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Health. Research. Patients. Communications. Europe. Ireland. Works at IPPOSI. Husband. Dad. Views my own.

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@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Happiest St. Patrick's Day ever! #ENGvIRL #grandslamchamps #Pride #rorybest

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Beautifully written tribute to #StephenHawking by the one & only Ruth Fitzmaurice https://t.co/DrmSjFoaUk


The @IPPOSI Pilot Patient Education Programme has given patients the knowledge they need to get involved, now they… https://t.co/QxiQSFNrkq

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Congrats to all who supported and participated in this programme. Very proud of all the students who received their… https://t.co/FUReomUzro

@GemmaSPearce Dr Gemma Pearce @GemmaSPearce

Hot off the press! New guidance for co-producing research @NIHRINVOLVE https://t.co/NPerasOqxR

@AinemCarroll Aine Carroll @AinemCarroll

@IPPOSI @DerickOMisteal We'd like to #crowdsource our questions for #IrishMed Plse RT https://t.co/0Jx83eDKI4

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Great to see Dame Fiona Caldicott back in Dublin presenting on safeguards for health information. @RCSI_Irl… https://t.co/kNFKJKIpIW

@myopennotes OpenNotes @myopennotes

In honor of Patient Safety Awareness Week (#PSAW21018) we've teamed up with @HQInstitute for a free webinar sharing… https://t.co/dN9TqfoHJY

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

@juneshannon @muirishouston @IMT_latest Sounds like an amazing opportunity June. One you'll no doubt flourish in.

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

@shanemuk @BorderIrish @IPPOSI Missed you too @shanemuk . Good luck with the cycle btw. Maybe next year for yours truly...

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

@AvrilKennan @22Q11_Ireland Always a great event. Great lineup this year.

@AvrilKennan Avril Kennan @AvrilKennan

@22Q11_Ireland @DerickOMisteal Thanks Anne!

@TheMaterFoundat The Mater Foundation @TheMaterFoundat

Many of our amazing hospital staff are sleeping overnight in the Mater so they can care for patients tomorrow.… https://t.co/hvyRpipQ9l

@NiallwMorris Niall Morris @NiallwMorris

Dramatic moment the power goes out over Dublin City -caught in this video @KennedySinger @katherinelyncho… https://t.co/J7K3D2kJD4

@heidirgardner Heidi Gardner @heidirgardner

You may have seen that the PRioRiTy study was published today! - I've also uploaded a 'publication explainer' on m… https://t.co/PGFhoY60YK

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Today is #RareDiseaseDay2018. Thinking of all patients affected by one of the 5000 different #rarediseases. @IPPOSI… https://t.co/1EVw5qNoo0

@eupatients Patients' Academy @eupatients

Say Hello to Cohort 3 of the #PatientExpert training course! Follow their journey through the F2F training on our t… https://t.co/KNEDIggBlk


IPPOSI has published a statement on the European Commission’s proposal on HTA. We support a formal approach to coop… https://t.co/kZOroV96Sp

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Great to see newly appointed @HSELive head of research, Ana Terres, present at Rare Disease event in @RCPI_news… https://t.co/ojhFiVKEUr

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Lots of #EU and #irish funding opportunities for genetic & data studies in rare diseases in Ireland. Importance of… https://t.co/NUgzM1Cwlb

@sujas15 Dr Suja Somanadhan @sujas15

Where is the #healthresearch in #HORIZON2020 higlighting Dr Eerola @EU_Commission @RCPI_news #Raredisease… https://t.co/BuJW9dPGz9


IPPOSI is pleased to announce the publication of the second “Drug Iceberg” report, in partnership with @MRCGie. Th… https://t.co/As8kRNmhDi

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Excellent news for rare diseases. @TheHPRA are now a member of the @EMA_News PRIority MEdicines (PRIME) scheme, tak… https://t.co/5CDRlx2Rjk

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Lorraine Nolan, CE of @TheHPRA highlights @IPPOSI patient education programme as shining light of involving patient… https://t.co/PLJb5CPVjv

@ValeStrammi Valentina @ValeStrammi

We @eupatientsforum are the @healthparl 3rd plenary. Kicked with interesting conversations about outcome-based heal… https://t.co/RSSZI8KD3D

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

@EibhlinMulroe @SDenegri @cancertrials_ie @IPPOSI The Dutch research strategy initiative is truly awesome!

@derickomisteal Derick Mitchell @derickomisteal

Delighted to be speaking today at the (first) national #healthcare #outcomes conference. @RCSI_Irl @IPPOSI… https://t.co/imkPZXAee6

@imrankhan Imran Khan @imrankhan

The Dutch government helped set their research agenda by asking the Dutch people what they wanted to know about the… https://t.co/087ClUHgDb


Check out the all-new IPPOSI theme for 2018: Access to Medicines #actiononaccess. Click https://t.co/KrqkUNzaip to… https://t.co/YMTmrwy5dx

@sioduggan_GS1 Siobhain Duggan @sioduggan_GS1

Very helpful overview from Lilly Walsh on @HSELive Enterprise Architecture presenting at the @IrelandSnomed Awarene… https://t.co/bP7clOGaJJ

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