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The Constitution Is Our Common Commitment To Human Rights. We The People. No one can take away our rights.

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@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

“..this squandering cannot go on indefinitely, for geological investigations prove our fuel stores to be limited. S… https://t.co/fjPIFZZ6kX

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

DEAD CHILDREN “The bottom line is, having a gun in the home dramatically increases the danger that a child will be… https://t.co/omQjJYh85W

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

The ability of a toddler to fire a gun is an obvious product liability. Gun manufacturer immunity from suit is OBSC… https://t.co/czBExkM7cj

@DenbrotS Dennis S Brotman @DenbrotS

"I’m disappointed with my friend Leeann...John Phillips is a Roger Stone pal & they coached her for weeks to bring… https://t.co/j5JjqixhIE

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

@soleilbrille18 Bob Hope did a lot worse on USO tours. Just watch the video of Tweedon humping Robin Williams on stage.

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

@WHOAINSANITY We won’t get that, but they would have tossed our election. That’s what Jimmy Carter says. We set the… https://t.co/SiDu2IYk8E

@DenbrotS Dennis S Brotman @DenbrotS

3 Dem U.S. Senate Candidates Won Exit Polling, But GOP Candidates Were Awarded The Vote Tallies Beyond The Margin O… https://t.co/YQ7nMZ5eaO

@123_Pelly Pelly Pelican @123_Pelly

#GOPElectionFraud https://t.co/9YNatCW8X5

@CyrusToulabi Cyrus Toulabi @CyrusToulabi

TODAY'S #BLACKHISTORYMONTH SPOTLIGHT! One of the GREATEST #RESISTERS in history: ELLA BAKER “Perhaps the most in… https://t.co/VKzM9ZyfOO

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

@luckyputz https://t.co/tcIJsaDMkS

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

@luckyputz It’s easier to answer how many have not.

@Rimroot Patricia M. Relles @Rimroot

@DenbrotS Of course! The GOP Lies, cheats, oppressed, suppressed, & gerrymanders! Look what they are doing in Penns… https://t.co/GQoNKW1TWi

@davidhogg111 David Hogg @davidhogg111

Better Idea: Spend your spring break in Puerto Rico, it's a beautiful place with amazing people. They could really… https://t.co/iRqK9Key2R

@janrobinjackson Cajun Rogue @janrobinjackson

@asluvsjess @DenbrotS He was too good on the judiciary committee. He was getting too hot, had to go.

@RepAdamSchiff Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff

Wait a minute, Mr. President. Am I a phony, or sleazy, a monster or little? Surely you know the key to a good play… https://t.co/TZmoP5xakS

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

Retweet if you agree the NRA needs to be investigated. We are doing that at The Democratic Coalition. Help support… https://t.co/jhgnpAeBWM

@RealMuckmaker Muckmaker @RealMuckmaker



@Mikel_Jollett Mikel Jollett @Mikel_Jollett

Emma Gonzalez now has more followers than the NRA: @NRA: 550k @Emma4Change: 551k (and counting) This is what hap… https://t.co/ewwluE2wav

@JuliaDavisNews Julia Davis @JuliaDavisNews

This keeps getting better. It appears, former IRA (Russian troll factory) manager's husband received an offer of em… https://t.co/ZRvchKwQs7

@renato_mariotti Renato Mariotti @renato_mariotti

I support our “10k in a day” Twitterthon, which will be on Tuesday. Sign up using @ThunderclapIt at the link below! https://t.co/h91reZjUOy

@QueenieG2017 Queenie Ω Goldstein @QueenieG2017

@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews There you go again, #Gaslighting your knuckle-dragging #Cult45 base. It won't work on the… https://t.co/DtfAlXrBtU

@lolaa1956 Delores @lolaa1956

@maddow @DenbrotS The surrogates and pundits talking points always include “He doesn’t take a salary ...”. He makin… https://t.co/OBRHwD6sZM

@JCTheResistance Jamie Carter ❄ #NeverAgain @JCTheResistance

Seriously @realDonaldTrump Is it even possible for you to be more of a national embarrassment than you are? Remi… https://t.co/Q9exvJCzrW

@wesley_jordan Wes Jordan💦 @wesley_jordan

Trump’s claim that no one from his campaign colluded w/the Russians is a flat-out lie. The #DemMemo proves the Tru… https://t.co/7uCBi4LvFs

@ClarkePhil Philip Clarke @ClarkePhil

As a teacher, I knocked myself out headbutting ceiling pretending to be a particle, star-jumping off a desk. I've… https://t.co/PtdLAdlhqF

@worldflood1 D.mac @worldflood1

I know a Dems memo out And republicans are aiding Ru Meanwhile floods Historic levels Droughts Think MAGA follow th… https://t.co/Iztr3NZStU

@denbrots Dennis S Brotman @denbrots

@DLoesch @sandi_childs Loesch rhymes with Gauche.

@worldflood1 D.mac @worldflood1

Wow You are so busted FBI looking at 5 campaign ppl FISA Warrants good Steele solid ally Dossier mostly true You to… https://t.co/cruvltVmqr

@RepAdamSchiff Adam Schiff @RepAdamSchiff

Wrong again, Mr. President. It confirms the FBI acted appropriately and that Russian agents approached two of your… https://t.co/pF9LqOby4D

@SafetyPinDaily SafetyPin-Daily @SafetyPinDaily

Democracy Reformer Larry Lessig Files Lawsuits in Four States to Fix Our Electoral College System ||By Steven Rose… https://t.co/vJlJwRFhiN

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