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Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment. Ireland's first ever Climate Minister who's focused on efficiency & delivering broadband nationwide

Roscommon Galway

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@campaign4kehoe Paul Kehoe T.D @campaign4kehoe

In serving so selflessly, Irish peacekeepers have helped save the lives of countless numbers of some of the poorest… https://t.co/xyrE88s4JX

@SuzieCoog Suzanne Coogan @SuzieCoog

Highlights from #Ottawa #StPatricksDay parade @TourismIreland @GoToIrelandCA @IrlEmbCanada @OttawaGaels… https://t.co/21PWZB9Ih6

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

@philkearney @wef @campaignforleo We are right up there with them not only with EU plastics strategy & other domest… https://t.co/SvPB57fAnD

@cathmckenna Catherine McKenna @cathmckenna

Thinking of my Irish Granny today. The mother of six boys, a teacher, the wife of an army man and pub owner. She ta… https://t.co/xuUeecz7vY

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

Taking #GlobalGreening a step further! Your chance to #gogreen #ElectricCars @SEAI_ie https://t.co/lgKe9HGF0C

Taking #GlobalGreening a step further! Y...

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

Plenty of variety at the Ballinasloe St Patrick's Day Parade. Well done to all involved Funny… https://t.co/4Wv4I4Vy23

@AerLingus Aer Lingus @AerLingus

Earlier today, EI172 Dublin - London Heathrow #HomeAdvantage #6Nations #ENGvIRE https://t.co/myAXOLneqJ

Earlier today, EI172 Dublin - London Hea...

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

A message for @OttawaHurling @OttawaGaels on #StPatricksDay https://t.co/F8368QV32N

A message for @OttawaHurling @OttawaGael...

@irishradioca Irish Radio Canada @irishradioca

#SaturdayMorning #StPatricksDay @SeanKyneTD @DenisNaughten on recent visits to Canada Then Ray Johnson & Kieran Cav… https://t.co/jtrshP0W6b

@AliJSheridan Ali Sheridan @AliJSheridan

Lá Fhéile Pádraig to all! Let’s work to make sure #StPatricksDay isn’t the only day Ireland goes green! Enjoy the f… https://t.co/JSI31fUpkX

@Dept_CCAE dccae.gov.ie @Dept_CCAE

This #StPatricksDay, #GoGreen and learn how the 17 #SDGs reflect the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

What a fabulous sight- #GlobalGreening of @NiagaraFalls for #StPatricksDay Really enjoyed greening the falls with… https://t.co/ms5h7QooVu


Minister @DenisNaughten TD in conversation with ICCCTO board, members, and @ei_canada @IrlEmbCanada https://t.co/hNIwhoOaMI

Minister @DenisNaughten TD in conversati...

@weathernetwork The Weather Network @weathernetwork

#NiagaraFalls is among famous spots around the world going green in celebration of #StPatricksDay Our own… https://t.co/hhcBp2jezP

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

Video: Really enjoyed my time in Canada for #StPatricksDay. 1 in 7 Canadians have Irish heritage. Pleasure to meet… https://t.co/YjXqEWhE98

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

See.... https://t.co/hS2P80p4GH

See.... https://t.co/hS2P80p4GH

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

Great way to pull an audience.... https://t.co/KXx1ntPEGZ

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

@OttawaHurling @OttawaGaels @IrlEmbCanada @jimkelly2006 @GoToIrelandCA About as useful as givin' one to a @ClannGAA… https://t.co/aup1sQfVic

@COTDAge Jason O'Mahony Msc. @COTDAge

@COTDAge https://t.co/TxcOdYI3zF

@COTDAge https://t.co/TxcOdYI3zF

@ComansWoodPS St. Comán's Wood PS @ComansWoodPS

Thank you @waynedenner for a very informative and interesting talk on Online Safety this evening @ComansWoodPS. Tha… https://t.co/NIgdV42AtY

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

@OttawaHurling @OttawaGaels @IrlEmbCanada @jimkelly2006 @GoToIrelandCA Ah @OttawaGaels ye are just gone to the dog… https://t.co/PdinWHj3zB

@AgrilandIreland AgriLand @AgrilandIreland

'This not only mitigates the effect on climate change but the biogas can displace fossil fuel use' https://t.co/WfT7jI1mDu

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

Dogs + St.Patrick’s Day + Ottawa = Cuteness #StPatricksDay2018 https://t.co/tlR3nrYIaN

Dogs + St.Patrick’s Day + Ottawa = Cuten...

@KZapponeTD Katherine Zappone @KZapponeTD

Deeply honoured to be invited to view da Vincis 'The Last Supper' as Milan celebrates #StPatricksDay and it's warm… https://t.co/GV09JDKFuC

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Thank you for inviting me. You’re doing brilliant work. https://t.co/pbjN3AgOrI

@denisnaughten Denis Naughten @denisnaughten

VIDEO: With one in seven Canadians claiming Irish heritage the Irish community in Canada is huge. I had the pleasur… https://t.co/At5YWaO6Vl

@campaignforleo Leo Varadkar @campaignforleo

Have just launched this in Washington. https://t.co/Mmd4OYh0lt now live in 5 languages, with more to come.… https://t.co/4AUHeA1Kf1

@cathmckenna Catherine McKenna @cathmckenna

Good morning! Off to Vancouver this morning, for a busy program at #GlobeForum @Globe_Series. Clean technology lead… https://t.co/TjBdJELjOt

@merrionstreet MerrionStreet.ie @merrionstreet

Ireland is a great place to live, visit, work, study and invest. Check out https://t.co/rFiCaDuloT #ThisIsIreland… https://t.co/BafWkO6K3p

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