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A sportsman & Swashbuckler, complete foodie, Fitness freak…addicted to Mu$ic and Bhangra …long drive and Sleeping Lover....

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@ShrutiG83 Shruti Garg @ShrutiG83

What a thought! Always listen to the inner child! #FoodForThought #ErinVanVuren #PaperCrumbs https://t.co/xMkJg7RCNT

What a thought! Always listen to the inn...

@kulwinder996 Kulwinder Parihar @kulwinder996

Team showcasing #Blindzones for a truck driver at RCP #great_initiative #SafetyFirst #RoadSafety @GSOCINFO… https://t.co/PJrgnzlx9N

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@NILANJANSHARMA @Ashok_Gajapathi @jayantsinha @goairlinesindia @makemytrip Its all bldy Gundaraaj of the companies… https://t.co/TBAeDAcxyZ


Booked flight by mistake. 0 ₹ in the process of refund. Although airline have 181 days to sell these… https://t.co/h8uZlGivCk

@IndiaHistorypic indianhistorypics @IndiaHistorypic

World War 1 :: French Poster - "Mysterious India Is at The Side of Loyal England For The Defence of Civilization" https://t.co/3zdfhFSoRm

World War 1 :: French Poster  - 


@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@ROMWESHOP Really depressed wd quality n size after pying fr to express delivery i got the stuff in almost 7 days w… https://t.co/LZl9G692PA

@hashPune #Pune @hashPune

Pune adventurist Shital Mahajan sets new record; skydives in saree - ANI News https://t.co/LSReRDRZnk #pune

@join2manish Manish Pandey @join2manish

Pahalagam Winter Festival' 18 to promote culture & heritage of #Kashmir. The upcoming #PahalgamWinterFest, 17-18th… https://t.co/grFFC8mZCd

@paulsayak88 Sayak Paul @paulsayak88

Always a good thing to hear.. It’s time Kashmir gets back to normal and let’s join hands in making… https://t.co/I1ZdZ5lCR7

@Deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @Deepcorner

Rape punishment in India is not sufficed...after 70yrs of independence, we shd be strict on this at least ...Castra… https://t.co/Au3hUkXwyV

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@aajtak they question is this also why sonia visited goa why she didnt went to trupati on leave...congress school l… https://t.co/SZpnppomgg

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@varunspks @INCIndia @BJP4India @Swamy39 Samjh mae sabko aati hai ..but money and power are two things which can fo… https://t.co/SaY5WKmOhR

@Ranjana_Rao_RR Ranjana Rao @Ranjana_Rao_RR

So nice to be associated with a CHAMP like you @join2manish https://t.co/F85v3fyAQU

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

FARM HOUSE POOL PARTY is now live on Townscript! https://t.co/E2W1RP8q2h

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

Why Crude oil is out of GST ..no idea till now ..Govt is answerable @PMOIndia no more fool making policies now… https://t.co/VjpMipiwnh

@kulwinder996 Kulwinder Parihar @kulwinder996

Uttar Pradesh Govt gears to stop copying in UP Board exam starting from today. For the first time, UP Govt's dept o… https://t.co/fdIEhtfIXM

@varunspks varun tiwari @varunspks

Happy birthday @BhuviOfficial glad i share it with you. God bless u to bless us with amazing cricketing memories fo… https://t.co/3PRFsaWaCc

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@MinhazMerchant Shame on such people who misguided crowd n lead to vandalism dy shd learn smthng 4m dr ancestors n… https://t.co/PaxqLs1j5g

@IndiGo6E IndiGo @IndiGo6E

It's over a century and counting for Mr. Awadhesh Tiwari 😊 We wish him a very happy 103rd birthday! Thank you for c… https://t.co/k0r850ppQw

@alishahnawaz Shahnawaz Ali @alishahnawaz

Here it is, #2 of digital promos of #PARI, directed by me In association with vish.makhija… https://t.co/jCr5alGqIm

@RelianceGCS Reliance GCS @RelianceGCS

We have @captraman, President of @RelianceGCS on stage addressing the audience at Reliance Green Township at… https://t.co/3IGCDnRuq1

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

#SaveMajorAditya Those who are asking for separate nation ..Better go to Ur dad's I hope you know him @aajtak @siddy2988 @ndtv

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

#SaveMajorAditya ..Kashmir need no more Gandhi philosophy they need Bose treatment ..No more bullshit by any traitor is acceptable now ...

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

#SaveMajorAditya He did right ..He believes in Faisla on spot ..Good job done major ..Indian army doing right ..It… https://t.co/CCKAG3VEC7

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@AbhayRishi28 @BJP4India This all stone pelting is to show anger on killing of their loved ones the terrorists...Hi… https://t.co/wcHPl5VnJG

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@TimesNow Yes action should be there on those nation traitors who are not standing for our soldier n asking action… https://t.co/5XJUz6b2Pq

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

@GitaSKapoor Few cheap Politicians can sell ......For votes n power ..Fill in the blanks as per understanding

@deepcorner Pradeep Yadav @deepcorner

#SaveMajorAditya He is not wrong n what bullshit the human rights there ..R soldier not human..All rights are with… https://t.co/yxCk2tCn4J

@RelianceGCS Reliance GCS @RelianceGCS

#TuesdayTreat Yogendra Pandey from Aviation team had participated in a cycling expedition from Mumbai Ghatkhopar to… https://t.co/onXc5XP97C

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