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[Dispatch instagram update] #KCA #FavGlobalMusicBTS @BTS_twt https://t.co/OiIGadgmrD

[Dispatch instagram update]

#KCA #FavGl...

@Jin_Butterfly BTS Fanboy💙 @Jin_Butterfly

🌟Countries with the MOST VIEWS for @BTS_twt on Youtube (last 30 days)🌟 #1. USA: 66.8M #2. South Korea: 59.8M #3.… https://t.co/WdI9eSDCbW

@melissa_teguh Melissa Teguh @melissa_teguh

Please #DontLeaveMe @BTS_twt Nothing lasts forever but I want this relationship to last as long as we live. I love… https://t.co/cfcn3JURPm

@BTS_Billboard BTS on Billboard! @BTS_Billboard

Daily Twitter vote and reminder for ⬇ 🌟#KCA #FavGlobalMusicBTS @BTS_twt 🚨Retweets count as votes🚨 You can also… https://t.co/jHLhZHJXV4

@sugafull27 SUGAfull | 슈쁠 @sugafull27

“Cuty ggokie” #THOSfansBTS16M @BTS_twt https://t.co/sVE9BthqK8

“Cuty ggokie”

#THOSfansBTS16M @BTS_twt...

@deelaachan20 deechan @deelaachan20

@mygvc73 Wkwkwk.. betul..😂

@BTS_National BTS National @BTS_National

🍀 remember to vote @BTS_twt at #KCA #FavGlobalMusicBTS by tweeting once per day, retweet also counts, or by voting… https://t.co/LsKa2EoODA

@lukewaltham Luke Waltham @lukewaltham

Remember to vote for @BTS_twt once a day by tweeting #KCA #FavGlobalMusicBTS

@deelaachan20 deechan @deelaachan20

Wkwkwk... true..😂😂 https://t.co/eH0uYjC98J

@deelaachan20 deechan @deelaachan20

@taetaejm_95 Aaaakh I love you....😘😘😘 Thx alot fam.. you are the truly angel😙

@deelaachan20 deechan @deelaachan20

Hmm.. thats true..🤔 https://t.co/vNbYmiufvy

@deelaachan20 deechan @deelaachan20

@BTS_twt A beautiful lulliby for me... 😍😍😍😍 Thx jk😘😘

@VTaemybae ia|bc exams🌚🔫 @VTaemybae

I’m a muslim and also an ARMY; Nobody deserves to be treated in this manner,we are all humans and deserve to be lov… https://t.co/VPEGB1pmND

@glitter_jk 눈부신 꾸기 ⭐️on short break @glitter_jk

I grew up with people from different colors, cultures, and background. It enriched me and enabled me to open my eye… https://t.co/bF6vn6OfVK

@flowtaee flow @flowtaee

Today we support #Protect_A_Muslim_Day because no one should be discriminated because of his religion Let’s help us and spread to help

@taebokkiii TIN-틴 @taebokkiii

Armys are now trending #Protect_A_Muslim_Day to spread awareness that we have stop discriminating other's races spe… https://t.co/FAxGzxeIV4

@SarahAyazz Sarah Muhammad @SarahAyazz

can you imagine a whole fandom with so much diversity standing up for a community facing religious descrimination a… https://t.co/PkbDFFsgrs

@mygvc73 Vania @mygvc73

Not all islam are terorrist Not all islam are bad Not all islam like killing people It's not the religion who taugh… https://t.co/zIn33D6gkY

@reallyrevil revil @reallyrevil

Every person, no matter religion, race, gender, age, so on have the right to feel safe and this is intolerable , i… https://t.co/7ePWotKX2u

@megasari_kookie Mg_kookie @megasari_kookie

Jika seorang muslim berbuat salah, maka salahkan orangnya bukan agamanya, karena islam mengajarkan cinta damai 🙏… https://t.co/iiDZCGG8ik


Salut banget dengan fandom ini, tidak hanya peduli dengan @BTS_twt saja. Tetapi ARMY peduli juga dengan social issu… https://t.co/Jxhy374oBC


#PROTECT_A_MUSLIM_DAY Kebencian dan kekerasan harus kita hentikan entah itu dari agama, ras, suku, dan bangsa man… https://t.co/rctGhaDJlB

@BTS__Europe BTS Europe @BTS__Europe

#PROTECT_A_MUSLIM_DAY ✌️❤️ https://t.co/7U7g7WtwW5




[idm] Jangan lupa malem ini ada #Protect_A_Muslim_Day #EndViolence Tolong partisipasinya ya, Armys💜 Makasih :) @BTS_twt

@jeikeinim Fira @jeikeinim

#Protect_A_Muslim_Day also #ENDViolence

@bangtan_army08 e 🍒 @bangtan_army08

Respect people from different religions. Respect people from different countries. Respect other people’s beliefs. I… https://t.co/wApKlauu29

@BTS_AHC BTS_ArmyHelpCentre @BTS_AHC

no matter your religion, race, gender or sexuality, we are all human beings after all. spread love and peace. at th… https://t.co/9hnCHvLkw2

@bangtan_army08 e 🍒 @bangtan_army08

“The sun will rise, and we will try again” #Protect_A_Muslim_Day #EndViolence #KCA #FavGlobalMusicBTS https://t.co/qRPlCyXuuZ

“The sun will rise, and we will try agai...

@ArmyBrigade13 ARMY BRIGADE (VOTE/STREAM TEAM) @ArmyBrigade13

Every single human deserves to live in peace. This world belongs to all of us and NO ONE has the right to act viole… https://t.co/8WYpE9GMgY

@HerJamsN Nõuř @HerJamsN

The word 'Islam' means 'peace' and not violence. Everyone deserves to leave in peace and not in fear.. I'm a Musli… https://t.co/ac4tpRVf5R

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