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technology enthusiast, dad, gamer, product manager and software design professional, dog owner, Ottawa Senators fan

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@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Can't wait to see the Oasis https://t.co/ZAbM01Mxep

@DAlfredsson11 Daniel Alfredsson @DAlfredsson11

If you are suffering in silence and don’t know how or who to reach out to, I do hope you find it in you to just go… https://t.co/XkCga2pzCn

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

@TSNSteve So Matt's teams are cursed? 😲

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Hyber-nation https://t.co/wdhTyjk8pn

@MTNuyens Mr. Nuyens @MTNuyens

It’s official - if our Gr 12 International Business class can get 75,000 retweets by Jan 14, the class will not hav… https://t.co/XAUphXATVP

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

#Sens Sad reality. Same tactics begets the same results...poor D and poorer offense https://t.co/6gbhESfZ59

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Still waiting for @Senators to have a game with both good defense and offence ... Been too long since I've seen both

@TSNSteve Steve Warne™🎙 @TSNSteve

Smelling salts, red bulls, cold showers and espressos for everyone during the break.

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

@SensChirp Feeling like #Sens outshot by this much

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

eessh https://t.co/XDqTdzlqy2

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

So far #Sens score short handed, get few shots even strength and no good chances on multiple PPs. Bizzaro 🏒

@Ihnatko Andy Ihnatko @Ihnatko

Apple: Stop focusing on making things thinner and stop skating to where the puck is going to be. FOCUS ON SHIPPING… https://t.co/lfP7Fogln4

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Been waiting a loooong time for anyone on #Sens to score... still waiting....

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Sad but true https://t.co/kLYiNglUYd

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

@Senators These late game goals against have to stop #Sens. Shutthemdown ❗

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

@TSNSteve always enjoy the rivalry on the ice but Leaf "fans" there are often terrible examples of what respectful… https://t.co/nslOgQZkzu

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Attending my first @twit podcast live @windowsweekly @MS_Ignite

@SensChirp SensChirp @SensChirp

Okay this new faceoff rule is dumb.

@TSNJR John Rodenburg @TSNJR

Really happy for Nashville. See ya Ducks.

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Looking like #Sens are gonna finish the season like they started it... Not good for playoff hopes

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

A. Flyers. #Sens #canadianclub

@wrightofwayCFRA Wendy Wright @wrightofwayCFRA

LRT Tunnel collapse #otttraffic #ottnews https://t.co/XZm9cS0AHM

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

So America just said to the world "no more mister nice guy". #stunnedinCanada #USElection2016

@normwilner Norm Wilner @normwilner

And now in WAIT WHAT: @shomicanada just announced it will be closing down November 30th.

@TechieDads Techie Dads @TechieDads

Wow. How much for an iMcLaren 1? https://t.co/5ePxvVxMvy

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Finished long #watchOS3 #applewatch update but was worth the wait. Finally UX feels right & responsive!

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

Grass cutter, paperboy, farm hand, convenience store lacky, dishwasher/busboy, Rentalex employee, Tech startup #myfirst7jobs

@dazed7 Paul Turnbull @dazed7

#sens get in on this #FreeAgentFrenzy#notsomuch https://t.co/VBesQbH8Ic

@golub Mikhail Golub @golub

'Brexit' to be followed by Grexit. Departugal. Italeave. Fruckoff. Czechout. Oustria. Finish. Slovakout. Latervia. Byegium.

@Senators Ottawa Senators @Senators

#CongratsBigRig https://t.co/eMH50jnMoM

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