation will help change someone’s life. Thank you so… https://t.co/4RXKzHa7B2

@kkkylee13 Kylee Brianne @kkkylee13

Not only is this an amazing program but a life changing experience for those they help❤️ https://t.co/ripwmzWaP7

@paperdoll sara 🌺 @paperdoll

25k retweets. if everyone who RTed donated a single dollar they'd already be beyond their goal. I gave $9. What are… https://t.co/4gvsFRzBGx

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@jjlike The whole continent is not poor, but the distribution of wealth there causes a lot of problems. There are m… https://t.co/TC0R6uGETh

@dildil2gilgil B(oyd)obby @dildil2gilgil

@spatcatflatsat Oh no... can you donate the extra??

@MrKentuckyDerby KD 💸💰💰💸 @MrKentuckyDerby

Can’t take life for granted man https://t.co/CmbHWOF9yP

@IamFrankFinesse The Show @IamFrankFinesse

Doing my part... https://t.co/q2JXNFj0qR

@cabbageyy kaley🦄 @cabbageyy

@GlassOfChas @dildil2gilgil Actually you can donate through PayPal on the main crutches 4 Africa site: https://t.co/xnYt1br7Qj

@vicpacheco17 //ɐᴉɹoʇɔᴉʌ🥀 @vicpacheco17

her smile is contagious at the end https://t.co/aHS1lQ2HHE

@jesse_cronin Gizzbop_ @jesse_cronin

This will put a smile on ya, this is awesome https://t.co/BWhroWQmFm

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