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Deputy editor, beauty + lifestyle @shape; mom; cat enthusiast; gluten addict, TSA precheck snob. Insta: @didigluck

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@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

My super power is giving would-be line cutters the stink eye

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

My daughter goes to LaGuardia. No pressure. #LAG #OSCARS

@TheRealDratch Rachel Dratch @TheRealDratch

I love how people are saying these kids are actors. Have you *seen* a high school play?

@Adaripp Adam Rippon @Adaripp

With everything going on in the media about me this Valentine’s Day I don’t want people to get distracted and forge… https://t.co/AUeOIPjgkf

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

Oh good. We needed this to erase Snactched! https://t.co/V9E6nGfddl

@USFigureSkating U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating

USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸⛸️ #PyeongChang2018 #TeamUSA https://t.co/K8K0fp5bip

@USFigureSkating U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating

You heard @RWitherspoon. ⛸ https://t.co/LTfzAaUovu

@milliebbrown Millie Bobby Brown @milliebbrown

Yessss🙌 ❤️ @wmag https://t.co/pGPItxH7z9

@elonmusk Elon Musk @elonmusk

View from SpaceX Launch Control. Apparently, there is a car in orbit around Earth. https://t.co/QljN2VnL1O

View from SpaceX Launch Control. Apparen...

@USFigureSkating U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating

Oh okay, bye @alexa_knierim... 👋 ➡️ https://t.co/k8Q1WiVAt5 https://t.co/fVJfpCZgmP

Oh okay, bye @alexa_knierim... 👋

➡️ htt...

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

@fuggirls See also: Marvelous Mrs Maisel

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

When a makeup artist asks you if you’d like a little concealer, it’s not actually a question

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

@jfreewright I just interviewed Aly Raisman for a story for Shape and was similarly floored by the abuse she suffer… https://t.co/gPgBTnmjgp

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

Mounting evidence that social media is causing epidemic of anxiety, suicide, and eating disorders. #globalwellnesssummit

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

Just learned that our desire to consume lots of sugar and fat has been hard-wired since the Pleistocene era, which… https://t.co/DDkCZXakR4

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

Gen Xers don’t say #goals, but if we did, we’d say it to describe model, “science nerd,” mom,… https://t.co/KVCWkHaiBQ

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

Millennials and their coffee 😆#ozzie https://t.co/PPwOixbypM

@EmrgencyKittens Emergency Kittens @EmrgencyKittens

cinnamon roll cat https://t.co/UY9dOdgjT2

cinnamon roll cat https://t.co/UY9dOdgjT...

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

@pfpicardi Also ironic that they played off Alexandre Desplat while he accepted for best score 😳

@pfpicardi Phillip Picardi @pfpicardi

YES @STERLINGKBROWN! He is literally perfect on that show, I have no words. #GoldenGlobes

@devancoggan Devan Coggan @devancoggan

I look forward to tweeting this gif once a day, every day for the rest of my life. #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/cEZ9ejjVNT

I look forward to tweeting this gif once...

@leonorjr L (dot) Mam @leonorjr

if Timothee and Armie don’t kiss on the mouth when one of them wins, what was the point of all this? #goldenglobes

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

Notice how with the focus NOT on looks everyone looks even more beautiful? #TimesUp  #GoldenGlobes

@TheMandyMoore Mandy Moore @TheMandyMoore

Here with some of my favorite people. 😍 #GoldenGlobes #ThisIsUs https://t.co/kaoQMWYs7a

Here with some of my favorite people. 😍...

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

My Trump rage is being *temporarily* replaced by my slushy corners rage. Because it is important to always live with rage.

@SamGrittner Sam Grittner @SamGrittner

Twitter allows Nazis a safe space and let’s an unhinged President threaten nuclear war. Facebook allows misleading… https://t.co/Bgc2ZhxwN6

@michaelianblack Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack

Just kind of weighing whether or not i should get my tooth fixed or let nulear anihiliation take care of it for me.

@vulture Vulture @vulture

Since you can't get enough of #TheCrown, here are 9 notorious stories about Prince Philip https://t.co/qPIieBeF1b

@TheTweetOfGod God @TheTweetOfGod

Nobody understands Me.

@didigluck Didi Gluck @didigluck

The town I grew up in just got a Sephora, which means it’s official, I was 15 years behind the trends my entire childhood

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