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@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

#Fakenews before it was cool......congrats @jefftedford https://t.co/0dhHHA0pM9

@celtics Boston Celtics @celtics

On military appreciation night in Brooklyn, @KyrieIrving wanted to thank some soldiers in attendance himself https://t.co/s7Hk6D9Pog

On military appreciation night in Brookl...

@RichardRubinDC Richard Rubin @RichardRubinDC

If you liked the outtakes from this cow video, you'll enjoy my new Twitter header photo. https://t.co/Wni46YMbdZ via @WSJ


Glen A. Doherty lost his life trying to protect a CIA facility in Benghazi, Libya on 12 September 2012.… https://t.co/Q1jg7aGh3C

@MarekTheBee Marek Warszawski @MarekTheBee

Bright spots for #FresnoState: Jeffrey Allison's tackling, Da'Mari Scott's playmaking, OL pass blocking, few injuries, $1.4 million

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Thank you @RepDavidValadao for sending this excellent gift: smelt-themed cupcakes. https://t.co/r7IIblChm1

Thank you @RepDavidValadao for sending t...

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Wine Meant to Toast John Adams’s Presidency Was Just Discovered | Architectural Digest https://t.co/fcMUsfgqUy

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Video of my remarks on the House floor supporting the CA water bill passed by the House today: https://t.co/s6aVOJqeMW

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes


@EvanOnstot Evan Onstot @EvanOnstot

The road is finally clear! @YosemiteNPS to open Tioga Road to traffic this Thursday at 8am. Was buried in snow. It'… https://t.co/n1kbgEyGvd

@derekcarrqb Derek Carr @derekcarrqb

Now it's done 😂! From the jump I've wanted to be a Raider 4 life. One step closer to that! Blessed!!! Business done! Let's just play now!!!

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

I'll be on the @RayAppletonKMJ show on @KMJNOW at noon PST. Listen live here: https://t.co/idnWeC0IU1 https://t.co/Gs3SPofc3a

I'll be on the @RayAppletonKMJ show on @...

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

In the Balkans, more Russian aggression against NATO: https://t.co/NkYj3wyMxg

@MarekTheBee Marek Warszawski @MarekTheBee

10 things you (probably) didn't know about #Yankees phenom and ex-Bulldog Aaron Judge. https://t.co/m4DnlA674f

@SpecialReport Special Report Team @SpecialReport

A big thanks to my friend and President & CEO of @childrensnational Dr. Kurt Newman for joining #SpecialReport... https://t.co/klgfKiV5mu

@WashTimes The Washington Times @WashTimes

Officialdom doesn’t grasp the direct manner of a Central Valley native son (@DevinNunes) #WashTimesOpEd @VDHanson… https://t.co/tXPtcPT8EQ

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Should this be my new twitter avatar???? https://t.co/3xZagKXO11

Should this be my new twitter avatar????...

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Romanian President awarded me the Order of the Star of Romania - a big honor from a country that's a bulwark agains… https://t.co/0XmsqE1fL9

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

For a sharp contrast to recent spin from Democrats and their media stenographers, listen here: https://t.co/pv9sROQfEA

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Seeing a lot of fake news from media elites and others who have no interest in violations of Americans' civil liberties via unmaskings.

@celticsblog CelticsBlog @celticsblog

Why I’m a fan of the Boston Celtics (because Larry Bird) https://t.co/MzD4swhACG

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

A short comment on my recent talks with U.S. service-members: https://t.co/GLtcBE8Wr8 https://t.co/ixN8tzwCls

A short comment on my recent talks with...

@prageru PragerU @prageru

Wow. @YouTube restricting Dennis Prager's LIVE speech at UCLA. https://t.co/1g3euNFFAB

Wow. @YouTube restricting Dennis Prager'...

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Video of my interview today on @FoxNewsSunday: https://t.co/2opX1Svt2P

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

I'll be on @FoxNewsSunday tomorrow on local Fox networks. Check https://t.co/2HbRcNFiQe for show times (9 am PST on @KMPHFOX26 in Fresno)

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

Thx @EvanOnstot @KSEE24 https://t.co/zrC51cmmlQ

@devinnunes Devin Nunes @devinnunes

#FakeNews I was saying the opposite and warning against engaging in witch-hunts. See the exchange at 8:00 mark:… https://t.co/Gh8rC3bMFV


https://t.co/4lObo5ayWf @DevinNunes joins @KMJNOW & @RayAppletonKMJ now LIVE from DC. #KMJonCapitolHill

@DepressedDarth Darth Vader @DepressedDarth

And the Best Supporting Actor Oscar goes to Darth Vader #Oscars https://t.co/oHvm35UXlB

And the Best Supporting Actor Oscar goes...

@LATSeema Seema Mehta @LATSeema

Rep. Devin Nunes tells California Republicans to push five ballot initiatives, though each could face tall hurdles https://t.co/fefWqmMAwM

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