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I’m the guy who’s opinion is completely different from yours. Film Major. Amateur screenwriter. Check out my shows @lastweekmovies and @crowminute. #BroSquad

Arizona, USA

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@bookmans Bookmans @bookmans

It's another Super Smash Bros. Melee at Bookmans East! No matter your age or skill level, everyone is welcome to co… https://t.co/NX1eSmSgT6

@MyNameIsSam1776 sam @MyNameIsSam1776

Used the tea emoji and everything 😭 https://t.co/orS1T5B1Io

Used the tea emoji and everything 😭 http...

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@mattpuckett16 I was shopping for the Dragon Ball season sets and I asked the seller to take a picture of the side… https://t.co/uQQDsgX84o

@Josh2Gud4U PiScEs27 @Josh2Gud4U

Rick did all of this research for nothing smfh. https://t.co/1ZGW4yK3Gs

@FUNimation Funimation @FUNimation

Please help us with our missing freezer https://t.co/N5qG2Zf32B

Please help us with our missing freezer...

@KeithOneShot518 Keith OneShot @KeithOneShot518

#TheFlash Battles a New Threat and an Old Foe in This Dramatic Comic Book Reading. @willmpolk @hollyanderson30… https://t.co/HRpVUoBqTH

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

Finding out people are lying to me on eBay and then calling them out for it with proof is such a great feeling.

@FUNimation Funimation @FUNimation



@Arthur6890 Arthur @Arthur6890

Lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️ why they do ben like that? 🤦🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/vGaYJMJUyN

Lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️ why they do ben like that? 🤦🏽...

@HarkinsTheatres Harkins Theatres @HarkinsTheatres

Can you ever really trust anyone? Watch Tommy Wiseau’s The Room at Harkins Tempe Marketplace on Wednesday, February… https://t.co/utA6YPxrJA

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

Now that Hasbro will own the #PowerRangers toy and merchandise rights for most of the world next year, do you think… https://t.co/dJAPgySqMW

@HamillHimself Mark Hamill @HamillHimself

Who doesn't love "Empire Strikes Back To The Future"? (featuring a brief… https://t.co/dxx9nAaKXy

@MasakoX Lawrence Simpson @MasakoX

#whatifweek is back with a new story! What if Piccolo couldn't save Gohan in the Saiyan saga? How would that chang… https://t.co/sujXsLedR2

@WonderfulCelebs Wonderful Celebs @WonderfulCelebs

Naomi Scott https://t.co/7xcC8GyUBl

Naomi Scott https://t.co/7xcC8GyUBl

@kevineastman86 Kevin Eastman @kevineastman86

Crazy fun trip to Arizona #TMNT https://t.co/QTy5tlRmVe

Crazy fun trip to Arizona #TMNT https://...

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

I don’t know why people are so up in arms about a king returning. I already knew of a king returning and it happene… https://t.co/OGapTwxVej

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@Stachetopher I’m crossing my fingers for an eventual reboot where they look closer to the G1 design

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@Stachetopher One shall stand. One shall fall.

@dramani5958 どらまに(旧:ドラゴンマニア) @dramani5958

とうとう大会もラスト2分‼︎再来週の極まった姿が楽しみです‼︎ #ドラゴンボール超 #身勝手の極意 https://t.co/fsP0o8qwbY



@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@kurai_jinx Maybe do both?

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

That’s unfortunate https://t.co/bykaKSfqWG

@mrjafri Ziggy @mrjafri

The best of us carry the responsibility of an adult, and the hope of a child #SundayFunday #SundayMorning… https://t.co/Vlc3xAxhhB

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

I cannot believe they’re still trying to use this old ass excuse. There is no scientific evidence to support that g… https://t.co/8IqjfsLWVW

@starwars Star Wars @starwars

We're in. 😉 https://t.co/XWAhdK0NC7

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@MatchesBalone @ChalionX @WCFMedia @ZakkisBatman This is kinda exciting. I’ve always thought they were a cool looking team.

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@Josh2Gud4U Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is another one

@realsnyderos The Snyderos @realsnyderos

Please don't give this guy any money. https://t.co/HOjyNmnkJ7

Please don't give this guy any money. ht...

@choctopusx Choctopus @choctopusx

Dragon Ball summed up in one screenshot. https://t.co/NkZgAuxuIV

Dragon Ball summed up in one screenshot....

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@OriginalFunko Pops are going to be the next Internet rule. If it exists, there are Pops for it.

@dcbrosmedia D I L L Y N @dcbrosmedia

@ThatRyanMolina They’ll be pissed that they’re kids again and instead of reverting it, they’ll wish Goku to be a ki… https://t.co/qoeH0noCWt

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